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Accused of Rape #billcosby

We learn a great deal about our own lives as we carefully watch the problems of others—especially celebrities. We learn to collect the facts before we judge. We learn that being accused doesn’t necessarily mean to be convicted. We recognize that the news media inevitably spins everything out of control on purpose to get our attention. So, after those truths about what we should do, have you already convicted Bill Cosby— beloved comedian, husband, and father—of multiple rapes, before a jury of his peers has had all the evidence to make an educated decision?

Bill Cosby

I know that I have, just the same way I convicted Bill Clinton about Monica Lewinski, Tawana Brawley in her attempt to accuse six men of rape and then stage being buried alive, and Oscar Pistorius and O.J. Simpson… et al. I wonder, sometimes, what life would be like if I had been accused of something I didn’t do and even my friends had trouble exonerating me. What exactly would I do?

As I have shared, before, I actually have gone through that very scenario. When I moved to Nashville from New York City, my best friend accused me of stealing her business and hired a lawyer to keep me from my rightful belongings, which she borrowed. Even the ministers at church had sided with her—at first. Trust me, the first six months of moving back to Nashville were horrible. The only decision I could make at a time like that was to HOPE that the truth would surface, and those who loved me and the law would be on my side. Fortunately, for me, that’s what happened. However, that is not always what happens. Many people get accused of crimes and never get exonerated because the accused has the burden of having an alibi. Sometimes, you sit alone and no one is watching. For that, many have been put behind bars with a lot less evidence than a smoking gun.

I had a friend who worked as a lawyer for a child advocacy protection program in Nashville. She often told me how unfair the law was. She actually stopped practicing law and turned to writing law, instead, as a result of the injustice she saw in the two years she tried to help young, abused children. Add to the law, the crazy media frenzy, who wants everyone to appear much dirtier than they are. At best, all we have is a mass of eschewed evidence appearing real.

This time, with Bill Cosby, however, I have decided I’m going to watch without judging aloud, just to experience a different paradigm. I have decidedly taken my hat out of the ring and will not talk about this with anyone, because I simply don’t know enough to make a judgment. I can tell you what I feel in my mind. I can share with you what I see in Mr. Cosby’s eyes. I know what probably will happen with his career. But, nonetheless, right now—NO COMMENT!

Is not judging good for our souls? Do you remember the scripture in the Christian bible, Luke 6:37, that say, “Judge not, that you should not be judged”? Or consider the Buddhist principle of upekkha, which is judgment with no attachment. And think about the Apostle Paul’s take in James 4:12: “There is only One Lawgiver and Judge, He who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?” Does this mean that the writers of these words didn’t judge themselves? I would believe to be human is to judge, righteously or not. It’s in our DNA. Nonetheless, NO COMMENT!

So, what of trying not to judge? Will it help our souls stay unattached from the media frenzy and keep our lives safe from others judging us? Try not judging anyone for a day and tell me how it goes…


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The PREPONDERANCE of SUCCESS in PUBLISHING Today #Taylorswift #Kindle #downloading #bookpublishing #siri

I asked my IPhone 5’s Siri to get me directions to the closest post office, as my 81-year-old mother watched, almost as if she were mesmerized by an old episodes of Star Trek coming to life before her wide eyes. She listened to Siri guide me to three post offices near me. I asked her, “When you were a kid, Mom, could you ever have dreamed that we would be talking to phones and they would answer like this?”

She said, “Not in a million years.”

Today, I feel the same emotions about book and music publishing. If you would have asked me 20 years ago if I would prefer reading a book from a handheld device or listening to a CD on an MP3 player, I would have said, “No way!” And yet, I have a LePan and an Ipod and have often downloaded books onto my Kindle and all music is digital now.

As I’ve grown older and my eyesight gets dimmer, I enjoy the fact that I can make the page of my Kindle book light up and create a larger font for the book at the touch of a finger. So, go figure. Now that Kindles and Notebooks are fairly cheap, most people buy their books by downloading. It’s cheaper, creates less waste, and saves trees, especially for schools. It’s a win-win for everyone, including the publishers, who make tons more money on downloads.

Just imagine an author sending his/her book as a file to Kindle. Without printing a page, the company makes 60% or more every time a buyer goes to their server and downloads a book or album. They have to do no printing, no shipping, and create no papertrail. You press your finger on the download button and the book magically appears on your device within seconds and costs virtually nothing—FOR THEM.

Still, I’m more inclined to buy a tangible book. But publishing these days has changed so much that we really have no idea how to market these books. Big publishers spend more money marketing to Target & Walmart than they do at Barnes & Noble. They are spending more money on online advertising than creating book signing events for their authors.

Sometimes, I wish I were one of the first people Taylor Swift tried to friend on MySpace. I would have loved to sit here today and think, my one download helped make Taylor Swift into a media mogul. All she did was befriend people who wanted to support her.

Today, I got the first copy of my new book in paperback. (**Next week, it will be available in Kindle Edition.) Kindle takes a special formatting that requires an expert to understand. So, a little extra time is needed to convert a book into a readable Kindle file with page numbers. But once that happens, I’ve decided to sell my 650-page book for $2.99 as a download, because I can. The paperback is more expensive, of course. Ultimately, I want the prose of my heart—good and bad—to be in the hands of the people who have supported me through the tears and triumphs of my life. Nothing excites me more than being able to discount my book to a place where it becomes affordable for anyone who wants it. I’ve even given my publisher the nod to lend the digital book from libraries.

