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Desire Less or Want More? #spiritualprincipal #divineMind #SOM #Christmas

Author Dennis Merritt Jones posted a quote on his Facebook page by G. K. Chesterton: “There are two ways to get enough: One is to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less.”

I am certain that I have felt the extremes of both in my life. As I grow older, I see the need for less and less. I feel as if I am becoming a minimalist. Of course, if you saw my home, you would think I have more trinkets and paintings on the wall than 90% of society. However, for me, this is minimal, compared to my home I had in Nashville. In other words, I like nice things, but possessing them seems to be more of a “weight” than a blessing these days.

Having more produces a few different feelings. If you have possessions that are expensive, you also carry the burden of someone stealing or destroying what is yours. I remember a Faberge Egg that someone bought me a long time ago for Easter. I left it in its box that looked as if it were a throne for the egg. Yet, every time I walked by it, I wondered if it were in a safe enough place. Eventually, the fear led me to buying insurance on the Egg. Can you imagine? Someone buys you a gift to enjoy. Instead, you end up being so fearful it will break that you spend $10 a month on insurance to make sure you can replace it if it does break.

Eventually, I ended up selling the Egg because of that reason. It was in mint condition, so I had no problem selling it. But, I never bought or received anything of that value again, and I am glad. I do not want the fear that goes with having precious trinkets.

I bought a new car a couple of months ago. Almost immediately, on a dark evening, not knowing where I was going, I ran over an embankment that caused my new car to have a few minor scratches. The scratches were almost a relief. Now, I do not have to treat the car with any undo stress. I’m going to leave the scratches and not get them fixed to remind me that the car is just a vehicle.

You may be saying that what I have been teaching is more about prosperity, not being a minimalist. Why am I all of a sudden talking about wanting less? Well, that’s a good question. Prosperity is not all about THINGS. Prosperity is about a feeling of abundance existing for all in the universe, and the abundance is always yours and everyone’s. What you do not want to possess is a feeling that lack exists for you. So, I teach much about eliminating that fear, because lack does not coincide with the Law of Prosperity.

My litmus test is always: Is what I want to attain going to give me peace or take away my peace. Of course, if anything takes away your peace, what good is having it anyway.

Peace and joy are the goal. So, we may be more apt to want abundance in the form of a secure bank account so that we can spend our money where Spirit leads us.

Remember, your money and your abundance is of no good unless it is serving you and the greater good at the same time. Your joy is important. But, do not underestimate the power in the good that you can always give back to the world by being financially blessed. Giving always exponentially blesses you more than even the good you give yourself.


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The Razor’s Edge of Governmental Destruction

Let’s face it, the primary resolution of the government for the last few years has been dissention. If one party wants an issue resolved, the other party will find a reason to filibuster. If one party has a primary goal, the opposing party will gather all their might and vetoing power and get the media to crucify the opposing desire. Politically, the United States has been in a stalemate and has been for years. Healthcare for all is probably the first issue that the Democrats have fought for and won, but not without the entire country teetering on the Debt Crisis deadline.

How do we get beyond this problem? If we get a Republican leader, all the Democrats do is try to find fault with him or her. If we get a Democrat leader, the Republicans wage war with their myriad financial campaigns. I feel that one day someone is going to rise up from the unlikely ranks of the Independents and find a home in all of our hearts—well, the majority of our hearts. The ship has sunk on the ideas of equal right for parties and factions.

I think about what this means on a spiritual level. A metaphor exists somewhere in this mundane war of factions. But what could it be? What do you believe God is trying to teach the world, or simply the people of the United States about divisiveness and partisan splits?

I’m of the belief that truth will always rise to the surface. I have to be on the side of everyone getting an honest shake at healthcare, because I believe that’s what God would want. But I don’t have to be on the side of how it is done. It has been a disaster, to say the least, as we all can see by the approval ratings of President Obama yesterday in the polls. But, at this point, the president really doesn’t even have to care about approval. He doesn’t have another election coming up. I suppose that is why he waited until his second term to do the impossible.

Yesterday, Hawaii became the 14th state to legalize gay marriage while 35 other states banned gay marriage completely. Another faction with morality and fairness at its roots. Again, I’m on the side of legalizing gay marriage because I’m gay, and I’m tired of being treated like a second-rate citizen because of my sexual preference.

