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Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warrior

Finding Authentic You

Gluten-Free Cookbook


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Building Your Authentic Life: Part II

I don’t imagine that many people exist who can dream about a new life, try to implement it, and not be anxious about how it may turn out or when it will become a reality. Changing your life is difficult in that way. But, the outcome is dependent on our insistence on the truth and our pure belief of our new reality.

I’m not saying that any personal mantra can coerce the universe to change your path. No, the real answer lies in your belief of the Truth. This belief is more like knowing that when you plug in a lamp, the light will illuminate because of the law of electricity. There is no amount of coercion that exists here. Your belief is based on a simple knowledge of the law of electricity.

One other aspect to attaining your dreams is looking at what attracts “flies” to your life. Going back to my Discovery of two days ago, if you keep negative thoughts in your mind, you will attract negativity and disease—like flies to dung—in your mind and in your body. “No man can demonstrate peace and cling to unhappiness,” Ernest Holmes says, which also implies another one of his statements: “No person whose entire time is spent in the contemplation of limitation can demonstrate freedom from such limitation!”

You must become more of what you wish to draw into your life. Or you must become more, in general, to attract a greater good into your life!

I had lunch with a friend who is a delight. She is full of energy, young and beautiful. She has everything going for her. But she has fear about moving forward, gaining new friends in a new city, and basically, trusting the instinct of Divine Consciousness in her life. As a result, her life is at an utter standstill. She must daily prod herself into a new idea about life. If need be, she can sit still for a while and meditate with positive affirmations about moving forward to gain such energy. But, becoming more, expecting more, and moving toward her goal is a necessity to achieving her greater good.

I’ve never met a successful man or woman who sat around hoping for good without taking steps forward toward the future. I’ve also never met a successful person who doesn’t know deep inside that he or she deserves success and is certainly capable of it.

So, our next step in this process is inviting the tools of success into your life. For me, I make recordings of what I want to believe about myself. I speak them into my phone and play them back every chance I get. In fact, I will loop the recording, so that it will play back during my sleep. I want every thought to be in line with what I believe about my future. So, that I can step forward into it with each new day. This is the way to a great good!

Coming Up: More about building your new, authentic life!

Meditation Photo

This is my new book about Meditation. As it says, I have made this manual simple and practical for anyone who wants to begin the process of change through meditation. Please buy a copy for yourself and a friend. Go to Amazon!

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Bo works with people on SKYPE and FaceTime all over the world. He is taking new clients now. Call 954-253-6493 for information.

Take the time to look at Bo’s bookshelf of self-help books, novels, healing downloads, and yoga DVD. All of Bo’s books help people such as you, make SIGNIFICANT CHANGE with habits, find your SOULMATE, your PASSION, reach YOUR DREAMS, and dictate your own FUTURE.

Chosen to show his new hypnotherapeutic techniques on The Learning Channel (TLC) and also given the opportunity to teach at the world conference for Learning, and received the award of excellence for Helping Overcome Obesity in Nashville, Bo Sebastian is the writer and director of Finding Authentic You and Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warrior. Go directly to Amazon/Amazon Kindle to buy any of his wonderfully inspired books: ]



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New Me for a New Year—I Am Bo #iambo

I am not the person I was when I experienced ten, twenty, thirty, forty or even fifty years old. I am Bo—ever-evolving, ever-changing, open to the wide road ahead for a new vista.

Please don’t judge me by what I have done in the past. I am completely remade, fashioned by the work that the light of spirit refracts through me, every day, every minute, every second. Even I don’t perceive all my power yet!

I am a child of unlimited source. I become stronger as I allow more of myself to be a conduit to this perfect presence. My strength carries me on my road each day as I do the will of the wind—following its flawless path. I make a pact with the present to be open for each new moment. This year, I commit to enjoy the anticipation of the next experience much more often than I linger in my past disasters and hurts.

I am Bo, a strong warrior for good.

