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Quickly Quiet Your Mind!

I had an epiphany after many years of meditation. Learning to quiet my mind has never been as difficult for me as for some of my clients. Even so, I have discovered an even easier way than ever before. I’m floating in the ethers in minutes now. I want to share this process with my followers on Facebook, Instagram and on “Finding Authentic You Blog.”

  • First, I always say a prayer of protection. I believe that the subconscious is always a bit frightened of the unknown. So, saying a prayer that allows you to acquiesce your fears to your highest power is always a good start to ease your mind and body from undiscovered fears. I recite this in mind or aloud:

“There is only one Presence, One Power, One Love active in my mind and body, present in this room, and present in all of the universes: God the Good. This presence is surrounding me now in Love and Light, allowing no negativity to be present, and always surrounding me with angels, light-bringers, insight, and truth. In love and light.”

  • Once I say this prayer, I sit in my recliner so that my back is fairly erect, perhaps a little reclined, but not too much, and make sure that my body is in a place that I can totally relax and let go of my humanness. This aspect is so important. If you expect to get to a spiritual place while you sit in pain, you are not going to get there very easily.
  • Once I’m comfortable, I begin to check what parts of my body are active (basically, what parts of my body I can still feel). I focus on merging these body parts with the one perfect peace all around me. [just a note: relaxation is a practice. I’ve been doing yoga for 28 years. I can relax very quickly. I’m highly aware of my body and every internal part of my body. I recommend doing yoga to help with this process, if relaxing is hard to do.] [One other note: if you have caffeinated drinks or sugary snacks or drinks before you intend to meditate, this will also be a detriment (this is unless you are ADHD, because ADHD people tend to react the opposite with stimulants).
  • As my body presence and feeling, dissipates, I begin to think of one thing and one thing only: My soul becoming a deep blue or purple lake—calm and wave free, no movement whatsoever. I image that my Mind (that part of me that can observe myself and my thoughts and also create imagination) is observing this still lake.

Here is the thought behind this metaphor:

The more still your mind becomes, the more like a still lake it can reflect the sky. The sky reflects the messages of the universe off of your soul. Though the universe may constantly be sending you messages, there is no way for you to hear or see these messages, unless the water beneath is calm.

The sky doesn’t reflect off of a lake that is full of waves. However, when the lake is still, you can magically see everything around it and above it in that still lake. So, this idea has helped me sit still and observe, as if I’m watching a very interesting movie on the lake, waiting for the plot to unfold slowly and beautifully crafted. Keep your mind fixed on the lake, whether you see something or nothing. If you see nothing, think about the freedom of your mind feeling and seeing “0.” How does it feel to have nothing in your mind?

  • Then, like magic, your physical eyes stop working and your inner eyes open to a world of dreamy images, while your mind is awake enough to observe them.
  • When you first begin to meditate, download the App: “The Insight Timer”  that rings a gong or bell every few minutes. This interim bell or gong will keep your conscious brain awake, if it decides to nod off or fall asleep. Remember, sleep isn’t the worst that can happen during this process, but the object of meditation is to stay conscious while the body is asleep, so that you can “download” information from Spirit and the Positives angels and beings helping you in the universe.

Any questions, send to bosebastian5@gmail.com

I’m always happy to help anyone when it comes to aiding all souls toward positive polarity on this Earth.

With Love,


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I Just Want to Feel Loved

As I meditated this morning, I felt as if my Mind had become a huge, still lake. When a lake is still, everything around it reflects from its surface.

As I began to let go of my body and went deeper into meditation, I noticed that I felt the pain of the people, first. I sensed a few neighbors and family members around me suffering. The message was: I just want to be loved. I heard the voice so clearly and desperately that my entire meditation became consumed with the feeling.

As I began to let go of judgment of that painful feeling and release from any ego-attachments to that pain, I entered into a compassionate state for the people my mind saw suffering. I realized that there was an even stronger pain beneath the cries of the people—the Earth.

It was as if the Earth had a voice. It was crying and outraged at the same time. The Earth had had enough of the misuse, the disruptions, the pain, the evils, the negativity, and the torture within its boundaries and on it physically. The Earth felt the bloodshed. It felt the wars. It felt the cruelty to its trees, animals, and its inhabitants. Now it was simply gushing out from within.

A loving voice from within said, “The fires, the eruptions, the floods, the tsunamis are the Earth crying out to the Universe. Swifter yet, the cries have become sweeping ways to cleanse its surface of all crimes of negative behavior PERIOD!”

No special, specific judgment was involved here. The Earth had been suffering for a long time. However, now, as it had done in the past, the time had come to cleanse itself.

