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Many infirmities come to the body throughout the course of a lifetime, but most come through us from congested thoughts. Your heart does not hoard the oxygen-enriched blood in your heart, but pumps it throughout the body. The lungs do not keep the pure oxygen but exhale and create space for more oxygen. All of your body is like this, working so synchronisticly to take in good and eliminate that which it doesn’t need.

However, one place our body seems to manifest the most congestion is the stomach and digestive organs. Gluttony, hoarding thoughts, greed, and thoughts of cruelty can hinder your digestion. In the Christian bible, Solomon says, “He that is cruel, troubles his own flesh.”

It is necessary that we release all things that do not serve our minds and body, specifically bad food, to create a constant flow of good energy to our organs.

In our rich country, this is easily seen in the high percentage of diabetes and the morbidly obese? (74% of men and 35.6% in the total population.) Poorer countries do not have this problem with obesity and diabetes. In fact, the opposite happens in poorer countries.

Why do you think we try to appease our mental problems with food and take no precautions in what we think? The clutter in your mind and body is causing congestion and will eventually cause disease and obstruction if you let it. The waste products of the mind are selfishness, greed, and acquiring unnecessary things in your life.

Excess is not a gift. With more things in life, requires more responsibility. Are you trying to carry too much, hold on to too much, or expect yourself to handle the burden of everyone around you? Are you holding on to past negativity? All of these things can easily affect your digestion. It’s time to let go of all that no longer serves you.

When you let go of undue burdens, you will find that the congestion of life will lift from your stomach and colon. Once again, your food will digest properly and eliminate just as the rest of the body flows in unison with life.


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Unlucky in Stomach Acid, Lucky in Weight Loss

Unlucky in Stomach Acid, Lucky in Weight

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, there was a time I was trying to gain 10 pounds to see what it would be like to try to lose weight with my clients. This was to be a compassionate move for my weight-challenged dear ones. Everybody was against the move and said I was just lucky I couldn’t gain weight, because I tried like hell to gain, but just couldn’t.

Soon after, I went to get my yearly physical and told my physician that I had kind of a chronic stomachache after I ate almost every day, which is why I probably couldn’t gain weight. I mean it simply would be miserable to eat too much, so I’m not inclined to overeat.

So, my physician told me about a fix that gastroenterologists were using. They would take small dosages of the old antidepressant amitriptyline and use it to slow digestion for people with IBS, because they realized that IBS was most likely the body digesting too quickly. If you’re not familiar with the term IBS it means Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Well, I began to take the drug. Low and behold, the stomachaches stopped completely, almost immediately. But on the opposite end of the spectrum, my appetite widened and the ability for me to eat without an upset stomach made me gain the 10 pounds and a couple more.

So, yes, folks, I am now TWELVE pounds over weight for my taste, and I have a potbelly to prove it. I can barely fit into my pants. I’m on the verge of proud, and kind of disgusted at the same time.

I’ve always been told that I look better with a little weight on, so I’m not sure if I should just do a little more exercise and turn it into muscle or try to lose all the weight. But I’m ready to be the compassionate weight loss champ that I was going to be before without even trying. Yes!

I noticed that I’ve been sweating more—an interesting after affect. I never used to be able to sweat either. Maybe this drug is going to make me normal. “Bo, normal!” Is it possible? I won’t be special anymore. That makes me kind of sad. L

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