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Living a Pain Free Life: Medicine, Holistic Health, and Balance!

I am a man who has spent my entire life trying to stay off of medicine. I began my quest for a healthy life as an elder early, thinking about everything from food to skin treatment to weight. In my twenties, I became a vegetarian, began exercising, doing yoga, and meditating. I always assumed that my desire to have a healthy, long-lasting body would be a reality. However, I never took into account how much a healthy body could be affected by bad genes and a pool of ancestral crap that changes everything. Thus, this is my story:

After many years of great health and no problems physically, I woke up one morning and could barely get out of bed because of so much back pain. This occurrence happened while I had been teaching 4 yoga classes a week and had been a vegetarian for 20 years. I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle. But, after nursing the pain for 2 months, I realized I should probably go to a physician.

At my initial visit the doctor specializing in sports injury told me in a gruff voice to get out of his office. He was convinced I wanted pain medication, I think.

After many tries at discovering what could be wrong, I found a compassionate nurse practitioner that helped get me to an endocrinologist who discovered I was severely low in testosterone. She also scheduled me to see a Rheumatologist, who diagnosed me with arthritis.

At 35 I felt as if I had heard a death sentence. How could this be so? I had done everything to protect myself from any such an occurrence, but in front of me was the evidence to indicate differently. As you may have guessed, I rejected the doctor’s advice and tried to find a holistic approach.

I tried everything on the market that promised to alleviate arthritic pain. After much pain and the start of one to two migraines a week, I was at my wit’s end. I had to do something that I didn’t want to do, begin take Western medicine.

I write this blog today because I know that there are many people who read my blog who also live very healthy lives and still have to take medication. Recently, my doctor also diagnosed me with high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol. Really?

I’m a vegan. But, at this point, I’m not sure that one issue isn’t stemming from taking another medication. Life can get confusing when you feel as if you eat right, exercise, meditate, and sleep 8 hours a night, only to find that you still attain more problems as you get older.

I’m now 57 and trying desperately to get off of the medication that I’m on, because one side effect that I never expected happened: severe itching—everywhere. After 4 weeks of steady titration from the medication, I couldn’t sleep at night. After 4 nights of painful withdrawal from these medications, I decided to take a bit more of the medicine I knew was causing the itching.

This story is not very different from many people who try desperately to live healthy lives, but must take medication to maintain a level of peace, calm, and painfree existence that keeps them sane. I am one and proudly wave this flag for you, my friend.

Medicine, despite the horrible rep it has, can often give you a Quality of Life that you need to simply be happy. I have decided to continue to take a small amount of the medicine that makes me itch, and endure the consequence of living life virtually pain free.

I want you to know that you should do your best to find a great balance between living a holistic life and a life where Western medicine can aid in keeping you from pain. This in no way keeps you from having to try to do your best to:

  1. eat right (low fat, low simple carbs, great plant proteins)
  2. exercise daily (swim, walk, life weights, do yoga, tai chi)
  3. meditate or find a silent way to allow your mind to rest

If you can do these three simple things, you can live a life that is full of quality moments, virtually pain free, and filled with joy.



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Principles and Definitions

If you wonder why, sometimes, you feel bad even though you seem to have a perfectly fine life, you may be experiencing one of the paradoxes of the human brain. Your old thoughts about yourself and the world, actually, may be negatively impacting what you see presently and how you react to what you see.

If you experience this kind of confusion, do not spend another moment fretting. Answers exist both psychologically and spiritually, which can help you out of this dilemna forever.

Attachment Theory

Imagine that your brain is the mainframe of a computer. Most of the data stored on a brand new computer has been placed there before you even open the box. Let’s metaphorically call this portion of your infant brain your Instinct.

Also, on the mainframe, there are initial instructions, influencing how you control the computer. These we will call Attachments.

As a human being—not a computer—your initial instructions or attachments are impressed upon you by teachers, friends, ministers, and parental figures. Each person who has spent time with you as a child has influenced the way you react in this present moment.

Just seconds after you were born, data began to collect in this mainframe of your brain, forming a complex network of pathways. Each of these pathways has a trigger, which causes you to react in a specific way.

Like a keystroke triggered by your finger on a keyboard, the current events happening in your life trigger these pathways in your memory. What transpires from triggering an old pathway is a mood or a feeling that is based totally on a past event.

Bad or good—these pathways move you to respond or react almost every moment of every day. These feelings and reactions come from situations starting all the way back from infancy. This is the basic idea of Attachment Theory.

