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My Second Slap in the Face #sensorydefensiveness #migraines #spiritualadvice #perfume #cologne

Thirty years ago, a woman had been chasing me for about a month. She was a coworker and an associate where I worked, so it was hard not to interface with her daily. Eventually, she invited herself to my home for dinner. She brought a bottle of wine. When she got too drunk to drive, she asked if she could spend the night. After I tucked her into the guest bedroom, I went to my own room to sleep. Just as I closed my eyes, I heard a gentle knock on my door. Before I could get my clothes on, she invited herself into my room. She wore practically nothing, sat on top of me, and began to massage my neck and head. When I had to push her away. She slapped my face. She left the room and my house, obviously not too drunk, after all.

I share this story, because it is easy to know when you physically slap someone in the face, but far harder to know when you do so without any physical contact. I would say that almost once a week now someone, without physical contact, slaps me in the face. How is this so?

For a long time, the ability to wear cologne as a man or a woman was a right of passage into adulthood. I remember my first bottle of Brut. It stunk like hell, but I did not know that. I loved wearing it, everyday. I did not care who else had to smell the cheap fragrance. It was mine to wear. Or was it?

What people who wear cologne and perfume in large volumes do not realize is how much it affects those around them. It is as potent as cigarette smoke to a lot of people who are sensitive to smell and get migraines from being around people wearing large amounts of inorganic fragrance.

If any of those people ever had to suffer even four hours of a migraine, let alone a 3-day migraine, huddled up in dark bedroom, with ice packs on his or her head, just praying that the medicine he or she took would kick in long enough to sleep, they would consider just how much of an outright slap in the face cologne can be. These kinds of migraines are the result of me spending just 15 minutes in the car with someone who has just sprayed cologne before getting into my car.

For one month, around the Christmas holidays, when work was slow, I decided to see what it was like to become an Uber Driver. What I did not realize is that the only hinderance that would prevent me from enjoying the many lovely people I would meet was the inexhaustible amount of cologne and fragrance I would have to endure. I even kept a surgical facemask in the car, but my eyes would swell up, so it did little good.

The reason why some women and men wear so much cologne came from a friend who sang in a choir with me. She had to stand next to me on opening night, drenched in cologne. Since I had to sing, I had no choice but to confront the situation; otherwise, my throat would have closed up and a migraine would have soon followed in the middle of the show. I needed to move to another place. She told me, “We women have to spray enough cologne on to last for the entire night. It will wear off, otherwise. Don’t worry!”

Too late! I had a migraine for two days after that show.

I have to speak up and share. If you look at the content of your cologne or perfume and no organic oils are a part of the smell, you probably wear a toxic chemical that is going to give someone a very uncomfortable headache, if you have to stand next to, drive with, or sit with that person during the day.

If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, think of this as a metaphor for the amount of impact your own physical smell with cologne or perfume affects those around you. No matter the expense of the cologne, toxic is simple toxic.


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Migraines Are Costly #trigeminalneuralgia #migraines #headaches #sensory defensiveness

I got my first migraine about ten years ago. Before that, I had only had one headache, so I didn’t even know it was a migraine. I’m not sure what brought the first one on, but as the years went by, I kept getting them more frequently and more intensely. Eventually, a physician moved into an apartment I was renting, and brought me very expensive samples of a medication called Maxalt that would get rid of the pain in minutes. When he moved out, I tried getting my personal physician to prescribe the medication. He did with no problem. But the meds were 45 dollars a pill. I asked him to prescribe a generic medication. Those were barely effective and were 23 dollars a pill. Migraines are costly. Most of the time, I would opt to bite the bullet, get in a dark room, put ice and compression on my head and face for a couple of hours, which relieved the simplest headaches. The harsher ones would last for two to three days. I can say without a doubt that, though my life was great in all other ways, the migraines leached much joy and happiness from my life.

Years ago, I used to trade for a lot of services. I put an advertisement on Craigslist to trade voice lessons for yard work. I got a call from a guitarist who wanted to learn to sing better in exchange to cut my grass weekly. We became buddies. I shared with him about my headaches. I told him that hypnosis was helping. He explained that his wife had a disease called TN, which stands for Trigeminal Neuralgia. It is estimated that 1 in 15,000 people in the US suffer from TN. This disease stems from impeding the blood flow to the trigeminal nerve, which covers the face and goes into the neck and top of the head, behind the eyes and into the cheek bones. Sometimes, this nerve can be literally choked by a blood vessel in the face. This kind of TN actually can be cured. But the result is still phantom fear of the exhausting pain of this disease, which, in most cases, goes above and beyond the pain scale of 1-10 for most diagnosed patients.

I thought maybe I was one of those unlucky 15,000 as my migraines were happening at a rate of 3-4 in a week. I went to a neurologist. My diagnosis was simply that I was a migraneur, one who gets migraines frequently. The neurologist’s decided to try treating me with betablockers, which made me feel like I was having a heart attack. After the doctor told me to deal with the symptoms of my heart racing for two weeks, I decided he had no clue that I felt like I was going to crawl right out of my body. I took myself off of the medicine and began to research the problem myself.

Jesus says in the Christian bible “Physician, heal thy self!” I have a feeling that the Christ spoke directly to me. I prayed incessantly for direction and help. What possibly could be causing someone who practices yoga daily, eats perfectly healthy food, and has never been more than 10 lbs. overweight my entire life. What the hell could I be doing that is causing these problems?