This book is unlike anything I’ve ever published. It is for any adult on a physical, emotional, spiritual, or personal journey. First, I teach you the 7 steps to effective change. Then throughout the 365-daily-discovery section, I flesh out relationship issues, health advice, releasing the past, provide self-motivational tool, and basically simplify love. I hope you’ll consider being one of my tribe who helps me move this book to the Bestseller’s List. For more information and a link to Amazon, check out the information below:

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Much peace and be well,

Below are some quotes from some accomplished writers, speakers, and friends, and writing and content samples below that:

August Gold, nationally known spiritual writer and speaker: “…clearly, assisting people in removing the blocks that keep them from their authentic self is his true calling—this book is a generous toolbox of support.”

Ester Nicholson, Author of Soul Recovery—12 Keys to Healing Addiction—AMI/Hay House: Finding Authentic You is about forgiveness of self, others, and finding the blocks that keep you from the powerful you that wants to shine brightly…”

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Samples from the “Table of Contents”

Discovery 2: Is God the Judge in the Sky?
Discovery 13: When I Thought I Failed
Discovery 27: Conversations with the Sick and Dying
Discovery 33: Self-Inquiry
Discovery 49: Bank Account Low?
Discovery 56: The Murky Waters of the Mind
Discovery 65: The Answer to How Is “Yes”
Discovery 118: When Confusion About Life Hits
Discovery 159: Overweight Because of Fear
Discovery 190: Giving up All Hope of Having a Better Past
Discovery 203: Letting Go of a Loved One
Discovery 218: Angry at Religion; or Angry at God?
Discovery 229: Midnight in the House of Someone Lonely
Discovery 292: Like Goats Balancing on Cliffs
Discovery 306: What Is the Secret to a Successful Relationship
Discovery 333: Mystical Symbols
Discovery 340: When We’re Hungry
Discovery 365: Soap that Floats

Writing Sample Below:

Discovery 208: Liver and Onions

You see a hot dude or a crushing hot babe on the beach. The tanning oil makes every ripple of his pecks and abs glisten in the sun. You can bounce a nickel off of every other part of his body. His hair is disheveled and the sunglasses block his eyes, so you can’t see inside his soul. But the parts you see, you lust after. If you’re of a different persuasion, think of a beautiful woman on the beach, equally perfect, curves to kill for, a swimsuit barely covering her areolas, just coming out of the water, flipping her hair back. Sun glistens off of her cleavage and navel.
The last time I smelled liver and onions cooking, it actually smelled tempting to taste. I actually tried it again, even though the thought of eating gizzards of any kind really grosses me out. As soon as I took a bite, I had a flashback of eating liver as a child. I almost vomited on the spot. It smelled great, but tasted terrible.
Now you might enjoy liver and onions, but my point is that not everything tastes as it smells. In fact, plenty of things in life look a great deal more tempting than they actually are…
… My point is this: do we spend our lives looking at things that tempt us and desire them? Or do we look at the unlimited perfection of all that God has to offer us in so many different ways that our attention is never besmirched by a thorn in the flesh. I work with people all day long who have different kinds of lusts: food, sex, cigarettes, pornography, drugs, masturbation, shopping, credit card abuse, and gambling. You name it; I’ve seen it all. But with every addiction, there is an initial place where a paramount temptation drew the person over the edge. Then, after the initial time, every time thereafter, they have been trying to recapture what can never be relived—the rush of the very first time.
So, you have to live life as if you have never seen it—EVERY DAY> EVERY HOUR> EVERY MINUTE> EVERY SECOND. New unlimited resource will fill your senses with something wonderful every time you look up into the sky or watch a bird or smell a flower…

Discovery 365: Soap that Floats

In the late 1800s William Proctor and James Gamble began a company that manufactured and imported candles and soap. Before the dawn of electricity, candles made Proctor & Gamble a burgeoning company. However, when Thomas Edison created the light bulb, this fledgling company had to rethink its premise. It was in the laboratory of a soap maker who left his machine on during the night that Ivory Soap was accidentally discovered. A soap that floated was a great surprise, because in those days a large majority of people still bathed in the river. So soap that floated was the perfect way for Proctor & Gamble to get back on the industry’s map. From there, came Crisco, Tide, safety razors, and the company exploded into prosperity.
The interesting fact about this story is that neither Proctor nor Gamble was set off course by the dawn of the light bulb. Candles would be used for emergencies and beauty, but not as an essential item for life, so a vast majority of the company’s profit had to be changed before the novice ship sank into financial despair.
How many times in your life have you been met by a monumental game changer, and decided you just didn’t have the courage to overcome? I know in my life, one example comes at a time of great disaster in Nashville. When the flood of 2010 happened, it was on the day of my book launching…

* Bo Sebastian is a Hypnotherapist and Life & Health Coach, available for private sessions to QUIT SMOKING, Lose Weight, New Lap-Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! at 615-400-2334 or http://bosebastian.com/Home_Page.php Please feel free to comment and/or sign up to receive your blog sent to you directly or stream with an RSS Feed. Please spread the word by liking the page or sharing this with your friends.

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