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Aristotle says: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Socrates says: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” So, from as far back as the 13th Century, we see that the culture of the ages was that “gaining wisdom” was paramount to understanding life.

We fast-forward to the present as Isaac Asimov, an author and biochemist, says: The saddest aspect of life, right now, is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

This makes me wonder if in today’s fast-paced society we spend the proper amount of time needed to understand ourselves and our place in the universe. Are we more apt to be rushing somewhere to gain more money or to attain more power? How often do we sit contemplating the stars and gathering the energy from a walk on the beach?

Of course, life is about balance. We couldn’t possibly have the time and wherewithal to sit on the beach if we didn’t have a job, food, and a place to rest at night. But, do we need the sailboat, mansions, or 500-dollar dinners to help us understand ourselves and to be at peace as we rest our heads on our pillow at night?

Most people who has monetary security, generally are swift to use it to do fun and elaborate things. Often, though, these kinds of clients tell me how unhappy they are in their relationships—so unhappy, that they can’t leave their old paradigms, because of all of the financial security they provide. In contrast, I have people who scrimp and save for one session a month or ask me to give them a discount, because they can’t afford a session. With these kinds of people, it seems that their paradigm of life is just as narrow. They spend so much time worrying about not having enough, that they, too, spend no time dreaming about or contemplating a better future.

I had a client a couple of days ago, who came to me with a rare illness that caused extreme pain at varying degrees during the day. As she described her pain, her eyes welled with tears. Later in the conversation, though, she began to share a story about her husband’s dream for her and their family. Her eyes quit tearing and she began to smile. I saw in that moment that she had the capacity to change her current pain model. I asked her if she felt pain while she was talking about her dream of the near future with her husband. Her answer, of course, was no. My thought was to help her change the triggers of neurological patterning of her brain to remember her good whenever she began to feel pain. This, of course, takes letting go of the belief that she will always feel pain, and even more importantly, making room for a truth that she hadn’t yet experienced. All of this is stretch for someone who spends little to know time contemplating life.

But, she, or anyone, can’t begin to understand how to make that shift in mind unless they make room for a dream or an idea different than the one they have now. This, to me, is the key to acquiring wisdom—making space for something you don’t know or something you don’t yet have in mind. You can’t fill a glass that is already full. Empty out what no longer serves you and make some room for wisdom!

I have a teacher and friend who says to start off every prayer with what you know. “This is what I know… God is in the ocean, the smallest particle in physics, and living, breathing and moving through me now…” As soon as I begin with a prayer like that, I have a solid place of understanding to build from. More importantly, I start with the expansiveness of the universe, which leaves me wondering about my connection to the Whole and keeps me wondering what my part is in this vast puzzle.

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Stronger and Wiser

Stronger and Wiser

What caught my eye was a butterfly sweeping past the purple zinnia and on to the morning glories. It landed on a leaf, not a flower. I wondered why. Aren’t butterflies supposed to land on flowers, not leaves?

The thought stayed in my head a while longer, as I flipped open my phone to take a photo of the beautiful butterfly. It flew away and onto another zinnia. I couldn’t get close enough without disturbing this gentle creature.

I have spent years studying the call of the natural instincts of the human being. I sometimes spend hours imagining what people do when things happen to them. Give me a scenario and I will try to project what will happen. It’s like writing a story with a cast of characters in which you know all the histories of the characters. It’s fairly easy to know how they will react. Or is it?

Do we know when someone will snap? I went to see the movie “Bernie” last night. The main character is a funeral director. He gets involved with a very mean older lady who first takes him all over the world to travel with her, then manipulates him until he ends up murdering her. The entire town exonerates Bernie to the point the district attorney has to move Bernie’s murder trial because he feels like the DA won’t get a conviction in the hometown. How could an entire town love a person so much that they would deny the fact he had shot an old woman in the back 4 times and killed her? It’s a true story. Go figure.

Humans don’t act the way we expect. Not ever. When I was writing novels, I would prepare myself with the history of the character and provide situations for the characters, then let the characters lead me through the story. The fiction never expressed as I expected. The characters were so developed they would jump off the page and say, “I’m going to punch that bitch.” Or someone angry and mean would suddenly have a breakthrough moment and learn to forgive. Even in fiction predicting was impossible.

What is possible is to take something that has happened to a person and help that person through to the next step forward in his/her life. Thank God this is possible because action is required to move our lives forward. There is always something that will make a life move in a positive direction. I guess, that’s the most important thing to remember when you feel like you have had a bad time of it and are traveling into the negative.

Take a deep breath and begin to think of one thing that is positive in your life. Just one. The grass is green. My chair is comfortable. I like the show “The Big Bang Theory.” I enjoy riding my bike.

Anything that is positive. Then, I bet you can think of a few more positive things after that. Even in your worst pain, you can see that all around you, not much has changed in the way of the positive things in your life. You still have friends who love you, family, maybe a car that you like, a secret place that you like to visit and be quiet in, a favorite aerobics or yoga class. When heartache hits you, it doesn’t usually hit the entire world. It just hits you. So, you can look around and see that if you really want to, you can join back into the world whenever you’re ready, one step at a time. One moment at a time.

I remember a time in my life when I was just devastated from a breakup. I didn’t think that I could move past just doing what I had to do to get by: get up, work, go to sleep. That was it. Everything else was filled with emotional breakdowns and the why me’s!

Well, after about a month of that kind of behavior, friends trying to help me get out and get back into life, I just about got sick of myself being down. Then it was time to get on with it. I knew it was the right time. I stopped blaming the person or people who made me feel the way I did and start planning a future without them. Some people say that you may even get angry, and that would be a good sign. I take a long time to get angry. For me, in that situation it took 4 years to get angry at the guy who hurt me. And the outcome wasn’t pretty.

One thing I do know is that there are a lot of very good practitioners out there who can help you through your hard times. If you feel inclined, call one of us. Sometimes, it’s good to tell your story and get a good outsider’s point of view. Then, maybe even get a good plan to get back into your life in a healthier way.

All in all, nothing that happens to you is going to destroy you. In fact, the hardest things that have ever happened to me, have become the pearls of wisdom in my life. I think that if you look back into your life, you’ll feel the same. What doesn’t destroy you, makes you stronger and wiser.

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