I go back to my grass-cutting friend’s wife who had TN. She actually had an operation to relieve the symptoms of her pain, but was left with an issue called Sensory Defensiveness. You can search my blog at www.findingauthenticyou.com for much more information about Sensory Defensiveness, because I’ve covered it many times. I discovered that this is the disease that I had.

I worked at a psychiatric hospital then as a clinical hypnotherapist. During one of the staff meetings, I asked if any of the psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists knew what this disease was. Not one knew. The owner of the practice told me to speak to a neurologist. I think she thought I was making up the disease to appease my own thoughts about my migraines. Almost every diagnosis in a psychiatric environment tends to be looked as imaginary or stemming from some kind of childhood pain.

After my intense research, I recognized that my neural pathways in my brain were simply firing too quickly. I also realized that any common stimuli was becoming simply too strong for my body. My brain would try to fight off perfumes, which made my stomach sick; the smell of cigarette smoke, which made me lose my voice; bright lights, which gave me a headache; sitting in front of the computer for more than an hour, which made my neck ache. Even simple touch sometimes would be too harsh. I also noticed that when the weather became overcast, I was, also, way more prone to getting a headache. All of these stimuli, if continued, eventually would cause my body to shut down with a migraine. So, the only thing I could do was try to prevent the obvious problems that caused the migraines, not including weather, of course. Added to that, I also noticed that becoming gluten free helped relieve a great deal of my joint pain and took away toxicity from my body, leaving me with a lot less migraine triggers.

Today, I don’t live migraine free, but I have had fewer and fewer migraines every year, do to understanding the simple truth of sensory defensiveness. You can help your problem with headaches, too, by simplifying your life, going gluten free, wearing sunglasses, wearing ankle weights (which disturb the neural pathways triggering headaches), brushing your body with a baby brush when symptoms begin, and rocking your body or your legs when you sit.


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Another Migraine, Another Show

Another Migraine, Another Show

I went to a neurologist once for recurring terrible headaches. He said to me, “My man, you are a migraineur!” which meant I was one of the lucky people who would get migraines probably the rest of my life. Actually, unlucky me.

If you are one of those people or know someone who gets migraines or bad headache, read on. I want to tell you my story and hopefully you or a friend won’t have to suffer as I did.

My migraines began when I lived in an old English Tudor in Belmont that just so happened to have an exit vent blocked by cement (the vent that lets go of the toxic fumes from your furnace). I worked from home, so my partner wasn’t showing signs of sickness, but I was. So, we didn’t get it that the problem might be the house until right atop the fireplace some strange yellow goo started seeping from the wall.

Once it was investigated, we realized that I had been exposed to carbon monoxide fumes in small amounts almost constantly for 2 years. During that time, I had debilitating bouts of fatigue and headaches. I would say it took about another year for me to recover from the fatigue, but the headaches remained.

At first, like most people, you assume that you should use over-the-counter medication and rest. I did this and most times the headaches went away. But as the years went by and as I got older, the headaches got more intense.

About six years ago, the headaches turned into migraines. Let’s define what a migraine is. The dictionary defines migraine as a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. That is in short a small version of the headache. Mostly, migraines are so debilitating that I know I had to get into a dark room and put ice on my head and get completely quiet as I took the strongest pain medication I could find. Often that was something like Percocet or Hydrocodone.

Finally, and I’m not sure why it took me so long to go to the doctors to get it treated, but I rented out my apartment to a doctor for a year and he treated my migraines with actual migraine medication. Some of these are:

This version of migraine medications are Triptans that target serotonin receptors. These drugs cause constriction of blood vessels and bring about a general interruption in the chain of chemical events that lead to a migraine. They don’t stop other migraines, but they will help the pain of one that has already occurred.

Let me say this about these medications. They are miraculous, but they will break your bank account. Some are 15 dollars a pill. So, if you are getting a great deal of migraines, you won’t be getting a great deal at the pharmacy. The way to go is to find preventative or prophylactic medication instead, which are also expensive, but not nearly as expensive as these meds.

There are other versions of drugs used to help prevent migraines. These are:


            Calcium channel blockers:

            Tricyclic antidepressants:

            Other antidepressants:

            Antiseizure medications:


When I began to experience 3-4 migraines a week, I went to the neurologist. He prescribed a beta-blocker. This made my heart feel like it was going to come out of my chest. I couldn’t stay on the drug, no matter if it was going to help my headaches or not. Though this kind of drug did not help me, it has helped many people with migraines.

The next drug I tried was an antiseizure medication, which was Topamax or the generic Topiramate. This medication is a prophylactic med, which means that you take it every day no matter if you get a migraine or not. The cost is $32 a month if you take 2 tablets a day or $16 a month if you take one tablet. You do the math. For many months, I took 2 tablets, but I am down to 1 tablet now.

Topamax was the first medication that really helped. I believe in one year of taking it, I only got 2 migraines. I felt as if the med had given me my life back. And for that, I will be ever thankful for the doctor at Vanderbilt who prescribed it.

I have also taken Amitriptyline, but not for migraines. There is a group ofgastroenterologists who believe that this drug in very small doses helps IBS and digestive problems that occur from the body digesting food too quickly. In other words, Amitriptyline in small dosages (25mg a day) can greatly help IBS patients not get diarreah. I have shared this with many clients who have had great results.

The last thing I want to add  that really helped me was a book called: “Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are Sensory Defensive in an Overstimulating World” by Sharon Heller.  This book describes an illness called Sensory Defensiveness, which means there are people who can be over stimulated by sound, light, taste, people, and touch. These people are generally migraineurs. Heller takes you through ways to overcome over stimulation.

I truly hope this information helps someone. If you know a person who suffers with any of the above illnesses, please share the information.

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