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Feeling Depressed and Abandoned? #anxiety #stress #abandoned #change #lovewins

Almost everyday, someone contacts me and explains that he or she is feeling depressed, anxious or abandoned by friends and family. This “feeling” is worldwide right now because of all of the upheaval around us (the macrocosm). So, in our own worlds (our microcosm), any small change can cause a huge imbalance in our emotions, making us feel depressed and rejected. I get it. I’ve been there before.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 350 Million people around the world have diagnosable depression. This does not count our small bouts of depression that come and go or the millions of instances where children and adults go undiagnosed from severe depression disorders.

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  • First and foremost, clinical or major depression is growing at an incredible rate.
  • People of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and nationalities suffer from major depression, with a few exceptions.
  • Up to 20% of people experience symptoms of depression.
  • 10 times more people suffer from major depression now than in 1945 (2)
  • The average age of first onset of major depression is 25-29


This is my new motto for my practice and my life. I know that many of you feel as if you are walking around in shadows or in the dark, trying to take hold of your life and make something of it with relationships and work. However, transforming your life doesn’t start with the external, though I know that many of you are on spiritual quests as well.

Our deepest wounds and struggles are what cause us to transform into beautiful, evolved spiritual beings living in human bodies.

I often look at the path of the butterfly for a perfect metaphor of the path of transformation from skirmishing around slowly in the dirt to spinning a web high above the earth to hide from the world, for a time; then, suddenly, you find yourself breaking out from the cocoon and you have wings you never realized had been developing all along.

I know this for myself. Thirty years ago, I had diagnosable depression. I had suicidal ideations. I desperately felt alone in the world, though I had been surrounded by people who loved me. I looked for ways to hide from life and lived in my head most days. My thoughts were unwieldy and cyclical, playing like an unwanted movie over and over again until I wanted to scream. How did I make them stop?

Honestly, as I look back, it was many factors, but two specific ones stick out. I had grown up in a severely abusive childhood with sexual abuse and no real role models. Most of the time, I fended for myself and took care of those who were to be caring for me. It was an upside down life.

I vowed to grow up healthy and wealthy and much wiser than those that were to nurture me, but failed. In anyone’s mind, though, we grow attached to our “ideas of success” and our “dreams of amazing love” rather than the reality of our human existence.

I was speaking to a friend this morning who didn’t have to go through all of the struggles I did to find the right mate. His first love stayed his love for his entire life. I shared with him how many times I had to live out every mistake to show my heart what was right and secure and what definitely was not right for me. I went through so much hurt trying to correct the wrongs of my past—in the people I dated. I wonder now how I ever found my way.

Honestly, the only two real aspects of my path that kept me going were 1.) talk therapy with a life coach, spiritual coach, or therapist; and 2) my own search for spiritual truth.

When I discovered what I believed, wrote it down, and confessed it many times daily as an affirmation, my life began to turn around.

What I understand now about the depressed mind is that it is not the ONE MIND I confess I am a part of now. This ONE MIND is not sick at all. It is perfect. However, when we are depressed, we don’t believe we have any sense of perfection whenever we conceive of ourselves as humans with faults. We just simply see our inability to be Like God.

My friends, you don’t need to be “like God.” You are already God. Your only goal in life is to be to get rid of those thoughts that no longer serve you and SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

I had a friend tell me of his endeavors to finish a piece of artwork he had been commissioned to do. He kept getting trapped by small problems. Finally, he was able to send me a picture of the finished product. I could see none of the faults he specifically defined for me. All I saw was his incredible intent and his powerful light in the work. However, I had to convince him of this. Seriously, I spent over 15 minutes telling him, treating for him, and loving him into the idea that his small imperfections were part of the beauty of his work. If the client wanted a perfect replica of something, he would have taken a picture and had blown it up.

Managing our depression is often as simple as sitting in the quiet and confirming that we are a part of this great world and made in the image of God—imperfections and all—especially our imperfections. Because of this, even our flaws are simply okay. Even more than okay, they are beautiful.

Love yourself today!


You don’t get to this voice if reason or recognize it unless you spend time with yourself in silence, asking yourself important self-talk questions. This is like dating. You must get to know the voice of the Spirit by spending time in meditation and silence. This is the only I know to clearly download the power of wisdom and recognize the voice—IN TIMES OF TRAUMA—that is always directing YOU into safety!


