Preparing for a Different Future in a New World

Every day my spiritual friends ask me what I think of all that is happening in the world today and how it aligns with my ideas of spirituality. I can only tell you from experience that my world is consistently and constantly changing. Nothing stands still, as if we all are standing on shifting sands.

I painted this while waiting for Hurricane Irma to touch down on Florida.

Are the cataclysmic events of the earth likely to change? Or are we prepared to stand our ground when even worse attacks from the four elements of the Earth and those souls on the Earth wanting to further the demolition of it carry out their negative push?

Lately, in my meditations, I have been experiencing a silence, a real need to go deep into a place a mental peace. In this peace I experience I place that defies the chaos of the world around me. It holds me close and safe. I know where and when to move, how far to go, and when to stay still.

I will share a couple of recent experiences that have taught me about listening to the spirit within:

  1. I had a dream that I stood in the middle of a war zone. I heard a beautiful and soothing voice lead me through the war zone safely. “Stay. Move left. Find shelter!” and so on while the bullets ricocheted around me. While this happened I remained in an isolation chamber of complete peace during this chaos. My mind and body wasn’t moved by the chaos around me.
  2. I also just went through the hurricane where my husband and I were told to evacuate, yet our spirits said stay. We held on to our belief and were not surprised at all when the hurricane shifted and went up the West Coast of Florida instead of the East Coast where we live.  We only were without electricity for 14 hours while myriads of people around us were powerless for days and some weeks. (I’m not gloating. I’m simply conveying the story as it happened. I had great sorrow for the grieving around me.)
    No explanations exists for why we were meant to stay except to say that if were willing to be lights in the darkness, which is our prayer daily. We were the calm in the storm. The crystals in the chaos for many as they had no power or hot water to shower or stove to cook. We had an opportunity to see what the future might be like if the Earth continues to fight back at the inhumane treatment of animals and other sentient beings and how we treat the beautiful bounty of land and earth that produce our food.
  3. Consciousness is helping people ready themselves. If you meditate you have nothing to worry about during these harder times. All will be revealed to you in your meditation and when you need the information. I sincerely believe this. My dreams have been so clear about this consciousness shift.
  4. However, if you are not on a plane of communication, find someone to help you learn to get there. You won’t feel safe until you experience this peace beyond measure. It’s not for some of us. It’s for all of us.
  5. There is only One Mind. If that Mind has the key to life and love, those keys are meant for you to use them. You are also meant to prosper in this time of change. Those who have been waiting for their seeds to grow and trees to bear fruit are seeing times of the Harvest coming now. I feel it in my life in a huge way. All of my dreams are coming into fruition now. Even in this time of extreme and devastating world news, I wake up calm and refreshed, ready to take on whatever comes my way. The voice I hear says to me almost constantly:

  7. In other words, Spirit expects you to be in unison with One Mind, never needing to hear directions until you need them. Like your GPS. You don’t told where to go until you need to turn.
  8. Just to balance these positive lessons: 3 weeks ago I was backing out of my driveway and a car crashed into me, decimating my back end. For some strange reason, the garages (2 of them) and rental car companies (2, as well) taking care of my claim took 3 weeks to fix my car. I kept saying to David, my husband, that everything was happening exactly as it should. This is why: During those 3 weeks, because of the places we had to go to accommodate the shift in our daily routine, we met people and had truly divine coincidences that couldn’t be explained. Even though I knew I had to pay around $600 for rental cars and the deductible in a time when I should be spending money paying down debt, I kept my chin up. The greater good called me. The direction was given, even though the direction came from what seemed to be a negative experience (the wreck). Don’t be dismayed. You are on the right track.
  9. Money is just a tool right now. Where you are meant to be is the greatest gift you can receive. If you feel your peace when it’s happening, you can make the best use of the opportunities given you.




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Meditation for World Peace: Let’s Join Together

Everyday I experience the power of Spirit in meditation and prayer treatment. Your intentions and mine matter. Our thoughts impact the world.

As the microcosm, we are just individuals like a drop of water into the flow of the ocean. There is no doubt scientifically that the ocean changes with even that one drop. But imagine that every time another person gathers with you—with us, we become an entire bucket of water. The prophet and Christ Jesus said that when two or more gather to pray, our prayers magnify. The prayers and intentions increase their intensity exponentially.

The Video:


Why is this so?

  • We are all One Mind, created by the One Mind, and manifesting and creating in our own microcosm, the Earth.
  • The Law of Spirit states clearly that our thoughts create.
  • It states clearly that when we come together to pray our prayers and intentions magnify.
  • Imagine if every one you knew who is a believer of this One Power got together to pray at one time what an impact it would have on the world.
  • Now imagine if all of the people on the entire earth, the millions, perhaps, billions of people who stand on Truth and reject ignorance are praying with us now.
  • The ocean would tremble; the mountains move. This is the impact of prayer and meditation.

Please join me today in the prayer for World Peace. This is an 8-Minute Vlog, leading you through a guided meditation by me.

Find a comfortable place to do this, and definitely don’t try to meditate while your physical world needs your attention, as in driving a vehicle or taking care of an infant.

Please sign up on YouTube after you watch the video. You’ll get an email sharing with you when I publish the next meditation. No mailing list unless you decide you want to be a partner in Angel Feast or Finding Authentic You Enterprises.

Also, share this video with your Facebook and Social Media friends.

Lots of love,


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Power of Social Consciousness #socialconsciousness #spiritualadvice #personalpower #newthought

You can look at the state of our country and the world with sadness, for certain. Bad news can lead our hearts to shaking our heads in utter dismay. However, we can also look at the opportunity we have to change the world by uniting in one common goal.

When haters come together, it’s easy how much positivity in spirit it will take to overcome the throngs of negativity. Haters are not in the majority. I know some hearts of good people are following negativity, because they love being told tall tails and stories about change that no one could make happen in this lifetime. However, lovers of truth and common sense can unite in one solid force—in thought, which is where all of the power of the world settles.

In other words, if you spend your time thinking horrible thoughts and scary ideas about your future, eventually you will see this come to pass.

What is in our minds creates our future!

If you feel great and let this power rise up inside of you and share it with the world, eventually all of this good will coalesce to become a unified source of power in Divine Mind. From this place of social consciousness, all that we have to do is plant the seed of victory—together—and believe our truth can overcome any negative source. From here, Spirit combines our social consciousness to grow Truth to the point where it overthrows and conquers negativity in any and all circumstance. This is the power and law of cause and effect. It operates when you think negative things as a negative power. It operates when you think positive thoughts as a positive power.

I’m not speaking about physical battles. I speak of belief that is so powerful it dismantles negativity. If you can find this strength within yourself, and then unite with all of those people believing for the good of the world, ultimately this consciousness raises the vibration of everyone in the world, eliminating the powers of evil.

I don’t waste my time thinking horrible thoughts when I watch the news. I watch the news to understand what my mind must overcome in me, first, then as a power in the social consciousness of the world.

If you want to join with me and build a stronger and more positive consciousness in the world, we can exponentially increase our spiritual power to create and absolve that which no longer serves us and our beautiful world.


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