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Opening One Door, While Another Closes

How many times in your life have you let a door close, while you were trying desperately to open another? I’m not saying that the door you were pursuing opened. You simply lost the opportunity for the other opportunity because you were so head strong about opening the door that you had been consistently trying to pry open.

You probably thought this blog was going to be about new opportunity. Well, it is. The subject matter is a little different, though. This blog is about missing opportunity, even though you’re praying and hoping for it, because you can’t get your mind out of your own ego and let Spirit take you to your desired destiny.

There are many paths to the same success. What you have to realize is that not every path is for you. As an actor, for instance, there is only one role for each character. If you are not cast as that character, this is not a missed opportunity. It is an opportunity that you took but were not offered. If you prayed that you would get that role, this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t answer prayer. Perhaps, 1000 people prayed for that same role. How would God decide upon which son or daughter this role belonged to without playing favorites?

The truth in the matter is that Spirit is more concerned about what you learn each day rather than what role you’re cast in or what job you did or didn’t get.

When I get a role in a play, I can be sure that there is a higher calling involved. Something vast and unknown is hidden in my hiring. I know this with certainty. Perhaps, that’s why don’t fret when I don’t get offered a job that I thought I was perfect for.

Maybe, I didn’t need to meet that director. Maybe the person I was supposed to share love with that day was a friend in need. Maybe there is a better opportunity for that day. Or, maybe, I’m supposed to rest that day.

All of these are perfect options for Spirit, who knows the vastness of your purpose.

As you give your heart to the One perfect mind of God, you may also need to give your will a twist to the ear. You must kindly, gently, but sometimes with a little gusto, tell yourself that the main goal of life on Earth is not to be the richest man alive, the handsomest, the most beautiful woman, having the best clothes or relationships. No. Your goal is to be used by Spirit to help polarize the Earth for the coming New Age—for the shift into a more heavenly space here on this Earth, where the lion lays with the lamb and peace fills each day like the sun that shines.

Rather, think on this peace,and your heart will rest today.

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Can Feelings Guide Us? #spiritualadvice #DivineMind #ScienceofMind #SOM #SpiritualLiving

Let me first define a feeling as an urging coming from a symptom of the body or mind, such as a stomachache, a strong desire to leave somewhere, hunger for something specific, a need to call someone, or anything external that you can touch or sense that causes an internal unction. In other words, instead of using your thinking brain to decide what you want to do, you use a feeling, first, to determine where and what you want.

Is this modality of “being led” by feelings a spiritual act?

No one, spiritual or not, cannot pull himself out of being on the path of spirituality. Whether you believe it or not, your entire life is being led by something greater than all of us. What you call that “something” is dependent on your relationship to Spirit. If you have no relationship to Spirit and would not listen to a spiritual unction or leading, at all, because that is not your nature, then Spirit will certainly use your hunger, thirst, physical desires to move you forward to your highest and best.

I know there have been times in my life when I simply felt a strong desire to go to the mall to shop for clothes. In so doing, bumped into someone whom I was definitely supposed to see. I know that I was supposed to see her, because she changed my life. This was not just happenstance.

So, I am left to wonder if Spirit uses all of our desires more than we even know to direct us onto a path that has been perfectly designed. The only difference in unspiritual Joe and me is that I perceived the synchronicity as spiritual. Most people just move through life on urges. But, since everything is Spirit and made by Spirit, even these urges are organic and are used to shape us, mold us, and move us on our intended paths.

This is certainly a good lesson in humility. Spiritual leaders are no more led by spirit than a humble farmer who never read a book about spirituality. Right? We are all in this divine plane of spirit being led by every sense. You might think that there is a difference then with spiritual people learning to create using the Law of Spiritual Mind Treatment. But, even here, many are creating using the Law of Mind, without ever having heard of it. This begs the big questions: Is there a need for religion? If so, what might that reason be?

Well, here it is—the only difference in unspiritual Joe and us is intention. That’s it. My intention is to be a conduit of good and love. Spirit may use all the same way to move me as It does everyone else. But, my intention is to bring love to the world. Most people who are building castles to the sky, really do not have love or peace in the mix. That is truly the only difference between spiritual and unspiritual. The spirit-led person lives in the world of you AND me, and the unspiritual person lives in a fearful world of you OR me.


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