* * *

If, for this moment, you could imagine that everything that you emotionally feel and think IS EXPRESSING AS YOU, then a combination of all of your current reactions in your body and mind are expressing as your Current Story:

  • If you are consistently in a bad mood, you can be assured that the story in your mind is a reflection of something traumatic that happened in your past;
  • If you are happy-go-lucky most of the time, you probably have had great experiences in your childhood that generally boosted your self-esteem; and
  • If you have always experienced a lack of money, you can be certain that the story in your mind is all about poverty!

When you begin the process of examining the motivation of each feeling that passes through your mind and your reaction to it, you begin the process of self-realization.

You will soon see that a great deal—if not most—of your reactions are based on old thoughts or Attachments.

Your past beliefs, starting all the way back from infancy—the thoughts and fears that come up during everyday life—cause the majority of your stress and fear.

As you think and believe, so shall you be!

Continue with me in this series or go back to the beginning on this blog. You can also go to my books on Amazon, BoSebastian.com, my vegan blog or my YouTube Channel for meditations and further instruction.


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Your Story is an amalgam of all that you believe and feel about yourself—right now. This same story expresses in every daily decision, in what you desire to become, and in whom you presently attract to your life.

The good news is:

  • You are the writer and director of Your Life’s Story;
  • You can carefully choose the plot;
  • At anytime, you may rewrite your story to become a more positive and prosperous one;
  • You can change your atmosphere and surroundings; and
  • Rearrange, add, or delete any of the characters.


As you take control of your life, Your New Story will be equal to or greater than any amazing future you could have ever imagined! This series is going to show you how to accomplish this change.

A Personal New Beginning

I decided to take a huge leap of faith and move my entire life and business to southern Florida to be nearer to my family and start over in so many—much needed ways. During this time of transition, I sat quietly more than I had in my entire life, asking for guidance.

I dreamed and created in my mind, sometimes spontaneously, and other times with fear, looking at new possibilities for the future. Daily, I would create thoughts that soon would grow in my body as powerful emotions, which drove me forward to my new future.

I wanted to be sure, though, that as I dreamed, I would set a path clear of old behavior patterns—and even clearer of past relationships that had no longer served me. To this end, I took specific steps, spiritually, mentally, and physically to dissolve all of the negative patterns—including the fear that I had often carried with me into my dreams.

As this series unfolds, I will share these same ideas that I have used to promote effective change in my life. As the principles I used are unchangeable, immutable Spiritual Laws, I know with certainty that these instructions will help you, as they guided me, to keep the page turning to your new life.

This means, no more rewriting… rereading… and recapitulating the PAST. From this moment—right here and right now—Your New Story begins!

God Tools

God or First Cause created the entire manifest universe on the foundation of Pure Love, in Divine Order, and by means of the Perfect Law of Creation. If you always start with the foundation of Love to grow any dream in your life, you will begin by mirroring God, the Creator of All.

What better example could we use to create good in our lives, than from the Creator?

A blueprint of your future is a perfect first step toward change. But, that blueprint will find its way to manifestation quicker if it is already supported by and built with the loving thoughts inspired by God and based on Divine Principles. Why is this so?

You can easily plant the seeds of your future. But, you cannot go into the soil and grow anything without Divine Love in action.

Learning how to do your part in this creative process is paramount in your success to creating a new and powerful life.

Your thinking brain plays a very important role in getting you to your goal. But it must play the subordinate role to the Laws that God created from the beginning of time. Learning the Foundational Principles of Divine Love will help you begin to create with the matter and in the form by which the Creator intended.

The Nature of Change

Webster says that change means: to make or transform completely. Change is not often something that happens spontaneously. Think about the journey of the caterpillar. It crawls on its belly for a long while, skirmishing about in the dirt, before it ever climbs a tree and spins its cocoon. Whenever it moves into silence, the transformation begins.

God, through the science of nature, metabolically changes and rearranges every cell of the caterpillar to become a flying creature. We know that this entire journey is instinctual in an insect.

The metaphor for humans to transform, however, takes a decision to change and also requires willingness. We must use the same self-thinking brain that God gave humans to say YES to the transformation process.

The only part of the process of your metamorphosis that is yours to do is to provide the willingness to climb the tree of change and spin the web of your dreams into God Consciousness.

It is with your willingness that you allow Spirit to begin this miraculous change in you, through you, and AS YOU.

The miracle of change begins in the moment you choose to stop spinning your web and rest in the truth that what you have planted WILL CERTAINLY GROW IN DUE TIME. It is then that Creator God manifests the incredible power of metamorphosis.

* * *

A very large, green, speckled caterpillar climbed up behind the gutter of my house and spun a huge web. I watched it for a long while as its cocoon appeared to weather with the seasons.

