I haven’t been as touched by an acceptance speech since Tom Hanks accepting his for lead actor win in the movie “Philadelphia.”

She needs one to recognize her, because she is held in such high esteem by so many of her peers and certainly her fans. Oprah’s speech was flawless at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. Every word was meticulously parsed and edited to woo you, move you to action, and to cut away the dross

Oprah or Michelle Obama have been my picks for the next president long before Sunday evening though. Who in the world is loved more than Oprah? Well, maybe Michelle Obama, who actually would be an even better choice. Not many people think so highly of either. Neither seems to have any demons in their closets. Interestingly, they are also friends, which means maybe they could be President and VP. Can you imagine two African American women in the White House?

Personally, I would love the change from “Ruled by Big Money” to “Influenced by Compassion and Reason.”

This would change the world. 

Even if you think, what does Oprah know about governing? We certainly could say the same about #45. However, one has her head firmly fastened to her body and is intelligent. Oprah would be smart enough to have people all around her who would advise her, such as her good friend Barrack Obama, whom everyone still loves. In fact, they love President Obama even more now since #45 governs this country. (Did I actually use the word govern?)

If you want to start a rally in the media and start a talk about real change, let’s actually see an archetype of this type in the Oval who could handle the press, sit down and meditate with world leaders, and pay her taxes!

Oprah for President! or Michelle Obama…


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