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Pap’s Face: Shekinah Glory #spirituality #facingdeath #divinepresence #shekinahglory #livingintheNOW

In the summer after my freshman year of Carnegie-Mellon University, I went to spend the summer at my father’s home in West Mayfield, Pennsylvania. During some of the time during my stay, my father’s dad, Pap, we called him, joined us. Pap slept in my father’s bedroom, while my dad slept on the couch.

One evening, very late, I studied in the dining room, while my father watched television. Pap had gone to sleep hours before. I heard a loud sound, like a cry from Pap’s room. I jumped up to see if Pap was okay. When I reached the door of the bedroom, I could see a bright light shining from there, which stopped me in my tracks. I heard my grandfather speaking quietly. I waited for a few seconds to see if the sounds continued, but they had ceased.

Before I could enter the room, Pap jumped out of the bed to meet me in the hallway. One side of his face sagged as if he had just had a stroke. He spoke with a very broken Italian accent: “I saw Carolina (his deceased wife). She told me that God was not ready for me to come yet!”

Though his face was distorted, it shined with what the Hebrews called Shekinah Glory. This term came from a time when a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night had led Moses and the Hebrews through he desert, so that they could travel in the day and night (Exodus 13:20-22). Pap had been in the presence of such a light. Everything about his body and face shined brilliantly. He almost danced in the hallway, as he spoke, even though he apparently had a suffered a severe stroke. When you are in the presence of God’s light, whether it is around death or you having a spiritual epiphany, you never stop believing in something greater than you.

I had breakfast with a healing practitioner who has worked a great deal with palliative care. She described helping people toward their deaths. We shared stories about how beautiful the road toward death could be, when someone is ready and spiritually aware, as I, too, had worked with people moving toward the light in my practice, as well.

Having experienced this light many times, I’m not frightened of death, at all. The sting of death itself has passed by me, which is why; maybe, I have become practically fearless in the face of so many new challenges. I know what I’m capable of as a human and as a conduit of Spirit flowing in and through me. I barely ever think of negativity anymore.

But, in those rare cases, when the past caresses my soul, I take the time to understand my perceived enemy and become friends with it. I find that the more intimate I become with my own humanness and its responses to life, the more I know God.

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Eulogy to Nashville #Nashville #Nashvilleliving #death

“You would know the secret of death
But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life? (Kahlil Gibran)

I imagine myself behind a pulpit, facing a crowd of my dear, friends. Next to me, in a casket, is every memory about Nashville—good and bad. I begin to speak, my throat scratchy and my body ill at ease:

“When we came together, I thought she would never part, like soul mates. As it turns out, I’m the one who must say goodbye today. My heart breaks. My palms sweaty. My disposition, in a state of flux.

“I look out at all of you and see your heart-love surging toward me, hoping your compassionate gazes will help me find the words to speak. But, still, I find myself lost and without.

“We met because of a career move then fell in love. Not with the curves of your hills, at first, but with the humanity I faced daily. But, then, even your mountains and beautiful architecture found me; captured me, and kept me in your warm embrace for twenty-five, glorious years. You invited me in like an old friend. Now, I must say goodbye, and the words to describe the feeling in my heart are unspeakable—yet, I try.

“From the bowels of your warm southern nature to the influx of multi-cultured races, I began to see a city blooming with diversity. The state would stay still in its beliefs, but this thriving, centered city would change with the world. I so loved you for that.

“But, more important than all, I will always remember how you fed me and led me to the most amazing friends I would ever have. You kept me solid, authentic, and true to all that I pursued. When I would find myself going in the wrong direction, you would gently guide me back to wholeness.

“Lastly, my friends and surrogate family, I need you to know that, though I will miss the landscape from which we birthed our love, I will never forget, nor lose touch. Technology has made missing you so easy to bear. I will love you from afar, see and feel your timelines of successes, and know your heart’s longings. I will miss you, Nashville.

“With love, Bo.”


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The Wind Song Stays on My Mind

Like a tightly knitted sweater, my lady friend crossed her arms, curling her hands around herself. She knelt down by the grave and kissed the stone. I saw the wind brush her hair so softly that individual strands cascaded across her teary face. One last look… One last touch… Could she ever get back the moments that were stolen away by one drunk driver?

Her heart wasn’t bitter. She loved God. She believed every thing happens for a reason. Yet, there were whispers of resentment floating upward and inward with her prayers. You could hear it in the shivering wind song lilting through the pines.

I remember the cold day in winter as if it were yesterday. My friend grieved over the loss of her seventeen year old son. No one could comfort her. “A mother is not supposed to outlive her child,” she muttered.

My family and friends stayed at arms length, but not too close to give her space. We all wanted to lift her into joy. On a normal day, she had more vivacious love and caring in her heart than most people.

On that distant day from my past, I asked myself if I would live to see thirty. I can’t tell you why. I just felt it in my soul.

You wonder how these thoughts begin. This began with a death—a tragic death. Many things in my life began when death sank deeply into my bones—close enough to touch, near enough to taste. I reassessed life in that moment. What was the nature of my existence, and how did I plan to make the best of every moment from that point on?

Why is the power death so life changing? If you are sane and intelligent, you have to know that every relationship has an end. We either separate by reason or by death. Life, by nature, is the opposite of its cohort—death. There is inevitability in life. An end will happen. It will happen to you at some point, we just don’t know when.

The existential reality of life is such that without life, there would be no death. So, the two opposite ends of the spectrum come hand in hand. Is it that we just don’t want to recognize death, until our ultimate demise stares us in the face?

When that happens, does something magically transform us and make us into something we never thought possible?

I believe this is so. Death has changed me many times. Each time, I grow a little deeper, wiser, and trust in my gut a bit more. But mostly, I learn to stop fretting over the miniscule parts of life and begin living the greater parts.

However, if you don’t understand what you life’s purpose is, death brings about a completely different challenge, especially if you are an Atheist or Agnostic. If you don’t believe there is a hereafter, than the only choice to believe is that you will no longer exist in any form. What could be more disparaging than that?

But with a life’s purpose and faith in an afterlife, at least, you can trust that something, somewhere, has a handle on the longevity of your life and your purpose here on earth.

The goal would be to integrate your own beliefs and life into your spiritual purpose. When you do that, your fear subsides. You realize that you will be here as long as it takes to achieve your life’s goal. Then, perhaps, if you believe in reincarnation, you might believe that on the other side of this life, there may be another life to try again.

I don’t have answers. I have questions. If you haven’t asked yourself these questions, you might consider doing so. If and when you do, you will encounter each precious moment with care and the attention it deserves.

The Now will become your inevitable home.

* * *

Bo Sebastian is a Hypnotherapist and Life & Health Coach, available for private sessions to QUIT SMOKING, Lose Weight, New Lap-Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! at 615-400-2334 or www.bosebastian.com.

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