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I had the most amazing meditation this morning. I have been asking, before I enter into this blissful state, for something specific. Today, I asked the question before my meditation began, “Spirit, teach me something I don’t know about the universe and living as a human being!”

Below, is the response I got from my meditation:

The presiding theme was that I cannot take from God what God rightfully and delightfully wants to give me. A scripture from Proverbs came to mind: (paraphrased) If a man is caught stealing, he shall have to repay seven fold that which he took.

For so many years, I thought that everyone and everything from life was stealing from me, which is the story of lack and poverty. This certainly isn’t a story of God’s son who has inherited the wealth of Universal Abundance. I would profess this scripture in hopes that 7 fold would return to me. (Just 7-fold would be enough… nothing more.) But, what my meditation said was that “no one can steal what is already theirs.” If you are one with all Abundance, then everything is yours. Reciprocally, everything is also everyone else’s, too. We all are beneficiaries of God’s divine abundance.

But, humans have been like children fighting over the possessions of a rich parent. Instead of sharing gratefully, we want to procure that which is only ours and hold on to it with the control of a narcissist.

The meditation went on to reveal more about the subject of prosperity. This last Sunday, as I held my offering in my hand, I heard a voice say to me, “Put it back in your pocket!” I asked why.

The voice answer, “You still have resentment in your heart about giving.” So, I took the cash and stuffed it back in my pocket as the basket passed me. I’m sure the people around me thought I was being selfish, but I didn’t care. Spirit’s lesson was more important to me, than what others thought about me.

So, the meditation brought that important moment to mind. The same voice asked, “So, if all of the money in the world is rightfully yours and all the of the money in the world is rightfully the church’s, why are you so afraid to let go? More importantly, if you proclaim to be the hand of God here on this earth, how can I use you, if you won’t let go of the gifts I have given you?”

Of course, my thought was that I still have fear about not having enough. (As my old story, as a child, was that I was a very poor young boy, barely having enough to eat, most weeks and never having enough to buy nice clothes.)

But in that moment, something changed in my heart. I realized that I don’t tithe because it’s a law. As a spiritual child of the universe tithes to demonstrate to ourselves and to the universe that we understand spiritual law and are not afraid of our abundance being limited by sharing a portion of our perceived riches.

I finally got it. I received the message that will, I’m sure, release my mind totally from my old story of poverty. I will give more freely than I have ever given before now.

If I want to share in the abundance of the universe, I need to show Spirit, and more importantly, I need to show myself, I have no fear of being poor, ever again. I do this by freely giving of the abundance of God, as I am the hand of God here on earth.

With so much peace, I share my absolute joy and freedom with you today.

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Are You a Limiter?

Limit comes from one belief, your idea of God and your relationship to that power.

If you believe that God is a judgmental God and that you are rewarded by the good that you do, you will constantly be working to prove that you are good enough to have any thing in your life.

If you believe that God has no relationship to humanity, then you would have the belief that if you work hard enough, than anything is possible. But you may also believe in the cold, truthful fact that the world is just as harsh as it is good, even to those who work hard. More people lose investments with their time and money than people who gain.

If you believe that God is unlimited good and that this unlimited good is always willing to lead you into abundance, then there is a chance you may create an unlimited point of view for yourself.

Belief about yourself and about anything in your mind is what standardizes truth in your life. You can’t stand on abundance principals that you don’t really believe with your full heart and mind. Your foundation will crumble, if you do. You will fall into old thought and belief. Therefore, you will end up changing any chance of executing the divine plan for your life.

You see, one of the foundations of seeing God as unlimited good is to be able to get out of the human paradigm mind long enough to become the observer of the faulty and tricky thoughts that the mind has collected over the years of your life. These thoughts are like data glitches in a computer. I have one right now. Every time I get to about the 40th line of my blog, a big black square comes out over my screen. I have no idea where it comes from. I have to clear the screen and put my curser back in place to get it go away.

I could continue to type with the big black square in the way, but I would be writing with my ideas covered and my thoughts blackened. Every night, it’s a reminder to me that I must always write my truths and stay in the light.

The brain holds all the data from your life, good and bad. It can manipulate you into thinking you are not good enough, smart enough, talented enough, or savvy enough to have abundance in your life. I’m here to tell you that a human brain can be changed. To my delight, darkness can be turned into foundational light that can lead you to compassion and truth. But the key is to understand how to get into your compassionate observer mind.

Self-hypnosis is the key to unlocking this paradigm in every human brain. Science and neurobiology is discovering new ways to override the old thought patterns of the brain using these trance types of tools.

Your brain and your body is a tool that can be used by your highest self—your spirit—to control your life. So, when limitation comes knocking at your door, you can say to it, “Sorry, I’m not buying what you have to sell. You only see what your brain and body tell you. You may be telling me things about yourself, but you can’t tell me things about myself. I am the controller of my own brain and body!”

If you can honestly say that now, then you are on the road to ridding your life of lack and limitation.

* * *

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