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The Mechanical to the Volitional (What does this mean spiritually?)

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

“Love rules through Law.” The mechanics of how you use your personal mind to discover new ideas and make them your own happens from the Mechanical (meaning; without the use of your mind) then to the Volitional (meaning: using your mind).

Let us take, for instance, the Law of Vacuum Technology. Where there is a vacuum, for instance, a bag of coffee that has had the air removed, you initially perceive the internal contents of that bag to be hard, like a piece of wood. You can take this bag of coffee and tap it on the countertop. It sounds as if you are using a mallet. Then, simply open the top of the bag of coffee and introduce AIR to the contents, and what do you get? A bag of soft coffee. Tap that soft bag of coffee on the counter, and you will have a completely different sound. But, is this not the same bag of coffee?

So, a law existed here about Vacuum Technology that you may or may not have ever seen before. In the bag of coffee, before it was opened, it had been vacuumed sealed. All of the air or space had been removed, causing the contents to be denser and APPEAR to be smaller in size; when, in fact, the coffee remained the same.

When you opened the seal of the coffee bag, air automatically entered the internal space of the bag and increased the volume of the matter inside—the coffee. If you did not know what vacuum sealed was, this seemingly solid bag of coffee turning soft within moments would be like a miracle or a trick of some sort.

Your human mind perceived space expanding, first. Then, through intrigue and the desire to comprehend the law of vacuum technology, you volitionally used your mind to make this law your own. The same concept happens with Spiritual Law.

You do not need to know the intricacies of the law of Volumetric Flow or Gas Density to see the change in the coffee. However, should you decide to understand this process and use it for yourself, you may need to begin to study Kinetic Gas Theory to help you understand the process more fully. This would help you use this concept for your own benefit.

The space between discovery and using Law is where most people STOP in their spiritual growth.

Once you discover anything new or different in the world, you can then use your will, or volition, to invite your mind to comprehend it. Of course, many levels of comprehension exist. You do not have to be a doctor of medicine to know how an antibiotic works. However, you may have to be a doctor of medicine to know what kind of antibiotic to prescribe for which disease.

With your brain and mind, you can observe and then comprehend anything new and unusual in the world. But, specifically, in terms of spiritual concepts or Laws in the universe, you must FIRST notice them—see them—experience them—to realize that they, indeed, have existence. Then, once you determine their reality, you can invite your volitional process to begin the internal search of how this Law works on your own behalf.

This is how your own mind takes and perceives a Universal Law and then uses the Truth found in the Law for your own personal use.

Once you realize you have to understand something clearly to use it, you often make the choice to let others who have dedicated their lives to studying the law do your work for you.

Alas, we use practitioners to pray for us, ministers to teach us, and doctors of spirituality to share the deeper meanings of truth. But, when you let go of your own mind and use the minds of others to pray and, more importantly, to understand and embrace Spiritual Law, you miss out on the very important process of Volition. To use a law, you cannot just perceive it, you must begin to understand how it works, as well, to effectively change your life by means of that Law.

Today, let go of the idea that the Law of Spirituality is too difficult to understand. I will make it very simple with examples and easy ways to use these laws in your life. But, you have to make a choice to let this book help you, otherwise, you will finish the book and be in the same place as you were when you began reading it.

Even more important than letting go of the thought that these principles are too difficult, you must deliberately open your mind to understanding something new. Then, it is Spirit’s responsibility to provide and create ways on your human path that you may learn these ideas and connect to them mentally and emotionally.

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This Toaster Is not Working! (The Law of Cosmic Energy)

Yesterday, my mother called out to me from the kitchen. “Bo, the toaster is broken! Could you check it for me? I set the dial to medium dark. I put the gluten-free bread in it. I even pressed the trigger to start the darn thing. Still, it does not work!”

