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Where Is Your Priority?

Where Is Your Priority?

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think about?

When you think about where you will invest your time, what is the first thing you think about?

When you think about where you will vacation, what do you imagine?

I’m sure as you answer these questions, a wide variety of answers come for a wide variety of reasons. But I wonder how many people consider one thing: What is the best place for me to be. In other words, where will my presence best serve me and the universe?

There is a Buddhist prayer that is something like this: Spirit, let me NOT seek to fulfill my own needs, but let me seek to be of use to those around me and the universe.

I had a client yesterday who was listless with life and on the verge of depression, if he wasn’t there already there. I suggested that he try the aforementioned prayer. He told me everything seemed to be the same in life. Nothing seemed to matter anymore.

I asked him what he intended to get out of life.

He said, “That’s just it. I don’t think life has much to offer.”

I asked him to start taking a different path. Start with simple things, like a different drive home everyday. Pick different streets you never drove down before. Wear different clothing. Talk to the cashier at the super market and tell him he’s doing a good job. Do things you don’t do. Step out of your comfort zone and begin to interact with people you don’t normally talk to by encouraging them. Come back in a week and tell me how you’re doing.

My entire life changed when I began doing this practice and reciting this prayer every morning. I laugh more. I smile more. I get in my car sometimes and just beam thinking about how the person I just spoke to probably hadn’t had a nice word spoken to him/her the entire day. Maybe I just made a day a little more tolerable.

It’s nice to get out of yourself and be in the world of doing good for the rest of existence. It’s worth a try if you have never done it before.


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Taking Care of Your Body

Taking Care of Your Body

Don’t try to gain weight to see if you can to be compassionate to your clients. Dumb idea. I had a migraine all day yesterday, probably from trying to detox from all the junk I ate the last week. And from smelling some bad perfume. My body just can’t take eating or smelling crap.

Be good to yourself, as my dear friend Darrell says that God is saying to me. Your body is your temple! My temple feels like a junk yard right now. It is 3 am and I can’t sleep because the only thing I could eat last night was ice cream, because my stomach was so upset. Then, I guess, my sugar spiked, and now I’m up craving more sugar and I’m really dehydrated.

Lord, what a mess I’m in. It may take a day or two to get my body back in order. But I’m through with the overeating, for sure. And I’m craving sugar at every meal now. I guess the yeast in my body is really happy and well fed. I’ve got to deprive it of it sustinence to get back to normal.

All I can say to my dear friends and readers: Something in everyone’s body tells you when to stop; what is right to eat; what is wrong; what will give you energy; what will give you strength.

If you are having trouble losing weight, you just have to learn to listen again. Basically, what I learned these past few days is, to gain weight I had to “NOT” listen to every impulse in my body to make it function improperly. Just goes to show you and me, that learning to listen after so many years of treating myself with good food and exercise is a “practice.” If you do it daily, your body learns how to be what it needs to be and to act in a healthy way.

On an upnote… because i was up so late, my dear friend Tim from high school, who now lives in Italy, was on line and we got to chat. It’s been years. So, I’m thanking God for that. Love me some Tim. He is a professor at the Escuola de Musica in Rome.

Guess I’ll trying going back to sleep now. Buona Notte!


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