Deciding on and living by your core values is a tenuous challenge. My many years of spiritual coaching and life coaching can help you with this. I have helped many people in this situation see light and overcome the darkness of the past. Give me a call: 954-253-6493. SKYPE sessions are available. http://www.bosebastian.com/client-praise/

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Loving the Unlovable #whoamI

Do you ever feel as if you are completely unlovable—that no one on the earth finds you attractive, relationship-worthy, or the marriage type? Learn this a fast as you can! Bondage to any old belief is not God ordained. Our inherent nature in spirit is freedom. If you have moved in and out of that feeling throughout the time of dating, it is not because you are unattractive or a misfit. You flounder in your belief about yourself because you don’t inherently believe your true nature in spirit is freedom, prosperity, love, and complete security.

I used to think that the worst four words I could ever hear after a date were: “Let’s just be friends!” Until, one day, I realized that most days, my friends are worth more than all of my lovers put together. Now, when a date says, “I really think you’re a wonderful person,” I almost feel as if he is saying, “I’m a screw-up in relationship, and you are too important to lose as a friend. I believe I’d rather not take that chance of losing your friendship by dating!”

The second idea I embrace is that God is all in all. So, this means that God is in the small, the large, the rejects, and the ones worth keeping in our lives. However, that doesn’t mean that every person whom you deem datable is actually someone you should be in relationship with. I don’t know about you, but I believe that God has the entire scenario of our life outlined. Sometimes, when you are about to pick someone you shouldn’t be with, Spirit politely whispers in the other person’s ear: “Hey… this one isn’t for you. Maybe just be friends.”

I see through a glass darkly. God has all the answers. I am in a constant state of uncertainty, as the life around me changes always. The thing in life that continues to change constantly is that which belies our human existence—our ego. What doesn’t change is spirit. So, we have to begin to think with the thoughts of spirit—CHOOSE TO THINK WITH THE THOUGHTS OF SPIRIT!

We have a subconscious, subjective spiritual self that is all God, no matter if we choose to believe it or not. Our reasoning mind always has a choice to believe or to not believe that what flows beneath the surface is always, 100% spiritual truth. Only you can choose to see life in other ways—negatively, alone, poor, poverty stricken, and not datable!

So it is, even in dating and in self-esteem, the issue becomes that ALL THOUGHT IS CREATIVE, even the negative stuff that belies our common truth. Our subconscious is the subjective mind. The field in which we use the subconscious is the subjective, which is all God, all infinite. So, even in our individualized power, we have infinite God truth supporting us. Learn to use your God-given power to undergird the real you—the fantastic, datable, loving, hot, and auspicious YOU!

Coming Up: I’ll be speaking more about the subjective mind!


Fatal Virtues Cover

This book has got some Hollywood interest as a live action movie. I hope you enjoy this story of a female mafia in Pittsburgh being taken down by the sole family member who has virtue, District Attorney Mary Elizabeth Bravecchio. 

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Chosen to show his new hypnotherapeutic techniques on The Learning Channel (TLC) and also given the opportunity to teach at the world conference for Learning, and received the award of excellence for Helping Overcome Obesity in Nashville, Bo Sebastian is the writer and director of Finding Authentic You and Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warrior. Go directly to Amazon/Amazon Kindle: ]



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Because I Knew You

I have had a myriad of relationships in my life, ranging from disastrous to amazing. Each has told a different story and taught me specific lessons. The question is: Do the bad relationships mean just as much as the good ones?

I had been told once that relationships are specifically put in our lives to help us grow—good or bad. A therapist told me that we attract the exact person to create a mirror to witness our own shortcomings. With that being said, all relationships, including familial, are meant for the sole—or soul—purpose of growth.

When what is being reflected in my partner’s eyes is love, I may be seeing that I love myself in a healthy way. When I notice friends are treating me with compassion, it may be that I have found a new level of compassion and nonjudgment in my own life. When my mother gives me a hug and tells me she adores me, it may be that I have been vulnerable enough to show her that I love and respect her just as much.

In the negative sense, when someone disrespects me, it may be that I have somehow dishonored myself or have lost sight of compassion for others. When someone cheats me, it could be that I am cheating myself or some financial institute like the IRS. When someone ignores me, it is a sure sign that I am ignoring something pertinent in my own life or that I have been avoiding that loving person who supports and cares for me unyieldingly.

All signs in relationships of every kind are a sure reflection of our own needs to grow both spiritually and as a better human being.

Today is a good day to take a good hard look at what is annoying you in your relationships. Without hesitation, look directly in the mirror at yourself. Ask the pertinent question: Does this matter reflect a way that I am treating myself poorly?

If this is true, make an effort to unfold from the problem. Seek to love yourself a little bit more. Then watch closely as the problem externally disappears. Life is magical that way.

When you truly begin to understand the metaphors of Spirit and how they work to show you the light, you don’t stay stuck long in anything negative. The clear choice to get rid of negativity in your life is to take a good hard look at yourself first, and how you are treating others second.

When you do this with authenticity, life always changes for the better.

* * *

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