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Who Will You Memorialize Today?

I got to my desk this morning—coffee in hand, smoothie in stomach, my dog Coco under my heels. Suddenly I realized that my mind was completely blank. It’s Memorial Day and I can’t think of one person who has passed away that rises to the top of my “thank you” list. Why is that?

Every person who had intersected with me in my life, of course, was human and had his or her faults. Despite the good each had done for my life, each one also had passed along some bad habits, traits, and not-so-good advice that I wish I could unlearn. In my trough of unforgettables, I do have some amazing angels who had touched my life in ways that no one else could, because they specifically were chosen for the job. Or were they?

  1. Some were mean and caused me to be sharper.
  2. Some were critical and caused me to hone my skills to perfection.
  3. Others were just strong and stable, always willing to be the rock I needed.

Were they, indeed, human? Oh, yes! How do I know they weren’t angels or sent specifically to me for a purpose? Well, I know this for certain: Everyone in this tapestry of life is here for a purpose.


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Life is full of moments that make up your story. Some are good, some bad. Some are just not all that memorable. However, every day as we surge forward with our desires and wishes, we intersect with other humans. This web of connection, when we look at it from a dynamic, omniscient perspective is quite complex. In fact, in one given day, it would appear that Spirit has orchestrated many people’s lives to exactly collide with us when we absolutely need to see or hear from them—positive or negatively. As planned, each person leads you in a purposeful direction.


Yesterday, I went to see a movie with my husband and my entire family living in Florida. Family gatherings can be laborious, but we all deal with the slight negativity and the jabs because they are family. However, this day was different. I was kind of dragged into seeing a movie after dinner that I just wouldn’t have picked in a million years.


In the movie was a scene that felt as if it had been made out of a spiritual dream I have had over and over again. Not only was it a dream I have, but it is a dream that my husband and I share and talk about often in our prayers together.

We were astonished at how exact the scene was compared to our own spiritual ideas and truth. In that moment, it didn’t matter if I enjoyed the movie or not. I was sitting between my mother and my sister, both of whom I cherish and adore, and I just got a confirmation of sorts that said from Spirit: “Hey, not only am I listening, but I’m affirming that you are on the correct track!”

When I look at the web of intersecting threads of life from this perspective, I can’t even conceive of what Spirit had to do to make that scene happen at that very moment for the sake of David and I. This amazing human life, though it can feel and look so terrible sometimes is such a miracle. This is what I want to memorialize today. This is what I want to be thankful for.

It is not the individuals that I want to place on a pedestal. Yes, all of them played an important role in the drama. But, the miracle of this tapestry of life and amazing colors and hues is what makes me want to say: “Thank You Everyone for being a part of my amazing life!”

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Sheroes and Heroes” A Memorial Day Tribute #whatisahero #memorialday #heroes #sheroes

I was amazed when checking the dictionary for the word HERO. I realized that even Webster leaned toward the masculine for the meaning of this word, which we have all come to celebrate on Memorial Day. Wikipedia defines hero as: “a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities: a war hero.”

Don’t you think it’s time we include women to be a part of a term for which we have ascribed to courageous acts? As always, with women, our terminology has ascribed a separate word for women’s acts of courage, heroine, but that just doesn’t do it for me, and it certainly removes women from the conversation, when we talk simply of heroes?

When I think of heroes such as Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Amelia Earhart, and Abraham Lincoln, they are all heroes—equally heroic—despite gender or race. As you know, many women fight as men do in wars, and still we seek to create gender bias, or worse yet allow high-ranking male officers to mistreat them sexually and get away with it.

Women fighting for our country have, to not only face a battle for religious and political rights, but also face the injustices of sexual abuse from fellow enlistees and high ranking military officer. In an article in the New York Times Magazine, “The Military’s Rough Justice on Sexual Assault” (Nov. 26, 2014 issue) we learn of the many civilian women affected by the militaries own “special” legal system, releasing countless male military officers from conviction, because of the red tape around military legal proceedings.

One woman, Kim Hanks (a medical assistant) and her lawyer, (Colonel Don Christensen fought back. Ms. Hanks had accused Lt. Col. James Wilkerson, Aviano’s inspector general and a highly regarded F-16 fighter pilot, of rape and won, only to find out three months later that the jury trial had been overturned. Wilkerson had been released from his year jail sentence and returned to his full post as Lt. Colonel.