This was the simple message in my meditation.

If you’re listening, there is also a personal message for you:

Get quiet today and ask for angelic guidance. Seek the silence that will let you reflect the message of the universe that surrounds you in this moment. Learn that you are not flying solo here. You are one. Only your Ego has kept you from this realization. You are one with the Earth, with God, with the angels,  with nature, the animals, and with each other. You have yet to find this realization, because you have not taken the time to get still and release the past, the present, the future, and reside in this perfect, present moment of Divinity!

If you do what Spirit calls you to do, I promise, no matter the Earth’s situation, you will feel safe from harm. The Earth and your angels are not singling you out to harm you. This angelic force has been sent to help the Earth and You!

If you don’t have a way to communicate with this Unifying, all-loving, creative intelligence, you will always feel fear. You must plug in to this Perfect love now.

Today is the day to eradicate fear in your life. You must! Your lack of diligence to heed the call of silence is the only thing in life that has held you back. Fear has kept you in its claws and muffled the sounds of love that could and will sustain and reward you with all the abundance the Universe has to offer.

Get still.

If you need help finding this stillness, there is so many resourses to help you. I have many free resourses: Meditations on YouTube: Search on YouTube – Bo Sebastian, meditation, guided meditations

You can do a search on this site for meditation at the top of the page. I have seven years of blogs, Incase you are new to this site to help you learn. Search any subject.

If you would rather read a book. I have Many books on Amazon.


I Even Have a free book I’ll send to you, if you send me an email at bosebastian5@gmail.com. The book I will share is called: Theoraphasz: God Speaks in the Final Phaze of Human Development. 

You need money for a lot of things in life. But for love and for a connection with God, this is COMPLETELY FREE!



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Fact or Fiction: In a World Where No one Is Sure, What Can You Do?

Here is my advice on how to watch the news, listen to information from your friends and family, and tend to idle gossip of neighbors:

  1. Take nothing personally. You cannot objectively help a situation when you are knee-deep in something emotionally.
  2. Watch and listen carefully! Is there a way you can help?
  3. Ask pertinent questions of yourself and the person who is sharing the news. (Your perspective is important, too. Don’t let someone eschew your mind to move to the negative in any situation.)
  4. If the news is coming from the television, immediately get on the computer and Fact Check!  The more sites you visit, the more you will see a balanced view of the news.
  5. Ultimately, we don’t just want to be observers of the world, voyeurs, at that. We should all desire to take part in the conversation and work to become a better city, state, nation, and world. What is your part in this? Let’s look at an example below.

Every night I turn on ABC news with David Muir or CNN and watch about 20 minutes of news, just so that I will know what’s going on in the world. I take everything I hear in stride, knowing that the news media may be eschewing it one way or the other. I mostly look at the pictures, listen to what’s being said by the person interviewed, and make my own assessments. However, I do take the time to listen to the same news on Latin stations, as well, as I understand Spanish. I listen to Republican stations, even though I’m a Democrat. I listen to liberal stations, even though I’m really somewhere way in between.


Yesterday, I heard that over 4000 people died in Puerto Rico from the Hurricane, when the news and government said that the total was over 60. How can these figures be so misaligned?

We lost over 4000 US citizens, our friends, our allies, because of misappropriation of energy and desire to help. The government spent much more time helping the people in the contiguous US states than it did in Puerto Rico. Some people still don’t have power in Puerto Rico. This is senseless and outright mean-spirited of the US to acquire Puerto Rico, possess it, and then leave it out to dry when it needs help!

This, of course, is just one instance of the media following what Roseann Barr says instead of caring about people who are losing their lives because of misappropriated government attention.

“But,” you say, “What can I truly do to help?”

I hear you. I feel exactly the same.

One thing we can do is lift our hearts out of the gutter, keep a clear mind, and let Spirit lead us to our destination, wherever that may be. You may not need to help Puerto Rico with money or fly down to help. You may be needed in your own neighborhood—on the corner of Dixie Highway and Oakland Park, where a lady tripped and fell and needs your help to get to the hospital.

If your head is filled with hate and animosity because of your opinions and those of others, what can you actually do to help anyone? 

I often come back to meditation in my blogs to help you understand that the world is operating on a different, human level than where we want to be. Ultimately, we want our hearts and minds to be lifted above the chaos to a place where we can hear the call of the angels and spirits in heaven who have a better view of life than we do. We can’t do this without practicing how to get to that place of omniscients and learning how to be an objective observer. Listen in your meditation and let your heart be guided and led to places you don’t expect.

Be the person you were sent to this world to be! Be light and love! 

Let your heart and mind be transformed by love and polarize your life to the positive!


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