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Are Their Benefits to Fear-Driven Success?

I have heard of so many success stories about athletes, scholars and musicians who had gone to the top of their game to win gold medals, manifest world-famous creations, and even win the Nobel Prize because of a harsh or mean parent or tutor. One story that is like a neon sign in my mind is the multi-gold medal winner Greg Louganis, who has gone on to tell his childhood trauma in TV movies and books. I remember standing in a line surrounding a city block to buy Greg’s first bestseller.

Mr. Louganis’s claim to fame, however, was less about the gold medals and more about hitting his head on the diving board during an Olympic competition and the world discovering that his HIV-positive blood was in the pool. This news shocked the world. How could this amazing man who has been so perfect for so long disappoint all of us on the world stage at this moment? Yet, he went on to win another gold medal, I believe.

Greg’s story had never really been about his successful diving. His story was about how neglect, the power of a tyrant coach, and being in the closet during his career had made him increasingly unhappy. Though he was a true winner in all of our minds; in many minds he was a perfect diver; we are all led to the organic story of his harsh past; we have compassion for it. This is the legacy that Greg Louganis gives the world. Was all of the training and torment worth the gold medals? Would he trade the gold for a refund on his childhood?

I remember a boy who was equally traumatized at his age, who had striven to be perfect in all ways to stay safe from his father’s wrath; a wrath that was so harsh that it bloodied his older brother multiple times. I remember a child who hid in the clothes closet for most of his childhood, playing with phantom playmates to avoid doing anything unseemly or bad in the eyes of his father. I remember a boy who studied to get out of harm’s way, not to become smarter, a boy who practiced piano to find a world of acceptance. What did I truly gain from my achievements and my childhood?

I look back at my story, at other’s stories that are similar and wonder just how much I would of a refund on my childhood I would ask for, or even request a different life. At some points in my formative years, I would have gladly taken anyone else’s life for mine. Now, however, I’m of the spiritual belief that all things happen for a purpose. No, I’m not condoning anyone’s terrible behavior. I am, however, saying that sometimes our past, if looked at through the eyes of forgiveness and wonder, can lead to a life of saving others who will be more fortunate than I or Greg Luganis or some child gone astray to join ISIS.

It is true that when someone sits in front of me telling me his story to be relieved of the pain of the past with the help of hypnotherapy, I’m taken with compassion, first. Then, I’m led to “what healed me from that same kind of torment.” Had I not gone to the pits of hell to see for myself then had the tenacity to heal  and seek the help of other healers to help with my regeneration, I know with certainty that my efficacy as a healer through life coaching and hypnosis would be lessened by myriads.

What does this tell me about a harsh past? It tells me that humans are very strong, especially children. We learn to protect ourselves from the worst of evils only to tell our stories with power and truth at the end—SOMETIMES. We are warriors and will remain among the living to stand guard around others, night watchers as it were, for those less fortunate than the children with loving parents and teachers—SOMETIMES.

I had two clients, brothers, who both studied voice with me. (Yes, I taught vocal lessons and piano for many years as I was growing my hypnotherapy business.) One boy was obsessed with being perfect at everything, even though he had no intention of being a great singer. The other brother was kind, had a soft demeanor and talked of nothing but video games. He could barely focus during his lessons because all he thought about was how many hours he would have playing Pacman or Pacwoman—whatever new game was out at the time.

Of the two brothers, my heart went out to the younger one who couldn’t focus. Though he was clearly needing attention and also the counsel of a professional, his parents couldn’t and wouldn’t see anything wrong with the younger child’s behavior. He studied with me for two years and could barely sing one song, while his brother went on to get the leads in all of the high school musicals, even though a jock. But, had this child not had me to talk to about his misunderstood ways, I wonder what would have become of him.

I still look back at a world that rewards success with a gold medal gain and continues to see mental illness as lack, instead of a disease. Perhaps, this is why so many mentally ill children strike out and kill as they grow older. Few try to listen to the sick part of them and reach into the depth of their pain to help. The children stand in the black abyss of pain for what seems to be forever, leaving the only way out sometimes as death. I would imagine this is also why ISIS can recruit these types of people. So, what can we do? What must always be our battle cry!

  1. We must be diligent to speak up when see something wrong.
  2. We must always be willing to take an extra moment to talk to someone who is trying desperately to reach us mentally.
  3. We must be prayerful and vigilant to always bring light to these individuals, as you may be the only person who can save the world from another grief-stricken individual who kills to get attention!



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Paralyzing Fear: Healing Your Thoughts #spiritualpsychology #Anxiety #fear #ScienceofMind #SpiritualLiving

Anything held in Mind, produces in kind. So, when you seek to heal the body, your finances, your outlook on life, and your precious relationships, seek first to heal your thoughts. Healing your thoughts is not as daunting as it may sound. But, we must start somewhere, because the rate of mental illness is rising in America to a severe high.

One out of every Four Americans suffers from some sort of mental disease. That’s 19% or 60.2 Million people just in America that suffer from mental illness. (NAOMI, National Alliance of Mental Illness) How many people of that percentage are considered treatable? Almost all of them.

However, many, especially a large percentage in the range of 14-24 year olds and certain ethnic groups such as African-Americans and Spanish Americans go untreated for years after diagnosis. When you consider the ramifications of no treatment for mental health, you are looking at $193 billion in lost earning per year as a result of this figure.

But, you may say, these are diseases and cannot be treated by spirituality or positive thought. You may be right about some of that, but we can all stand to change our minds about fear in general. Let us continue to take our medication, but also fortify our minds with healthier thinking.

