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Are You Living in the Shadows or in the Shade?

In the physical world, we need shade to protect us from the unyielding sun. But in the spiritual world, shadows are where secrets hide from the bright and loving light.

Many types from the physical world create perfect metaphors in the physical world: The caterpillar transforming into the butterfly, for instance; the mother and a child; kids having rules and regulations until they learn the ways of the world and can venture beyond the confines of the law. All of these metaphors perfectly match the way our spiritual guidance loves and protects us until we become masters of the Spiritual World. But “for what” are we becoming masters? Why is important at this time to gain spiritual intellect and guidance? Is something about to happen to the Earth as we know it, eradicating the negativity and polarizing the world to the positive?

However, light can become a dualistic metaphor when we introduce an object that either reflects or blocks its rays. When it shines on something that is solid, light casts a shadow. The Bible says that “light comes into the darkness, and the darkness perceives it not.”

We don’t have to be a dense solid in this world. We can be mirrors of this loving light, which, in turn, will reflect the loving rays instead of cast shadows. I liken this metaphor to the density of our own ego being. The stronger our ego, the denser we become, causing more of a shadow from the sun, instead of a perfect reflection.

How much light are you reflecting today? 

Are you intending to get in the way of the light or become a human being used to spread the light into the world?

I have to ask myself these questions every day.

In the time before the world changes into a more heavenly place to live (we can call this many things, but an ending it is not!), we will be experiencing all the trials and tribulations that scriptures and prophets indicate. So, we have to ask ourselves, why are we here in this moment—on the Earth—as the change begins to occur? Are we here to bring the planet to positive polarity? Or are we simply living our lives in an ego shadow, only fearing the worst; never working toward the goal for which we came to this planet?

I feel as if my soul had been chosen to come to the Earth at this time for a purpose, a light-filled, spiritual purpose. Or, perhaps, my soul chose this path so that I could help the world. Because of shadows that the ego human body casts upon our spirits, all of us find it difficult to see a perfect image of the coming days. “it is like seeing through a glass darkly.”

As I continue to meditate every morning, though, I get the idea that connecting to our spiritual source through meditation is the only way to survive this time and to protect ourselves from the darkness trying to pull and polarize the world into a negative density.

If you are like me, you know that the light has already won on this Earth, but many souls won’t singularly recognize the need to polarize to the positive in this lifetime. These human souls will lose the opportunity and right to experience the Kingdom that will express on Earth when the change happens.

I’m not a doom and gloom preacher. I never refer to this change as something negative. We are moving toward a world that will have peace as a common thread in all its inhabitants. How can this be anything but wonderful?

I just ask you to join me in spreading love and polarizing this world to the positive!




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When Enough People Find a Spiritual Epiphany, Will Heaven Come?

An old theory exists called the “The 100th Monkey Theory.” Basically, the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon is the purported paranormal spurt in a learning curve that happens when enough individuals share the same idea. If large enough numbers of people think, or learn the same thing, a kind of nonlinear process occurs where everyone learns it everywhere else, even without direct exposure. Or so the theory goes. Ideas are in the ethers, as it were, and are picked up by a psychic osmosis.

So, if this theory stands, then if enough people are seeking spiritual truth, then eventually the entire world will also find it. Will this be what Jesus called heaven on earth? And is this what the spiritual speed-up is all about?

(An Aside: I have totally quit thinking about dieting, obviously, and began to focus on what is important, and interestingly enough, the less time I think about food, the better I do. Just an FYI for the thousands who are worrying that I might not reach my goal. I do have a rigorous yoga workout tomorrow morning and a long hike on Saturday scheduled. Maybe the combination of the two will be enough to reach my intended goal of 12 pounds. We’ll see.)

Maybe if enough people lose weight, we’ll all lose weight. I like that idea. You know the idea of a circuitous route to our world’s worst problems are actually in this 100th monkey theory. It’s all around us every day.

Just 10 years ago, it would have been completely taboo for a country singer to be involved in a human rights campaign or a HIV-related fundraiser. But now the taboo has been lifted by a community of like-minded thinkers who have raised the awareness of many. These particular people just happen to be the writers and the producers of films and television shows that are infiltrating the smaller minds of people who would never be exposed to things like interracial marriage, gay rights, GLBT families, and even things like stem cell research. All of these things were looked at as Satanic in years past. But now we look at all of them as something to be moving toward in the near future.

I was surprised to see that marijuana was on the platform of so many states’ ballots. I don’t know why I was so surprised. I know many people who use marijuana illegally. I know plenty more who use alcohol in a worse way. Why not legalize pot and get some of this crime off of the streets and protect the users from tainted and possibly fatal drugs, when the government could be regulating it? In a world where everything this is copacetic, nothing really seems impossible to the mind that believes all things are in divine order and in balance.

I am reminded of the story in the bible where Peter has a dream about food being placed before him that is not in the Jewish Law. Peter questions God about being able to eat it. God say something like, “All creatures are lawful.” I can’t remember the exact scripture and don’t feel like looking it up. I’m sure there are bible scholars saying…. GEEZ, really. But, the gist is: That God wanted Peter to preach to the Gentiles. He used the idea that the law was created to keep the children safe from impurity. But the law is meant for children. Not adults in spirit. So, can we live by the dictums created by lawgivers who were trying to protect us from things we couldn’t see? The problem is that we still have to protect the children. I suppose that is why so many religions exist today.

I remember a time in my personal life when I thought homosexuality was a sin. I am thankful for that thought, because it kept me from practicing this belief during a time in NYC when AIDS was being spread rampantly and with knowledge. I probably would be dead right now, had I not been so caught up in the belief that I was a sinner. This law was a very high fence to keep me from harm and death. I’m a better person to have grown up through that law and see a bigger picture now—to see God all in All.

If you haven’t read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, definitely give it a read. It’s a beautiful book that will change your way of thinking.

* * *

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