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Living an Integral Part of the NOW!

For the past three days, I have had to focus all of my attention on one thing: becoming a character in a movie who was nothing like me. He was a machismo, puritanical, Latin father with a 17-year old daughter. Because I’m not allowed to disclose the story line before the movie’s release, I can only say that some days during the shoot I had to create the same scenario over in my mind, speak the same exact lines, 10-15 times, and cry at the exact moment over and over again.

In my normal everyday life, my attention usually is divided into many places during a day. I have many irons in the fire for so many parts of my life. However, on this day, I could do nothing but focus on the moment.

Between scenes, I took a few moments to walk around outside the set, just to experience the Earth-balance, while the technicians set up the lights and sound. But, the time for these quiet moments would be interrupted with: “Bo, you’re needed on set!”

All this to say, that the days flew by. Usually, I eat at 7 am, and then I’m hungry by 11:30 am. It was 1:30-2 pm on the first day of the shoot, before I had the opportunity to eat lunch. I never got hungry before the moment we broke to eat. I didn’t even know that the kitchen was filled with unhealthy snacks the entire time. Grips and ADs kept asking me if I needed anything. The only thing I asked for was water.

I usually have to have 3 or 4 things going on at the same time so that I don’t get bored on normal days. But, within these 3 days, I was completely in the NOW. When I would get home, I would take a quick swim, go in the jacuzzi, then I would sleep like a baby for 9-11 hours, which I never do. The next morning I would wake up rested and ready, never weary.

As I look back at the spiritual lessons that I experienced during this shoot, I see that the angels were sharing with me the importance of focusing all of my Spiritual energy for the moment, especially when I need the divine power of God to be brilliant—when I want my light to shine the brightest. This doesn’t mean to be unauthentic, as nothing in me tried to be anything but real during those 3 days.

I simply was “on-call” for when I was needed; as I believe we are to be for the spiritual forces on this Earth—to help those who are falling backward into negative egotism and narcissistic ways.

At one point during the film, I was to fall back on the floor. This was to be staged to look as if I was falling directly on my back. However, the producer was there to stand behind me so that when I fell back, he would catch me. During the first rehearsal, I misunderstood what I was supposed to do and fell back hard, knowing with certainty that the producer would catch me. He did not!

I fell back on my neck and shoulder and was in immediate pain. Although I was in the moment, I was using my own ego to devise the outcome. I didn’t listen closely to the direction of spirit (the director). As a result, I got hurt.

I rested for a moment on a bed and simply prayed that I would not feel any pain. I needed to do about 10 more takes with me doing a very acrobatic and comedic take that required all of this 57-year-old’s energy. Again, I go back to staying in the now. I used whatever I was feeling physically to help the scene appear more real. Whenever I got home, I iced my body, got a massage, and the next day I was perfectly fine. There were no signs of the stinging moment of falling from the day before.

As I sit here writing this blog, I can clearly see that the past 3 days were so fleeting that I can barely remember the details. I simply know that I had brought all of my best to the moment. The rest is up to spirit and the nurturing of God to grow what I have planted into the fertile ground of my life.

This is the spiritual metaphor I live by. I can plant the seeds in my life, but only Spirit (God) can actually grow the plant!

We must live our lives like my past three days; especially, when we are called out for a moment that requires us to be way more than we can perceive we are. Fear never has a place in the now. Fear can not exist unless we let our mind float away from this perfect moment.


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Is the Past Ever Your Friend?

As a child I found refuge in my bedroom closet, a magical place that led to an elevated door, a gateway to the scary attic, right above my bedroom. On the bottom row of the closet hung my tiny clothes. On the top row, my older brother Mark’s. I could sit below the fort that my pants made, keeping me from all of the mess outside that door. My youngest sister would often accompany there. We would play games by the ambient rays of my LiteBrite!

When I have dreams as an adult, I often find myself back in that closet, listening and viewing the past from the safe place of my childhood fortress. Sometimes the dreams are a mirror of what happened as a child. Other times, the entire family is moving. More often than not, the dreams are about moving and never getting to a destination. However, we are all on a moving truck and the furniture in the truck almost appears as a mobile home, as if we were living in the ever moving, never healed past.