I resist the temptation to fly solo. I need you, my friends, my family, my allies, and even my perceived enemies to be whole. All things work together for the good of all around me, even those whom I don’t know. One grace-filled moment of compassion could change the course of humanity. As I am changed, I give everyone around me the permission to shine, conquer, and achieve their goals and aspirations.

I am an ever-flowing fountain of water, endless because my roots go deep into the earth’s bosom to receive from it all that I need to be a human, carrying the gift of God’s spirit through my veins. This wellspring of nourishment I share with all those around me, because it is my nature to give and receive with poise.

I am Bo. I offer myself up to humanity in the hopes, that you, too, will find the grace to do the same. You are ___________!


New Challenge: Go to Week 9 of the “Year to CLEAR Challenge” at www.Bosebastian.com

Look for MY LATEST BOOK: “Finding Authentic You, 7 Steps to Effective Change” with a Year to CLEAR (C-larity, L-ove, E-nthusiasm A-nd R-elationship-Ready) on my Website in the Webstore. Thanks!

Below is information that I will be sharing for about a month, as not every person on my list reads the blog every day. If you have already read it, just skip over it. Thanks for understanding.

A Year to CLEAR Challenge:
(Please Know: You Can Join Us At Any Point in the Year Challenge.)

The masses search outward for things that qualify them as a person, but I always go inward for that which quantifies me for greatness. At twenty-five I preached on street corners in NYC as an in-the-closet Pentecostal minister. One day I heard a still small voice say, ‘God cannot be contained in a book or a law or even in a religion. Dig deeper, reach further to find me, and you will find your authentic Self.’”

A Year to CLEAR Challenge!

The acronym CLEAR stands for (Compassionate, Loving, Enthusiastic, And Relationship-Ready). The goal of this project is to engulf readers in a weekly study that will transform them by removing blocks, promote self-growth, and give them wings to fly freely into daily life. Each week, by going to BoSebastian.com and choosing the Year to CLEAR Challenge tab, a new challenge or thought to provoke conversation, growth, and group functionality.

My vision is to make Finding Authentic You the book to have in your Kindle or on your computer. The book is a comprehensive look at growth—spiritually, mentally, and physically.

As a yoga teacher and student of the Ayurvedic tradition, I bring to the table understanding of physical challenges, the ability to overcome mental problems with Life & Health Coaching, as well as hypnotherapy, and expertise in meditation and spirituality as a minister.

The combination of all three in one book with an interactive connection to like-minded readers, for one year, is what makes this Year to CLEAR Challenge a must-do for every spiritual seeker.

The One-Year Approach to Change

No one believes he or she can change overnight. But success in change comes from the metaphors of nature. Seasonally, life changes all around us in nature. Finding Authentic You offers a gradual change perspective, looking at the triune aspects of change as in yoga: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Accessing the ability to change and finding yourself actually pursuing change must be a daily search, which I call getting to the “observer mind.”

In this frontal cortex of the brain we find the anatomy of change and the power to counter every negative trigger of the human process. The workings of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) are all positive actions to help the mind and body flow to a positive space for change.

Every aspect of FINDING AUTHENTIC YOU fulfills this constant need for diffusing the negative past and dreaming of a fulfilling future.

Step 1: Recognize That Change is Inevitable
Step 2: Release from Resistance to Change
Step 3: Understanding Change and Allow Spirit to Define It
Step 4: A History Lesson—About You
Step 5: Look at Your Past with Compassion
Step 6: Making a Strong Commitment to Change
Step 7: Dream Your Fabulous Future
Go to www.bosebastian.com for Week One to Four Challenges:
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Bo Sebastian is a Hypnotherapist and Life & Health Coach, available for private sessions to QUIT SMOKING, Lose Weight, New Lap-Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! at 615-400-2334 or www.bosebastian.com. Please feel free to comment and/or sign up to receive your blog sent to you directly or stream with an RSS Feed.

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Also, look for MY LATEST BOOK: “Finding Authentic You, 7 Steps to Effective Change” with a Year to CLEAR (C-larity, L-ove, E-nthusiasm A-nd R-elationship-Ready) on my Website in the Webstore. Thanks!

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