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I have probably recited the words “unalienable rights” a thousand times in my life, but have never known what those words actually mean. Unalienable (from the context of the Declaration of Independence) means: The state of a thing or right, which cannot be sold. What I didn’t know was that “inalienable rights” CAN be given away by the possessor. Inalienable means: Rights, which are not capable of being surrendered or transferred without the consent of the one possessing such rights. Morrison v. State, Mo. App., 252 S.W.2d 97, 101.

We are told in our Declaration of Independence that “All men are created equal…[and] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Let’s just assume that by the words “all men” we are talking about “all people,” as women, different nationalities, and now the GLBTQ community have had to fight for the right to even be considered in this document as humans. So, we now get to celebrate Independence Day with more clarity. The social media and news are abuzz with people really celebrating their social liberties this year, more than ever.

What I wonder is: how long would we have been willing to suffer the strong arm of people in our lives who would keep our unalienable liberties within the grips of their personal power. Remember, it wasn’t millions of people who turned around the courts to get their rights. The number of people truly fighting for those rights was a few astute lawyers and the action of those lawyers put to work by the financial support of many in such groups as The Human Rights Campaign.

And, as I have been a part of this fight since it began, I realize that the action of civil liberty took many, many years of dreaming, fighting, being kicked in the behind, and in the crotch, from naysayers in political power and by religious right-winged people who insisted to bring their narrow-minded views of religion into the political arena, before the simple idea of millions of GLBTQ people being disenfranchised from their unalienable rights! Women and African Americans can understand this fight, because, even after you win the war in the courts, you still suffer the ignorance of those same narrow-minded individuals who refuse to give you what is already yours.

You see, this problem is actually what we fight in every individual live, daily. Spirit has “given us the kingdom” already. The keys are ours. Yet, we refuse to believe the kingdom and all that’s in it is ours. We will not occupy the kingdom without someone else’s referral or okay. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of living my life like this. I am ready to—gladly—take what’s mine in this world and accept it as a free gift from God! I’m not willing to sell it or give it away, as what God has given me is UNALIENABLE, not INALIENABLE.

March on, friend!


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Walking the path of true independence takes choosing a careful look at Codependency. To have a codependent, you must have a dependent. To have a narcissist; you must have a co-narcissist. So, for behaviors like the above to exist, you must have two people willing to participate in the psychological drama together.

In A Course in Miracles the Teacher of teachers says about marriage and relationship:

“What seems to be marriage in the worldly sense, between two people, is actually a backdrop for healing the mind. Relationships mirror all that is unconscious, all that has been denied from awareness, so that the ego can be exposed and released. This release is the awareness that the ego is not real and the experience that there is only Love.”

In other words, when you rid yourself of all the separation between you and the world, you realize that the only relationship is with your true self (not the ego) and God or Spirit. To have true independence, you must forget the idea that anyone else can complete you.

Whew! That was hard for me to write, as I have spent my life searching for that special someone. Yes, Bo Sebastian, master of therapy and advisor of relationships, realizes his own mistake on this day of Independence—essentially and mystically. If I want to find someone to share my life with, then I must come to a place of complete INDEPENDENCE with God and with myself.

What does this mean? Within me are the tools to find all the love I need. I can go inside my own heart and be a friend to my soul. I can look inside myself for a healer. I can choose myself over another person, without thinking it selfish. And I can independently love another without losing my true self.

True Independence today is about letting go our old beliefs about loving others and focusing in on the importance of what this day truly means for us metaphorically: Life Begins and Ends Inside this Intricate Network Called Self!

My Advice: Get to know Your True Self or never find peace!

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True Independence

True Independence

When I was a child, I remember thinking that one day I would be out of the hell hole where I was raised and be able to exist in a place where I would get to freely choose what I could do and what could believe. No one would harm me anymore. I remember thinking that thought with ferver and strength.

I also remember studying every night and trying to be the best I could be, so that I would never have to work in the steel mill as my family did and those before me. In all of high school I only got one B in English as a Senior, because I was in the hospital and didn’t understand my assignment. All the rest were A’s. I was deliberate in my attempt to be independent. I knew that what I would need would be tools and brains to get out from under the regime of a hard hitting economy and a family tree of people who just never seemed to get anywhere but right where they were standing.

But when I left home, the ties and neuro pathways in my brain of home stayed with me. They kept me bound for a long time after I left. Though I was free to be who I wanted to be, I acted as if I were still under the regime of the drunken task master and the abandoned young child. I tried to break loose, but the chains of the past were much stronger than I knew.

It was only years later, when I was thirty, when I faced the past that I truly found true independence. It was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. Leaving home without a dime, getting superb grades, eating Ramen noodles and 19 cent tuna fish for every meal for weeks on end, moving to NYC by myself was nothing compared to facing the demons in my past.

I remember the day of my first therapy session. I was the last person on my therapist’s roster. I must have been, because I spent 3 hours with him—2 of them were spent crying like a baby. I had no idea what was hidden inside. And even more so, I had no idea that what had happen to me as a child was not normal. I remember one thing very clearly, the therapist saying, “You were a strong boy, Bo. So strong to have endured all that. You should be proud of yourself.”

I couldn’t imagine being proud of myself. I didn’t know what that feeling was. No one had ever been proud of me. I had graduated 3rd in my class, gotten awards, scholarships, been casts in shows and musicals, and never felt what proud felt like.

I do remember my first time. My cousin had died in a motor cycle accident. I was asked to sing for the funeral. It was my dad’s favorite nephew. After the funeral, my dad hugged me and said, “I’ve never been prouder of you, son!”

Something inside moved… shaked… quivered.  I didn’t think I needed my dad or anything he had to say or do. But there it was out in the open. And I was frozen.  I had sung hundreds of times and gotten standing ovations, and nothing ever made me feel what that moment made me feel. Proud.

The truth is, true independence takes time and work. But it also takes a village. You can work your entire life in therapy only to find that what you really need is to cry on your own mother’s lap for 45 minutes and tell her you need her. (I’ve done that when I had a terrible break up.) I realized she was the person I was crying over, not the man who abandoned me. She was the first person who left me feeling abandoned when I was eight years old. I needed her to help me get through that heartache. Fortunately, for me, she was willing to participate in the healing of my deep wound.

For this country Independence it took many people with one vision to achieve. Independence for you may also take a village. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get help. If I can crawl out of that deep well of dispair, you can too. I’ll believe in you, if you can’t believe in yourself. That’s why we’re all here together. Because we need each other to walk proudly and stand up independently.

When the red, white and blue flag flew proudly over America, it wasn’t just one person who gained independence. It was many. And so it is with our own independence. Sometimes it just takes a more than just you. Don’t be afraid to reach out and get help.

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