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Portals to Happiness!

Many people believe that there are many paths to happiness: money, love, sex, drugs, a bevy of friends, hard work, prayer, meditation, spirituality, etc. I could go on and on. The truth is that there is only one door to happiness.

When we recognize that we are an infinite spirit, housed in a finite body, this is the first step to walking through the door toward peace and happiness. 

There was a client who came to me riddled with cancer. She fought through the storms in her life to maintain health for a little over 1o years. She discovered, though, a week before our visit that the cancer had metastasized. She was told she didn’t have long to live… perhaps 6 months.

As we talked about it, a peculiar smile spread over her face. I didn’t understand, so I asked her why she was smiling.

She replied, “I have had a good life. Yes, there were struggles. But mostly I have had peace in the past 10 years. Everyday since I first found out I had cancer, I had promised myself to live this present day as if it were my last—never looking back with regret. I feel fortunate to have had 10 years to live freely and unrepressed by my past and fear. I have lived a life that most people never live in just these past 10.”

I asked her, “So, what do you think the secret to happiness is?”

She responded, “First, take care of the loose ends in your life. Fire those who don’t benefit you and have been dragging you down! Get rid of all that no longer serves you! Then you must must must STAY focused on the present.

No happiness exists in the future or in the past. Happiness is happening right here and now. Make friends with all that is in your life now, whether you perceive it to be good or bad. Make laws against living in what you can not change. Float on your human life, as if you were sailing in a boat led by the winds of grace!”

This conversation left me speechless. Even though she was a client, I couldn’t speak for a few minutes. She understood that every session was for the healing of the One Mind that we both share.

I hope this helps you live within the fullness of your life today.

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Is Every Moment in the Now a Memory of the Past? Read on:

In the first lesson of A Course in Miracles we learn that a chair is not just a chair. An image of a chair can only be a chair because of all the chairs you have seen in the past. In fact, if you were consistently beaten on a cane back chair by a childhood abuser, you probably feel a modicum of that pain every time you see a cane back chair.

What the neural pathway is going on here?

Can we ever get out of the loop of the past, or is everything from the present based on the shapes and forms that we have once witnessed and learned? 

The question of living in the NOW without the past is a difficult question to answer and an even harder one to live. I have spent the past few years trying with much appropriate frustration casting down the negative thoughts from the past, denying them, and reinforcing my current New Thought belief. I do this only to find that some new ideation from the past comes up—one that’s even harsher and harder to digest. So, once again I spit out that old thought like a rotten grape I mistakenly popped into my mouth. “What the hell was that? Why did that rotten thought come up?”

It seems as though I’m asking myself this question more and more often? Is battling your own subconscious mind a good thing?

You better believe it!

If you want to make change in your mind, you must constantly assess the myriad of thoughts that float through the mind. Perhaps, you don’t have to consider the thoughts that sweep through your mind with out consideration, but the ones You Chose to Settle on! are meant to be dissected, swallowed, or spit out.

If someone knocks at your door, you don’t automatically open it to every person there. Your thoughts are the same. They are a sea of possible thoughts in the universe and because there is only One Mind, we are quite probably basking in the consciousness of society, family, and whatever is on the television at the moment.

The thoughts that you should consider and deliberate are the ones that sound like the following:

  • you’ll never be good enough. Someone is so much better than I am;
  • I’ll always be poor. I don’t deserve any more than I have;
  • Just getting by is a blessing. I should be happy with what I have and not wish for more;
  • I’m ugly and will never attract someone into my intimate life; and
  • having faith in my future and in positive thoughts is just crap; it never works!

I’m here to tell you—to bear witness to the fact—that
positive thinking works!

It not only works, but it changes lives. When you get stronger, wrestle and win against your personal demons, and prosper in your daily life, the entire world gets one step closer to the Light. If we are all part of the energy of the One Mind in Spirit, then we had better believe that every moment we spend learning our daily lessons is going to bring the entire universe one step closer to freedom:

  • freedom from messy government,
  • world war,
  • ignorance,
  • family drama, and
  • simple foolish bickering for the sake of boredom.
  1. Today, take the time to look at your thoughts. Assess them as if you are standing on a bridge watching them float beneath you, as if they are goldfish. Watch which thoughts  float to the top and which ones you feed with your brain.
  2. Decide why your life must hold on to that thought in that moment.
  3. And when you discover you no longer need that mess from the past, say to it: “I release and let go of all thoughts that no longer serve my life! I am open and willing for Peace!”



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Day 2—In the Path of Disaster

Day 2: Thoughts

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

Many people have scoffed at David and I as we have shared our thoughts and beliefs about staying put in the midst of the news and prediction that South East Florida will be hit head on. We know that news can change at anytime and that no one person can say exactly what is going to happen in the atmosphere.

We know this because no one person or electronic device is capable of creating a storm or creating a planet or causing a seed to grow. Only Infinite Spirit is responsible for creation.

This same spirit lives in each of us. There is only One Mind in the Entire Universe, I believe. If I’m connected to that Infinite Intelligence and you are listening as well, then my soul will know what to do at all times. It is only when I go against my soul and heart that I’m threatened by life.

Today is a perfect example. Had I been watching the news every moment, following the pulse of the storm, as some have been doing around me, I would be biting my nails down to the bone and my blood pressure would be high. However, I turn on the television periodically to get the latest updates and then shut it off.

Today, the news and the weather trail has shifted west. Am I surprised? Not a bit. If it shifts back, will I be surprised? Not a bit. My faith is not in man’s predictions.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”(Hebrews 1:11)

What exactly does that scripture mean in times like these?

David and I have been excited about the next couple of days. Why, you may ask?

We are excited to see miracles and love in action. We are thrilled to be chosen to sit in the center of the storm, like crystals in the chaos. The storm that I speak of is not one created by atmospheric conditions. The storm is a maelstrom of negative thoughts that pollute the conscious atmosphere. This is the storm we must work to annihilate. If you can conquer the struggle in your own mind, you can change your world and begin to be a light for others.

Day 2: Actions

We are still preparing for whatever may happen. We have sandbags in front of doors. Our windows taped. Everything breakable gathered in the living room. Extra water. I’m cooking for three days right now incase we don’t have power. I’m cooking food that will be okay if we have no refrigeration. Does this mean I have no faith?

Absolutely not. This means that I’m not being stupid about my situation. I had a friend basically call me stupid or my actions stupid today below one of my posts. This is someone who has been through many storms in his life. I was actually very surprised at his comment. I am by no means stupid. I graduated at the very top of my class. I have consistently studied something almost every day of my life. I love intelligence and appreciate knowledge. But, I realize that everything must change. Nothing stays the same. If I spend too much time in the past or the future, I will completely miss life. I am fully in the present right now. Please join me in the meditation below:


Life is present, in this moment. Join me in a prayer again today. Hopefully, I will have time to make a meditation on YouTube today. My heart is very centered and quiet.

Love you all,






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