The next act is what I would consider heroic! Instead of Kim Hanks and Colonel Christensen, her lawyer, hunkering down in defeat, they fought back for justice, not just for Ms. Hanks, but for every woman who would subsequently face the same injustice. They not only got Wilkerson dismissed from duty, but subsequently got the president involved in changing the law protecting rapists like Wilkerson for the future. This is heroism in action.

Our fight in this world is not just with guns and battle artillery. No, in fact, it is with our strong wills to see justice for all, especially those downtrodden and under supported by our legal system. In the past we’ve seen Russian GLBT people imprisoned for being gay, but have also felt the power of Ireland’s recent support for gay rights, amending Ireland’s definition of marriage.

We can see that the fight for rights around the world is a long and arduous one. Our real heroes are not only the ones going to actual battle with guns and artillery but the ones who face injustices to change the infrastructure of laws for all of our benefits.

Today we celebrate all of our heroes!

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What would you feel like if everyday you loved yourself a little more…

What would you be if you loved and gave compassion unconditionally… to yourself first and then to others?

If you could imagine yourself so connected to God Source that everything you thought and every action you completed you trusted could heal yourself and, ultimately the world around you?

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Sewing on a New Button #endings #memorialday #divorce #death

Sewing on a New Button
#endings #memorialday #divorce #death

As I proceed to a new day, remembering the people who have passed, I still think of my friend, Michael’s, words: Endings comes in ways we can’t arrange.” Endings are like a button that falls off for no reason. One day, after the shirt hangs in your closet for a while, with no button, you decide to take it out, remembering how much you enjoyed wearing it. You choose to sew a new button on, so that you can wear it again. I believe that the memory of the past has to be like this metaphor. We have to be able to see the good in the past to fully be able to wear it proudly again. And the button you choose to sew on is likened to a new, positive outlook added to that memory.

I have a friend Linda who has been gone from my life for four years from very fatal colon cancer. I say have, because I don’t see her as gone from my life. I’ll explain later in this blog. She and I were connected at the hip for our entire friendship. She understood me like few people do. She was unlike anyone I knew. She was a lawyer, a very deductive and precise thinker. But, she had a spiritual outlook that often tipped me off of my stationary scales of ideas and beliefs. I like the quality in a friend who makes you reconsider what you believe daily, not in a contentious way, but a loving compassionate way.

I remember when she moved away to Colorado Springs, because she couldn’t overcome any sickness—at that time, she didn’t realize it was probably the beginning of the cancer. She called me one day completely excited. “I have the best idea,” she said. “There is a writer’s conference in Colorado Springs, a couple blocks from where I live. It is one of the best in the world. You could go to the conference with me, and we can have fun for a week!”

This was a great idea. I had been a fledgling writer, didn’t have 13 books published as I do now, and enjoyed going to writers’ conferences once or twice a year to boost my ego and meet agents and publishers. So, I went to the conference in the spring of 2000. At that conference, I was chosen to read a short story in a workshop that would be facilitated by the publisher that acquired my first two books. So, I know for certain that Linda’s life helped me in more ways than either of us knew, at that time. She did get to see the first book published, before she died. For that, I was very thankful to God.

I say that she is still a friend, because one evening after she passed into the ethers, she appeared to me as in a dream. She had bought me a small silver bell for Christmas one year. As we talked, she asked me to ring the silver bell whenever I wanted to talk with her. In that moment, I thought, I have no idea where I put that bell.

In fact, I hadn’t seen the bell since I moved into my new home two years prior to that. However, when I awoke the next morning, the bell was on my nightstand, as if it were there the entire time. I was astonished and, also, relieved that Linda would still be with me throughout my life and into eternity as an angel. I do believe in angels and spirits helping us and showing us truth from above and beyond.

I now believe that everyone I know who has gone on before me into the heavenly realm has the possibility of being an angel from the other side. For that, this Memorial Day becomes a time for me to rejoice in the spiritual realm for all those who have moved forward before me into their spiritual growth outside the human body. Now, they can be angels from the other side, knowing us in ways no other spirits could. For that, I give thanks on this Memorial Day.


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