If my mother was doing all that she was supposed to do to get connected to the electricity; if she was using the power source, acting on the concepts that were supposed to make the electrical kitchen appliance work, then something must be wrong with the Power Source, because the Law of Electricity would and should work if all things were connected properly and the energy is flowing from the source. Right?

I went to the main circuit breaker. Indeed, it was working properly, as God’s energy is always flowing to and through us. Next, I went to the connection to the source. Was the toaster actually plugged into the energy? It was not.

So, metaphorically, what does this story teach us?

Many times we say to God and mutter to ourselves, “I am doing everything I am supposed to do to make my dreams come true. But, nothing is happening! What is wrong?”

The entire time, though, we had not been plugged into the energy that creates and manifests our dreams. Our idea (the bread in the toaster) is intact and correct. Our brain (in this metaphor, would be the toaster) is working properly. But the brain is of no use, alone, unless it is plugged into the power—which is God.

So, today’s lesson about your human brain is that it must be connected—or plugged into the energy of God—to work.

So, how do we PLUG IN to Source? The truth is that you have always been, and will always be, plugged into Source. But, flipping that switch in our brain that invites Source to work, like the circuit breaker, is a deliberate move to connect with God.

In your contemplation, today, make sure that those delicate and beautiful dreams and ideas that you have created are connecting to the One Power that can make these dreams manifest!

Do the easy work. Connect with the Source!

Most importantly, let Source begin the miraculous work of manifesting your ideas and thoughts.

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Cause and Effect #causeandeffect

The Law of Mind is up to YOU to learn, because it continually works no matter if you believe in it or not. When you imagine and dream—and allow your thoughts to shape this subjective energy, “these thoughts, plus your conviction about the thought or dream, will bring about your reality!” This is not Karma, but the Law of Cause and Effect.

Look around you and observe your life. Are you living your dream or are you in the hell of your mind that you have been deliberating, replaying, and rehearsing for years? If you are in the hell, then you must take a step forward and learn to shape and mold the UNUSED energy of the universe readily available for you at all times.

If you are a Christian, you believe in what Jesus taught. Jesus was a metaphysician, too. He spoke his word and believed his word with conviction. From His truth, great miracles manifested. We all would hope to, someday, do the work of Jesus. But, as the master teacher, Jesus, says in John 14:12, “and even much greater works shall YOU do!”

So, the question is: How do we take the power that is in our minds and bring it into full fruition in our daily lives? The answer is in the metaphor of a tiny seed planted in the ground. This Law of Cause and Effect is evident in one of Jesus’s teachings.

Your thoughts and dreams are like this small seed. In this metaphor, the ground is the fertile energy of the Subjective Mind. When you plant this seed-thought, you must do something that most of us forget to do when we dream—Intend.

You plant the seed with the intention or the knowledge of one law—the Law of Cause and Effect. This Law says, when you plant a seed in the ground, it grows. But, you must wait, sometimes for days, for maybe even seasons, before that plant grows and turns into a tree that bears fruit.

So, following the Master Teacher’s advice, we must take into account that dreams and intentions take time. We plant the seed. We water and care for the seed as it grows into a plant. But the one thing we DO NOT DO is actually grow that seed into a plant.

That action of growth is up to the Law, or God.

So, we plant the seed; God grows the tree.

Or in metaphysical terms, “We make the intention; Spirit manifests the intention.”

Our one job—should we decide to put this Law to work—is to believe in the Law of Cause and Effect with all of our thoughts.

If your brain slips into disbelief, this is a time that we may use affirmations. When your dream does not appear as if it is growing and manifesting fast enough, you must still continue to believe. Sometimes, speaking affirmative words aloud helps restore faith. Here are a couple of examples of affirmations:

  • “My finances are constantly increasing.”
  • “The more peace I have inside, the more peace I have to share.”
  • “Divine Love holds together all that is meant to stay together.”

Continue with me in this series or go back to the beginning on this blog. You can also go to my books on Amazon, BoSebastian.com, my vegan blog or my YouTube Channel for meditations and further instruction.

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