Our fear triggers in the amygdala of the brain are not equipped to handle the amount of tragedy and loss that the world experiences now, compared to 1970, when parents let their children run free in the woods for hours without constant attention. Now, you barely let your children out of the front door, because of so much fear. We are paralyzed as a society because of terrorism and random killings everywhere.

If we do not take the time to equalize this problem in our precious minds—with meditation and spiritual mind treatment—we will indeed, continue to lose many viable, loving people to debilitating anxiety, as suicide is now the 10th cause of death in the US.

I can say that I was one of those people suffering from a debilitating mental illness, and had been undiagnosed since I was a teenager. I have chronic depression, coupled with Sensory Defensiveness, which is a form of adult autism creating severe sensitivity to everything from light to noise to smell. I believe that if I were to get off of my antidepressant (which slows down my neural triggers to a normal pace) I would probably fall back into depression immediately, because to a diseased brain, the world simply feels too scary to move.

But medication is not enough for me to stay positive and viable in this fearful world. I have to stabilize my mind with positive thoughts and a belief in something greater than I to keep from spending the day in bed and afraid of life. Trust me on this. I know what mental illness feels like. I have many clients who know what mental disease feels like. But, together, we can lift up each other and hold each other accountable for doing what we need to do for ourselves to keep life balanced and the fear at a minimum.

Here’s what I do:

  • Diligently take my medication—it’s a small price to pay for sanity.
  • Meditate every morning on a specific healthy thought;
  • Read something spiritually or psychologically positive every day; and
  • Encourage others to do the same.

Together, we can rise to place in Mind that we all share. In this place, there is peace and joy and compassion. But, if you cannot find this place for yourself, each day, how can you embrace love and expect good from life? It is virtually impossible to stay positive all of the time with so much negativity around us. So, we must, must, must spend time counterbalancing this negativity with our spiritual truth.


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Depression: The Silent Killer #depression #antidepressants #mentalillness

In the 90’s I had been in a committed, live-in relationship for seven years. I had discovered my partner was cheating, needed to leave him and our home together, wanted to leave him but was too comfortable, and felt paralyzed inside. Finally, I got the nerve to get my own apartment and venture out on my own. In the days that followed, I went to the doctor’s office for a yearly physical. The nurse practitioner asked me a few probing questions: “How are you feeling physically? Have you been through any situation where you have felt hurt or abused by another individual? Have you lost or gained weight without understanding why?”

In answering these questions, I broke down in tears in the office. I was still very saddened by the entire experience of the divorce. In the early 90s, antidepressants weren’t as common as they are now. The practitioner suggested I go on Zoloft and see if I feel better in a couple weeks. I had told him that I had been feeling down for almost two years, which concerned him. This news would concern me, as well, as a Life Coach. So, I did as he told me and took the medication. As the days unfolded, Zoloft made my stomach hurt. So, the practitioner tried another medication, Effexor, which didn’t seem to affect my digestion as much.

In three weeks, almost to the day, I felt as if I had crawled out of a very dark cave I had been living in—not just for two years—but my entire life. I saw trees and birds and nature as if I’d never ever recognized they existed around me 24-7. My entire life had been filled with abusive situations since I was young. Apparently, I moved into the inner recess of my mind to live for the rest of the hours of the day when my complete attention wasn’t needed.

I can remember people saying, “Isn’t that beautiful?” I would look at a flower or nature scene and simply wonder, what is beautiful? And, then, I would retreat back to my mind where everything was fantasy, and I could decide my fate with complete accuracy. I have been thankful to that psychiatric nurse practitioner who diagnosed my depression for my entire life, because I was, indeed, very depressed. I had gone undiagnosed for twenty years. I know for certain that many times in that twenty years I had suicidal ideations. Who knows if I would even be here to write about it, had I not been diagnosed.

Undiagnosed depression can cause many problems in the world. When you look at some of the world’s most terrible disasters, such as a student going on a shooting rampage at school and killing teachers and other students, we are simply looking at undiagnosed psychological disorders. So, who is responsible for these children and adults who can’t see for themselves that they have a problem? I remember discussing with a very good friend the need for him to get on an antidepressant. He was exhibiting all the signs that one sees in a depressed person: sleeping too much, gaining or losing weight, despondency, big highs and big lows, a great deal of illness, and a glazed over look in his eyes. He jumped down my throat and became angry with me. He thought that I was saying he was crazy. After I told him that I took an antidepressant, he still was angry. I explained about the need for serotonin in the brain to feel happy, but I really didn’t understand the dynamics of the brain then, so my explanation fell on deaf ears. Now, I was saying he was not only crazy but sick as well? I’m not sure. But, I don’t believe he ever got on any medication or went to the psychiatrist as I recommended. He stayed on a mental rolling coaster, until I quietly exited his life. This kind of exodus happens a great deal in depressed people’s lives, which only makes the problem worse.

Depression is all around us. We must take action and try to lead depressed people to help. All of the indicators of depression can easily be found on the Internet where anyone can see the contributing factors and even the medications that one can receive to help. We are in an age where these undiagnosed students should be found and helped before they reach the level of crying out for help by shooting people. No reason in the world exists for seven teachers a day to see a despondent child and not find a way to recommend to a parent, or someone in charge, that this student should get checked by a physician.

Helping yourself define your mental stability is all part of Finding Authentic You. Listen, I really need your help to buy my new book (below) and share it with friends. No project in this world launches without a community of people who value its importance. This is why I have made it $2.99 for the download version.

For much more information about finding out about the psychology of the human mind and being your authentic self, self-love, and self-esteem, check out my new book below. “Finding Authentic You” will answer many of the questions I propose above. The book also has many discoveries about health, both mental and physical, as well as spiritual discoveries to lead you to your highest and best! Thanks for being a part of my tribe and helping me make this book be a Bestseller.

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