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Fighting the Myths of Veganism?

Everyday I get more excited about launching our new Website and Vlog Series on YouTube: #Angel Feast!

This is a #Vegan Vlog that focuses on taking the “tree bark and wild seed myth” out of #veganism and putting the amazing flavor of homegrown, plant-based food back into your recipes.

If you’ve been watching my Instagram (bo_sebastian) and Facebook pictures, you will notice that #Veganism can be decadent and flavorful. I have written two cookbooks: The Protein-Powered Vegetarian and The Gluten Free, Almost Vegetarian Cookbook to prepare newbies for the process of changing their diets. This new book: Angel Feast: Vegan Recipes for a New World, will be more amazing recipes with pictures that will enhance the YouTube Videos. It will also share the styling of my husband, David Menton, who understands more about #veganlifestyles than anyone I know.

Finding a commonality and a shared passion in relationship truly can bring your idea over the top. We are planning to launch this project within a couple of months. We even coerced the man holding the rights to “AngelFeast.com” to sell us his rights for this project for $250. We feel blessed. We sense that the angels are ready and waiting to help restore humans to health and restore animals and wildlife of the Earth to their purposeful and natural state.

Factory farms and cow’s milk to make cheese and feed our children are going away, as you can see from the dawn of an entire two refrigerator sections at the grocery store for alternative milk. If you go to upscale stores, you can find a wide array of alternate cheese and meat products as well.

David and I saw a plastic container with two hamburger patties on it that we could have sworn was beef. However, the beast burger (23 grams of protein) was made by a company called #BeyondMeat that uses only plant-based protein for its recipes.

I prepared the burgers by frying some onion, searing them with a dash of garlic and coarse-ground pepper and melted almond cheddar on the top. I dressed the sandwich with tomato, mustard, and avocado. We both were groaning and drooling the entire time we ate.

The need for our bodies to taste the flavors and delights of old is buried deep in our DNA and subconscious. To be able to consciously delight in a sandwich that is plant-based that tastes exactly or better than the original version makes one’s senses come to life! This is our goal. This is the challenge.

I promise you won’t feel judged. You’ll simply say to yourself: “Hey, I know so many heart attacks and cholesterol problems are as a result of eating meat, eggs, and milk-products. Why not see what the other side experiences and lose some weight while I’m at it? Enjoy!

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Coming soon, my partner David Menton and I are planning to start a Vlog with Vegetable Based enriched recipes from my plethora of fun and easy ways to make food taste amazing. Enjoy!





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Margarine and Hydrogenated Peanut Butter

Margarine and Hydrogenated Peanut Butter

It has been a long time since I wrote about the harm in certain foods. When companies take an oil and add an atom to the oil to make it a solid and pass it off as food, it is called hydrogenation. This is not good for your body. If your peanut butter does not have the word “natural” on the label and you are still using margarine instead of butter because it’s cheaper or you think it’s better for you, please switch to butter and natural nut butters. Your heart will thank me later. And so will your taste buds.

Refined sugar is another place where we tend to just look the other way. I read a while back that if refined white sugar were to have to pass through the stringent testing food has to go through to get on the market these days, it would never pass. It is basically poisonous to the body. There are no good qualities to white sugar.

There are, however, some really good substitutes that are great for you. I use Agave Nectar. One really good attribute about agave is that it’s a fruit sugar, which processes in the body completely different than other sugars. It processes slower. If you are diabetic or sensitive to sugar, Agave is a good substitute. I have exchanged agave for all my sugar intake, and I couldn’t be happier with the taste.

MSG… look for it on the ingredients list of all the things you buy that are pre-made.  It is a silent killer and most us are allergic to it. Monosodium Glutamate was create to make meat more tender, but has been used to flavor many foods and also used as a preservative. MSG can cause anything from gastro intestinal disorder to mimic symptoms of diseases with muscular disorders. People also tell me that it can keep them wide awake at night if they are allergic to it.

In any case, stay clear of it, especially for your children’s sake.

I’d love to hear stories today of how any of the above foods effected your body.

These are just a few things you can be looking for this week. I hope you have a pleasant and blessed week. Namaste.


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Eating too much Just Hurts My Tummy

Splurging Hurts My Tummy

So, last night didn’t turn out quite like I planned. There was no diet alternatives at the party. In fact, everything that I enjoy eating too much of was right at my finger tips. And guess who kept eating until I had to ask the host for an Alka Selzer? Yes, I had my red plastic cup in my hand, and guests were asking me what I was drinking. My bland reply….”Something fizzy inside, I think!”

God, I ate guacamole until it came out my ears. Thank you Jennifer Nelson for making it exactly like I enjoy it, with a tab extra cumin. Then chocolate mud-filled cupcakes, fuzzy navels, because there were no diet drink alternatives (note to self: bring your own drinks next time.) Then the pié de resistance: Alex’s Mexican mother made homemade fajitas. Okay. I couldn’t resist, even though I had already eaten dinner. (Could I be more of a glutton?) By the end of the evening, my stomach felt like it was a bulging blimp filled with wet sand. I couldn’t move or sleep last night. I had to get up and fantasize about sleeping in a chair. And… I’m very afraid to get on the scale this morning. I’m waiting for something to give, first.

What if I’ve gained another pound or two? What then? What will be my new plan for losing now 5 pounds?

There is another party tonight? Am I going to act the same and get tipsy and laugh my way through a steak, loaded baked potato and 3 desserts? “OH, BO, WHEN WILL IT STOP?”

I promised someone I wouldn’t mention him in this blog, so the person I’m not supposed to talk about says to me: “Oh my stomach hurts,” before mine even started hurting. And what did I see him eat after mentioning that? A dish of dump cake and some fajita without the bread. I mean really. Have we all gone mad? The table was filled with babbling overeaters, partying.

I guess that’s the point. We eat until we drop. That is our culture. Look at Thanksgiving and every kind of celebration we have. Everything is all about food, volumes of food until you can’t see, or some kind of pie you forgot to taste on your forehead, because you fell asleep in front of the television from food exhaustion.

I’m not sure if I’m done with this food fiasco. I don’t know if I’ve learned my lesson yet. But this morning, there will be no Cracker Barrel pancakes I’ve gotten that far in my morning proclamation! Hallelujah.


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