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The Birth of Something Wonderful

The Birth of Something Wonderful

Today is traditionally the celebration of the birth of Jesus. I love that the world finds a way to do something completely together, even if some of us are calling it Kwanza and Chanukah. There is still a celebratory feeling moving throughout most lands. This oneness is a great feeling in consciousness because most of us are considering this day or these days a time of great distinction for peace and love and giving. As this is so, I believe it provides us all with a vision of what the world might look like if we had this truth in our heart for the entire year.

This birth that we celebrate can be a birth with in all of us—a new birth of something wonderful, new and exciting. We can all manifest more abundance, more love, more truth, more giving, treat ourselves to more receiving, and, in general, practice the art of staying inside our homes and enjoying our loved ones.

I think about the normal function of a day such as Christmas. The streets are bare. The stores are closed. Everyone is with the people we call family, whether it is extended family or just close friends. But we all take time to close down the world and be with the people we love. This is so important on a daily basis.I had a couple that was coming in for some coaching in their marriage. We decided that the main thing that was missing in their marriage was “daily” communication. They spoke on weekends, but for some reason the husband felt like the week was for making money and supporting the family. So, he got up on weekdays, barely communicated, went to work, came home, and fell asleep without saying a word to his wife. Then on the weekends would expect his wife to be completely present after he ignored her all week.

We are a society of people who believe in principals much like that family. We let our children play computer games all day and night, while we are workaholics, and then expect families to function on the weekends or on vacations as if they have been communicating their feelings all the time. Secure love and relationship is very much dependent upon the need to actually relate daily.

Dependency isn’t a bad thing when you are inter-dependent and securely dependent, relating to each other with the intent to truly know each other and thrive from the knowing.

So, let us delight in the beautiful gift we are given today of the template of the grand life of peace among men. We can feel it in our finger and toes. We can breathe it in the air. We sense it as the phone rings and one more person we haven’t spoken to for a while bids us a warm hello.

Make this day a day to remember in our hearts. Bring it forward more often than just December 25th. Call it up on August 3rd and May 25th. Buy someone you love a gift on a day that doesn’t matter. Call a friend and tell him/her that you love the presence they to your life—just because. Make peace be your daily prayer. Hold it in your heart for the entire world.

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Bo Sebastian is a Hypnotherapist and Life & Health Coach, available for private sessions to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight with the new Lap Band-Hypnosis, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! at 615-400-2334 or www.bosebastian.com.I am trying to spread the word about my blog and I need your help. Please let your friends know it exists, if it gives you hope and blesses you each day. Your connection to me blesses me in everyway possible. And I would be greatly pleased for you to share anything that you read by clicking the share button in Facebook.com/bo.sebastian, or add it to your Twitter at BoSebastian; or LinkedIN at Bosebastian5@gmail.com; or find this blog home at www.FindingAuthenticYou.com. Any of my books can be found on Amazon, just by typing my name in the header.


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My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

At this time of year the sun gets so hot that the grass stops growing and the rain stops raining. For that reason, the grass looks brown and dead.

I always look for the metaphor that nature and life is trying to tell me. Could it be that there is a speed up going on in Spirit that we are needing to know about? Usually, this heat spell happens in August, but this year it is happening in late June. I’m wondering what August will look like.

Are we going to experience great, lush wonder, then a severe drought? Is God trying to tell us to save from the plenty so that we’ll have some to spare for the drought?

In times when there were no books and mass media, people counted on things like prophets and signs and wonders to help them with understanding what to do. Have we become blinded to these things as times have changed?

Recently Venus passed by the sun. Many spiritual people felt that was a special sign of change. As a Life Coach, I can tell you that many people were going through some heavy changes during that time. More deaths and sickness and relationship problems than I usually see in 2 weeks happened. And I saw many more tears than I normally see, as well. But most people wouldn’t notice.

We don’t consider things like full moons any more or bio energetics. If a full moon can make a tide raise to great heights, and we are made primarily of water, what is the moon doing to our body during the full moon? Is it any wonder there are times you want to howl?

I’m just saying here, that if you are low some days and don’t know why, it could be seasonal. It could be because some planet is passing the sun. It could be because of the moon. It could be because it’s about to rain. We are becoming more and more sensitive to these things as we grow spiritually, and it is highly likely that our bodies are evolving too.

I’d love to hear your experiences today with how nature speaks to your body. For me, every time it’s going to rain, I get a head ache.


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What I Left Out

What I Left Out

By the time I finished running the race, I figured I’d better take a long break, drink lots of water and just plumb cool out. I had been training for months, 6 days on, 1 day off. Life will be odd without the hectic rush and push of trying to get everything done to get the training packed into my day. Now I feel a piece is missing from my life. I have nothing to work toward. It’s almost as if I have to immediately find something else to gather my steam for, or I’ll melt away into the nothingness that slowly gathers around me.

Does that story sound familiar?

I hear this story often in my sessions. Clients seem to do whatever they can to run away from silence and peace. This happens particularly after something cataclysmic changes their lives in a big way. It seems like everything that could heal a person (God, Spirit, silence, meditation, peace) is exactly what they run away from.

I have a friend I spoke with recently who told me that she is an empty-nester. She likes to fill her life up with lots of activities. Especially since she just broke up with her boyfriend of 1 1/2 years. Now what is there to come home to but silence?

Trust me, within that silence there is a world of wisdom, power and truth that Spirit wishes to tether you to. If you don’t engage spirit in meditation and silence, you simply won’t move forward in life and in relationship. In the silence there is peace. In the silence there is unspoken joy. In the silence Spirit it removes us from the past and prepares us for our next perfect stage in life.

Bite down hard and resist all desire to fight what is needed in your life. From this silence comes a new birth.


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