I guess, on some level, you have to experience the downtrodden to actually to wage war against the problem. Most Republicans are on the side of money because they have little financial issues. So, whatever makes more sense about keeping more of their money and paying less tax, they get on board for. I have many Republican friends. Very few of them are not wealthy Americans. I believe it was Jesus who said in Matthew 19:24, that “it will be easier for camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man enter into heaven.”

Why do you think Jesus would make that huge judgment? It’s a very simple idea. Money eschews our thinking. If we don’t have enough, we spend all our time worrying about getting enough to make it. If we have a great deal of money, we spend all of our time trying to keep it and the security we think it brings.

So, at the root of all of this governmental problems is basically greed. I know some would like us to believe it is morality and religion, but, let’s face it, most of our biggest moral leaders have been taken down by their own lack of morality. Religion is not the problem. In fact, everyday, more and more religions are becoming tolerant and more loving toward the downtrodden gays and prejudiced minorities.

The only thing left separating the left from the right is big money.


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Also, look for MY LATEST BOOK: “Finding Authentic You, 7 Steps to Effective Change” with a Year to CLEAR (C-larity, L-ove, E-nthusiasm A-nd R-elationship-Ready) on my Website in the Webstore. Thanks!

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Liver and Onions

You see a hot dude or a crushing hot babe on the beach.

Let’s start with the dude. The tanning oil makes every ripple of his pecks and abs glisten in the sun. You can bounce a nickel off of every other part of his body. His hair is disheveled and the sunglasses block his eyes, so you can’t see inside his soul. But the parts you see, you lust after.

If you’re of a different persuasion, think of a beautiful woman on the beach, equally perfect, curves to kill for, a swimsuit barely covering her areola, just coming out of the water, flipping her hair back. Sun glistens off of her cleavage and navel.

The last time I smelled liver and onions cooking, it actually smelled tempting to taste. I actually tried it again, even though the thought of eating gizzards of any kind really grosses me out. As soon as I took a bite, I had a flashback of eating liver as a child and I almost vomited on the spot. It tasted terrible—nothing like it smelled.

Now you might enjoy liver and onions, but my point it that not everything tastes as it smells. In fact, there are plenty of things in life that look a great deal more tempting than they actually are.

We look at people like the perfect gods and goddesses on the beach with the eyes of a savage. We have no idea what they are like, who they are, if their breath stinks, if they’ve even bathed in the last week, or if they have a terminal illness. None of these things generally go through our minds. We just lust without limitation—most of us.

What if you were walking down the beach and the smell of liver and onions wafted by you? And as you passed by the smell, someone stood there with a tempting sample. Would you try it? Would you go to a sleazy motel room with someone you met at the beach that was killer gorgeous? Or would you go out into the water with that person and make love in the deep?

I have had friends who have done such things. Some have come back with stories that sound like it was quite an experience. Others are not so picturesque. But on each side of the coin, both people come back with nothing but a memory, bad or good.

A good memory might result in wanting to try and recapture that moment again. This could lead to a terrible sex addiction. A bad memory could lead to disease or, hopefully, realizing that fantasy is mostly just that—something outside the paradigm of reality. It lasts for as long as the tastes lingers in your mouth, then all that’s left is digestion. Sometimes if it goes in spicy hot, it comes out even hotter.

My point is this: do we spend our lives looking at things that tempt us and desire them? Or do we look at the unlimited perfection of all that God has to offer us in so many different ways that our attention is never besmirched by a thorn in the flesh.

I work with people all day long who have different kinds of lusts: food, sex, smoking, pornography, drugs, masturbation, shopping, credit card abuse, gambling. You name it, I’ve seen it. But with every addiction, there is an initial place where a paramount temptation drew the person over the edge. Then, after the initial time, every time there after, has been trying to recapture what can never be relived.

So, you have to live life as if you have never seen it—EVERY DAY> EVERY HOUR> EVERY MINUTE> EVERY SECOND. New unlimited resource will fill your senses with something wonderful every time you look up into the sky or watch a bird or smell a flower.

You can’t get back the love you had fifteen years ago. It will never come back, not even if you win back the love of the person who left you. Your relationship will be different, because you are different, and the other person is different. Everything changes moment by moment.

We must learn to be happy with the NOW, no matter what it presents.




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Bo Sebastian, CHT



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Bo Sebastian is a Hypnotherapist and LifeCoach, available for private sessions to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight with the new Lap Band-Hypnosis, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! at 615-400-2334.

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