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In the American Heritage Dictionary, the first definition of the word fortunate is favored by or involving good luck or fortune; lucky. However, if you go on to read the more obscure usages of fortunate, we realize that the word has derivatives that are more likely to mean auspicious (would likely be successful in the future) or favorable. What is the difference in the two meanings?

The first meaning would give you the idea that a person—any person—could simply be lucky enough to be fortunate and prosperous. The second meaning however gives us the feeling that the fortunate is one who is a combination of pleasing to be around and gives one the sense that he or she continues to work toward a better life; albeit in relationship, work, or finance and has the capacity to be prosperous in the future.

The reason why I honed in on this particular word today is because I have a friend who believes he is simply unfortunate and unlucky in all ways. This leads him to distrust his own instincts and especially any leading from his soul. He called me a couple of days ago and was distraught. He has been searching for a job for quite some time. He finds one, decides its not good then leaves. He finds a better job, then the company closes. This has happened about six times in the last six years. To most people, this man would seem to be unlucky. But I don’t see his life as unlucky.

He is made in the image of God. His mind and his creative power to make the best life and a prosperous one, at that, is within him, as it is in all of us. What he lacks is not luck. He lacks the positive input to teach himself truth at all costs and to trust in who he is spiritually.

If wealthy people lose their money, they usually do not stay down long before they are wealthy again. Why? Wealthy people have a sense of knowing that they deserve wealth. Is this what one would call selfish? If you think this to be true, perhaps, that’s why you lack in finances. What prince or princess (child of the King) is poor, unless he, like the Prodigal Son, decides to squander his fortune and is too embarrassed to come back to the Source to regain his stature and a robes of velvet?

I’m here to tell you today, if you have a dream or an idea about your future that is a viable one, you have the capacity to achieve it. Seeds that you plant in the earth don’t ever get spit out by the earth. The earth grows what you plant. If you plant negativity, the earth will give you weeds. If you plant positive ideas and truth, you will likely receive all the good fruit from a tree that took a little longer to grow but is well rooted and grounded and thrives in the sunlight of Good.

Today, be fortunate!


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Belief, Passion, Desire—Action!

A dear friend and I were talking today about getting busy with life. We have been playing with getting our acts together for so long. Now, finally, it’s time to take this act on the road.

As we spoke, I said something that felt like the most authentic words I had said all day, “If we truly wanted to be doing something, we would be doing it!”

By that, I mean, I don’t have any problem making things happen when I know I want them. When I want to go on a ski trip, I make plans for it. When I want to compose a blog every day, I do it. When I contemplate about writing a new book, it doesn’t get done until I’m absolutely passionate about the idea and desire the outcome with all my heart.

So, the ingredients to action are—belief, passion, and desire. If you don’t have all three ingredients, there will be no steadfast work toward a wonderful result. I know this from many projects left undone and many completed.

In seven years I wrote five novels. Only someone who is absolutely passionate about getting a novel published can write, edit, and complete five novels in that short time. Well, I’m sure there are more prolific writers than I, but I’m talking about novice writers—people who are just beginning to understand what it takes to be a successful writer.

I went to every writers’ conference I could find. I saved all my money for vacations that only including some kind of writing endeavor. I used my time and effort for my passion. When I realized that I had spent the time that most people would have used to make millions on writing five novels, which have made their semi-permanent home in a nested folder on my computer; I decided that, perhaps, it just wasn’t my time, or I wasn’t writing work that appealed to the general public. I find it hard to be critical of my own work, even if I was a professional editor for fifteen years, but the end result of fame and fortune is telling, after all.

I went through the same passionate beginning in the acting business. I moved to New York soon after college. I didn’t care that all I had only saved $400 and had a place to stay for just three months. I knew I could get a job and find an apartment, because I had faith in life and my passion. I did get work soon after I moved to New York and got my Equity card on my third audition—something that doesn’t happen to most people. But I didn’t question for a minute that I was supposed to be there and be on stage.

Passion and belief for a long period of time and with luck may end up getting you what you really want—fame and fortune; but, trust me, I have had friends in New York gain minimal success since I left. They have been there for over thirty years. Yet, they stay there because that is what they have chosen and desire.

Now, it seems, I question most things that happens in my life. Life comes down to: Is my passion greater than my desire to be comfortable at home doing what comes naturally? Early on, I had thought that passion meant fame and fortunate. Now, I absolutely know success simply means peace and happiness in the end.

* * *

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