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We do not need a day like Mother’s Day to celebrate the women in our lives who have exceeded all human expectation and have dedicated their lives to greatness. These women heroes (sheroes) are, in my estimation, worthy of today’s shout-out.

We’ve been hearing a lot of discussion lately about the need for more women in the hierarchy of everything, including government. Women bring to the work place, to the table, more balance than we have seen with our male counterparts. Why? Because they have had to watch while the men have screwed up with anger and tried to fight for a world that is for You OR I—not You AND I.

The Divine Feminine, not just women, but the spiritual aspect of women, needs to rise in all of us for the country and the world to survive. Compassion and love and balance all would be a great start for any politician to create the foundation for a candidacy that would ultimately bring back balance to the world.

The truth be told, we all have the capacity to invite the divine feminine into our lives and into our demeanor—men or women. You do not have to wear a purse or lipstick to be divinely feminine. You, do, however have to have heart and compassion to envelope the divine feminine. These characteristics allow balance in every human being. When we are more like the original human creation Half-Eve/Half-Adam, we all stand to gain in the end.

By not allowing for peace, spreading positive energy, and unity to be the primary purposes of our lives, we simply lose in the end. We lose all of what makes this world and our country great.

I don’t know about you, but I have had enough of the petty battling of immature men who do not understand the meaning of compassion, love, or peace. They believe in the narcissistic idea that power and money can make something great. We have already built castles to the sky, but none of them can take us to a peaceful heart, which ultimately will honor everyone’s needs.

Let’s start from changing our minds and inviting the power of sheroes to help form and shape the world for a while. Let’s see where this journey takes us.


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My Mother, My Friend #mothersday #tributetomom

When I was seven years old, my mother sent me to the candy store. The summer before fourth grade, I came home from the store to a vacant house, my mother’s empty closet, and no mother for six long years. In the days following her departure, I had to face a father who discovered she had been having an affair with his best friend for eight years, who also had six kids. My angry and alcoholic father made life miserable for his six children and for anyone who didn’t hate his ex-best friend.

Needless to say, he turned all of us against my mother. Her plan to leave my father and then regain custody fell by the wayside. We were hard fisted into hanging up on my mother, if she called and, if she visited, he demanded that we slam the door in her face and call her a whore. The word mother takes on a different definition when you have no logical or rightful information to describe who should have been beside you in those formative years.

After my father became too abusive, all of the children had grown to teenagers. Each one of us, in our time, went back to visiting our mother on the lowdown. Eventually, when my father beat up my sister and me for spending 35 cents on a purple slush, I moved in with my mom. Getting to know her after six long years without her was difficult, to say the least. She lived in a one-bedroom apartment above my grandmother, so she and I slept in the same bed. You can imagine how uncomfortable that felt, until we had enough money for an apartment together. Of course, that meant taking my father to court to get alimony, which practically killed any chance of ever having a healthy relationship with him—ever.

My mother’s life was not as I expected. Eventually, she would gather most of the children with her, and I would become a son who barely saw her, hold her, and communicated with her, until I soon went off to college and she moved 800 miles away to Tucson, as I stayed back in Pittsburgh at Carnegie-Mellon. Another 20 years past, before we ever spent more than a week together. Suddenly, after the family scattering to all sides of the U.S., my mom and two sisters decided to make a huge change and move to Nashville to be near me.

In that move, I began to befriend my mother and learn about her—all the hard facts about why she left us, how she ached inside, and how much she cared about me, as she nurtured me through some very hard times in my life. So, when she asked if she could move into the attached apartment on my house 6 years ago, I said yes, even though I knew this would mean truly growing through some of my worst fears of abandonment and letting the most difficult challenges of my past surface, so that they would heal.

My mother went to therapy with me and discussed all of the most difficult issues of my life with me. She learned to love my life and my friends, when being gay wasn’t something in her purview. Now, she says she loves gay being better than straight people, which makes me laugh. During the time of my mother living with me, I’d have to say that something in my soul healed that could have never had a chance to see the light of day had I not said yes to the opportunity of a lifetime. God offered me the chance to remake and reshape one of the most important relationships in my life.

So, I thank you, God, and I thank you, Mom, for being there to help me find my authentic soul and gather the broken pieces of the past to find a whole, healthy human being ready for a steadfast future of much more love than I could ever imagine.

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Who’s Your Momma?

Who’s Your Mamma?

Today is the day we celebrate mothers or the people in our lives who have been surrogate mothers. Let’s hear it for a compassionate heart, the loving like no other special love could, the healing with a tender hand, the telling us like it is, and the giving us human life!

There is nothing like a mother, especially when she lives up to the role.

I’m blessed to have a mother who, though she left six children because of a painful divorce, has found her way back to my life and has recreated motherhood and healed all the tender places my life had been broken because of her departure.

It is never too late to be who you are intended to be. That’s the lesson I have learned from my mother. She has told me that her intention when she left, was to leave my father and find a place for us. She was going to get all her children back.

But my father found a way to stop her and scared the beJesus out of all of us children. He told us we couldn’t see her or talk to her. I remember thinking I would be put in jail if I talked with her. So, I didn’t see my mother for 6 of my formative years, until she found a way (God found a way) to get Mom back into our lives.

Soon after we moved back in with her, I moved to college, she moved to Arizona and I spent most of my adulthood not knowing my mother. But, again, God found a way to heal a much needed feeling of abandonment when my sister Cheryl moved to Arizona and my mother asked me if she could move into my apartment attached to my house.

During the last 4 years I have found the mother I lost when I was a child, and she has rediscovered the son she had to leave because of a painful marriage. Everyone who meets my mother now calls her Mom. She is cool. She is loving. She if funny. She is mostly the one who accepts everyone I bring into our lives as her child.

She is Mother.


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