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“I’m fifty years old going on sixteen: What am I going to do with my life? I’m bored to death of everything I am, the way I look, my friends, my job, and more than anything of experiencing the same feelings of emptiness that surge through my body every day of my boring life!”
Does this sound familiar?

Every once in a while, I have about three days in a row, sometimes, even a week or two will go by with this feeling of complacency. I can’t get motivated to do anything, yet I surge forward with the day-to-day mundanity of it all.

I have a friend I call when I reach a tipping point like this. He always seems to be in the same place as I. We encourage each other. It’s nice to know someone else feels as I do, sometimes. Yesterday, I heard Mercury was in retrograde! What the hell? Is it always in retrograde? Why is it making me feel like I’m a piece of crap? Why should Mercury, or the moon, or a cloudy day have anything to do with my feelings?

I Googled the term Mercury in Retrogade for any scientific proof that such an occurrence actually could make a difference to anyone’s attitude. In the science world, of course, no one believes Mercury’s retrograde has anything to do with psychology. Of course, I’m not sure that scientist believe the psychology is pertinent.

In the spiritual world, almost everyone believes that the moon, the atmosphere, cloudy days, and, of course, Mercury in Retrograde make a difference in their day-to-day feelings and anxiety. For me, I’m in the middle. It appears that when I’m having a bad week, a really bad one, someone will say, “Don’t fret! Mercury is just in retrograde. We’ll be out of it soon.” Alas, having a concrete reason for my insanity does make me feel better. Sometimes, I acquiesce to the idea, then. It makes sense when I’m in the moment.

I used to hear a great deal in the spiritual community about biorhythms, as well. New age thinking tends to rush to the next, new spiritual encounter. I guess, that’s why I like the term New Thought, instead of New Age. There is a difference, you know.

New Thought religions such as Unity and Centers of Spiritual Living have tried to separate themselves from the term New Age, because of the many “woo woo” thought that emerge off the beaten path of traditional spirituality, even religions like new thought that are already slightly off the path. For me, I just listen and take it all in, using what works for me and throwing away the dross.

So, what to do with this boredom? Is it possible to sit in it and feel it? Is it possible for you to ask the boredom why it has come to visit you and if it has a purpose? Is there something you’re missing in the path you have currently chosen? How will you get out of life’s way to learn this lesson?

I’m inclined to believe, I might just be on a thinking hiatus. For the next few days, or until I feel more motivated, I am going to float on a raft in the swimming pool and enjoy the Florida sun. Quite possibly, I’ll make a totem pole out of soup cans. How about you?

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What I Left Out

What I Left Out

By the time I finished running the race, I figured I’d better take a long break, drink lots of water and just plumb cool out. I had been training for months, 6 days on, 1 day off. Life will be odd without the hectic rush and push of trying to get everything done to get the training packed into my day. Now I feel a piece is missing from my life. I have nothing to work toward. It’s almost as if I have to immediately find something else to gather my steam for, or I’ll melt away into the nothingness that slowly gathers around me.

Does that story sound familiar?

I hear this story often in my sessions. Clients seem to do whatever they can to run away from silence and peace. This happens particularly after something cataclysmic changes their lives in a big way. It seems like everything that could heal a person (God, Spirit, silence, meditation, peace) is exactly what they run away from.

I have a friend I spoke with recently who told me that she is an empty-nester. She likes to fill her life up with lots of activities. Especially since she just broke up with her boyfriend of 1 1/2 years. Now what is there to come home to but silence?

Trust me, within that silence there is a world of wisdom, power and truth that Spirit wishes to tether you to. If you don’t engage spirit in meditation and silence, you simply won’t move forward in life and in relationship. In the silence there is peace. In the silence there is unspoken joy. In the silence Spirit it removes us from the past and prepares us for our next perfect stage in life.

Bite down hard and resist all desire to fight what is needed in your life. From this silence comes a new birth.


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Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings

Feelings… Nothing More than Feelings.

When I think of the cheesiest song you can imagine, I often think of “Feelings.” But when I actually break down the words and look at them spiritually, I think the writer may have had a good point.

In matters of love and work and anger and even joy, how long does one really hold on to his/her feelings. AND… the big AND is that these ephemeral, fleeting feelings usually take you to a place of deep healing and retrospect you needed to get to in your next step on your path toward wherever you’re going toward in life and spiritually. I know they have in my world.

Granted all feelings are different. Some are skin deep, some go down to the depths of your being and stick in your crawl for a long time until you deal with them in counseling or with a forgiveness coach. But either way, the feelings change. They morf into something different daily. This shows us that they are moving, changing things.

I like a story my pastor told yesterday about a nonbelieving brain surgeon.  He was asked about believing in spirituality. The brain surgeon  said, “When I operate on a brain, I don’t see spirit.”

The wise man answered, “When you operate on a brain, do you see a thought? Surely you believe thoughts exist.”

I guess seeing a thought would be the same as seeing a feeling. Who doesn’t believe a feeling exists? Yet, there is no evidence of one in matter or form.  They change and effect matter as something tangible.

When you have a feeling, the best thing to do is to sit with it. Figure out where its coming from. Is it an old feeling that has come up from a trigger that happened recently. Or are you sitting on a feeling that happened from an action someone did or an action that happened recently? When you discover what kind of feeling you have, the next thing to do is to take it to God or Spirit.

Let’s face it. We are hopelessly deficient in changing our minds and feelings. We can talk ourselves out of most things, but they have a way of staying somewhere in our subconscious mind and in our body. God, however, has a way of working spiritual, healing powers in your life to move you forward through your pain and into liberation, if you are willing to feel what is there and work through it.

If someone leaves your life, trust me, you are not just feeling the departure of that person. You are feeling every abandonment issue from your entire life. So, it would be best to take the time to work through it now, before it bites you in the ass again.

I’m telling you this as a person who has spent 51 years looking at my pretty broken life and wondering if I could ever be whole. I took every opportunity to look deeply into my past and fit the pieces together, no matter how hard it was. One day I woke up and I realized I was on the way to normal.

You can do it too. One step at a time. One feeling at a time. With God’s help, and maybe the help of a someone who understands the process…


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