After many weeks, I arrived home from teaching a yoga class on a spiritual high. The butterfly had eaten its way out of the cocoon. The fledgling, winged creature was almost as large as a hummingbird. It crawled up the side of the house and began to spread its beautiful, ornate wings. I had never seen a butterfly so large and exotic in my entire life. I felt privileged just to be a witness to such an event.

The butterfly fluttered its wings a few times, but seemed to be afraid to take off. I put my finger out. It hopped onto my hand without hesitation. I gazed down at it with wonder and delight, walking to my front yard. I talked to it as if it were a small child, “Come on! You can do it. Try to fly!”

The butterfly flapped and flapped its ornate, silken wings and jumped a bit. Then, I said, “Ready?” and I whisked it up, toward a tree branch.

Instead of landing on the branch, though, it simply flew away, higher than most birds. I never saw it again. I never saw a butterfly as beautiful as that again, even in butterfly sanctuaries all over the world.

I discovered, later, that my amazing butterfly was not a butterfly at all. It was a gorgeous, rare species of a moth. This moth represents you—wonderful and unique YOU—ultimately, ready to fly!

Personal Challenges

Facing your present challenges is the first key to moving forward with a new life. Change can feel uncomfortable and peculiar. Facing negativity may feel physically challenging. As you adopt change, what comes up in your mind may even express painful and scary thoughts. But ultimately, you will find that change happens more rapidly in response to the amount of your own willingness to accept EXACTLY what is in front of you—right now.

Change must organically come from the core of your own being. For instance, when you want to lose weight, you must have a great reason or you will succumb to the many ways you can cheat on a diet.

Personally, I tried four different diets, before I ever discovered what it would take for me to lose weight. My old story was that I had always been skinny. People would make fun of me and tell me to gain weight. As I look back at old pictures of myself from a young age, I do appear emaciated from the age of fifteen to thirty.

After age thirty, though, extra weight snuck up on me. One day at the gym, at thirty-two, I took a fat-content test. I remember the day as if it were yesterday. The woman who administered the test took a metal gismo that looked similar to pliers and squeezed a piece of skin from my back.

I had no idea I had developed fatback. I immediately went home and noticed that I had developed small, but ample, love handles. I was mortified! My God, I thought, how in the world did this happen? I have always been skinny.

As the age of fifty began to creep up on me, weight loss became even more difficult. I would eat perfectly until the evening, then I would use every excuse in the world to eat anything that was not listed on my diet. My excuse was always from the diary of my old story:

“Well, I am a skinny person. I could use a little more weight! I would even look better and healthier.”

These were the same words I had heard my entire young life. I used them to inhibit my own diet, every night. Suddenly, my fat content was in the upper twenties.

To change, I had to face my personal challenges and rewrite the story of healthy living for me at my current age. My affirmation became:

Healthy living and balance brings my body to perfect health!

As you can see, my affirmation contains only positive words and is phrased in the present. To get rid of old challenges, you cannot simply erase them. You must replace them with positive thoughts. Affirmations are a great help on this step forward.

Change Requires an Open Mind

When the world was in its toddler phase, nomads dragged around their belongings in the dessert. I am certain, that one day, someone discovered that by taking some logs and placing them underneath her belongings, carrying heavy loads became a great deal easier. Eventually, someone thought of making the logs into a wheel. Most modern day manufacturing resulted from this one invention—the wheel.

Can you imagine when the first person decided to carve a log into a wheel—what her sisters, brothers, and friends said? I am sure she heard people mutter, “What on earth are you doing, Girlfriend? Can you not see that pulling our belongings around is better than any new way you could think up?”

Most people resist change until it becomes common place. Can you remember the first time you heard about Facebook?


I remember I got twenty e-mail invites before I decided to even check out Facebook. Now, instead of saying, “Hey, e-mail me that.” I say, “Just Facebook me.”

I show my 84-year-old mother things on my computer and, also, talk to Siri on my iPhone while she is nearby. Daily, my mother is filled with surprise and disbelief as augmented and virtual reality rapidly changes our lives. I asked her one day, “When you were a child, did you ever imagine you could ask your telephone to send a message to someone across the world?”

She shook her head. “Not in a million years did I think that.” And my mother was a forward thinker.


Change is not something that just happens. Change is an organic movement forward, an openness to new ideas and new thought. Just as Spirit continually moves forward to create more and more universes, beyond our own, so must you flow with Divine Change.

To be connected with Spirit, you must understand the concepts of change; otherwise, you will be left behind.

Change is inevitable. Change is in everything you see, everything you do, and is in everything you can imagine. The only thing you cannot change is change itself.


Please check this blog, BoSebastian.com and Angelfeast.com for more information about Bo and healthy living.

Your Friend,


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