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Some scientists think that the moon originally was a huge chunk of the earth, which after it had broken off remained in orbit around the earth. We know with certainty that the light we see on the moon is not of its own volition, but simply a reflection of the sun.

In early historical accounts, earth’s indigenous people called the sun, father, and called the moon, mother. Later, these beliefs were integral in establishing interpersonal relationships such as marriage. Even today, much of the indigenous Indian cultures in America still respect the moon and its power. In fact, most tribes celebrate the powerful menstrual cycle of a woman. The word menses is derived from the monthly cycle of the moon.

Science indicates that the power of the moon on the earth may sometimes be up to two and half times more than the sun, especially concerning the ocean, the earth surface, the fiery inner core of the earth, and the air around the earth. What science denies, however, is that the moon affects the human body, which seems almost lunacy when you consider the power the moon has over the larger masses of the earth.

In the early nineteenth century, lunacy from the full moon was actually considered a court defense in England. More babies are born just after the full moon. The phases of the moon affect the cycle of growing things, the movement of animals, the migration of birds, and the breeding season of everything from deer to coral.

So, why then, are we not looking at how the moon affects our own bodies? A clear association of suicide, mental illness, epileptic seizures, violent crimes, and accidents exists within the period of the Full Moon. Why would this be so, if the moon were not somehow affecting the blood flow and pressure in our bodies?

Everything on earth and in the celestial skies holds a divine metaphor. Why not look at this metaphor of the moon to see what it may hold for your spiritual growth.

Humans may be more like the moon than they are like the earth, because we reflect the light of the sun. We are a piece of the earth, as we dwell in a human body, but travel around it (spiritually) to nurture it, to affect its outcome, and, ultimately, will even disappear (according to science) before the sun does.

If you have not as yet taken into account any of these ideas—as it is full moon time, the metaphor of the moon may be a great place to start a meditation. Perhaps, take a moment to gaze up at that full moon one evening and see your self in the smile it seems to reflect from the loving rays of the sun.


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My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

My Grass Is Burning: the Metaphor of Nature

At this time of year the sun gets so hot that the grass stops growing and the rain stops raining. For that reason, the grass looks brown and dead.

I always look for the metaphor that nature and life is trying to tell me. Could it be that there is a speed up going on in Spirit that we are needing to know about? Usually, this heat spell happens in August, but this year it is happening in late June. I’m wondering what August will look like.

Are we going to experience great, lush wonder, then a severe drought? Is God trying to tell us to save from the plenty so that we’ll have some to spare for the drought?

In times when there were no books and mass media, people counted on things like prophets and signs and wonders to help them with understanding what to do. Have we become blinded to these things as times have changed?

Recently Venus passed by the sun. Many spiritual people felt that was a special sign of change. As a Life Coach, I can tell you that many people were going through some heavy changes during that time. More deaths and sickness and relationship problems than I usually see in 2 weeks happened. And I saw many more tears than I normally see, as well. But most people wouldn’t notice.

We don’t consider things like full moons any more or bio energetics. If a full moon can make a tide raise to great heights, and we are made primarily of water, what is the moon doing to our body during the full moon? Is it any wonder there are times you want to howl?

I’m just saying here, that if you are low some days and don’t know why, it could be seasonal. It could be because some planet is passing the sun. It could be because of the moon. It could be because it’s about to rain. We are becoming more and more sensitive to these things as we grow spiritually, and it is highly likely that our bodies are evolving too.

I’d love to hear your experiences today with how nature speaks to your body. For me, every time it’s going to rain, I get a head ache.


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