Lately, my husband and I have been praying specifically about our dreams. We have asked that the angels or spirits involved in helping us find our way through the mess of the past would lead us OUT of the same patterns and dreams.

Two days after praying about a shift in the dreams, our dreams have both shifted to a present or a future modality. The past two nights my husband has been in most of my dreams, as they were very lucid. At one point we were traveling through my past in a car. However, we got to a road that I thought led somewhere specific, but it was a dead end. Immediately, I understood—even in my subconscious dreaming state—that the past was simply a dead end. It will never lead to anything but more past and more pain.

It’s time to end the drama of recapitulating the past to find answers and move the hell forward with life!

It’s not as if I haven’t come to this conclusion a million times. However, last night my subconscious actually understood, as well. Hallelujah!

My question, however, is: Can the past ever be your friend? Does the past ever share with you lessons you have learned? The answer is, of course. But do we have to hold on to the “good” past to keep the lessons learned? This is the real issue.

Once, I had a shaman lead me through an ancient ritual during an hypnosis session. I began as a child and walked down a long hallway of doors through all of the stages of my life. In my right hand was a basket. As I walked forward and continued getting older—moving toward a beautiful light in the distance—people appeared to me out from the doors who had made either a good or a negative impression on my life. Each of these people would place in my basket something that signified what he or she had done to impact my life.

Of course, by the time I was an adult, the basket became filled with objects, becoming so heavy that it took two hands to carry it down the hallway. Nearer to the light now, the people coming out of the doors carrying negative memories waned, as more and more beautiful, spiritual people would hand me feathers and angel’s wings, weighing nothing.

When I reached the light, an angel stood by the doorway. As she opened the door to paradise, I could see that there was a chasm between me and the heavenly plane. The angel said that I would have to run and leap as high as I could to get to the next plane of spiritual existence.

It became readily clear to me that I could never get to the next place with this very heavy basket in my hands. Yes, all the memories both good and bad were there. The basket was significant. However, if I didn’t put down all of the memories, I could never jump to the next level. Ultimately, I placed the basket filled with all of my memories, good and bad, and leaped into the arms of a loving presence.

What I learned was that bad memories are heavy and try to weigh you down with every step you move forward. Their purpose is to keep you in the past and fill your mind with enough about the past to keep you out of the present and the purpose of your life.

The good memories, even though they hold the love and beauty of peaceful time are no longer needed as well. Both serve the same purpose whenever you compare the past with living in the now. The example I think of is trying to take a picture of a moment on  a vacation that you want to remember. As you are organizing your camera and shooting the shot, you miss the moment that was happening to your right or left that was even more fantastic. Memories are meant to be called up for a moment to aid us in learning lessons. They are like looking through files for a receipt. Find it. Figure out the problem. Then, move on!

Both the good and bad past can hold you back from the now and from attaining the highest place in your spiritual consciousness!

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A God of the Living: Controlling Addictive Behavior #spiritualfacts #breathingexercises #addiction #overeating #oversexed #pranayama

I had a very special friend who was a mortician. Though he wasn’t supposed to, he allowed me to view his workroom as he restored bodies that had no life. At first, I was thinking I would be petrified at the site of such a body. However, after the initial shock of seeing a not-living body, I realized there was absolutely nothing left to this living person. Even the mortician and the stylists had to recreate the image of this person to present to the people at the funeral home.

Dead and alive has one difference: the breath! So, the yogis of old understood this paradigm and took much effort in working with and studying the nature of the breath in humans. Yoga has over 100 breathing exercise that help the person understand the dynamics and the control one has over the breath called the pranayama. These exercises are two-fold. They oxygenate the body and create healthy organs. But, they also create the paradigm of understanding the one and only thing we have control over in our lives: breath.

This same breath leads us to the ONE instant we need to understand to lead a joyful and happy life, THE NOW. So, if you monitor your breath a few times a day, you can also quickly understand that when you release control of the breath, the body breathes on its own volition. This shows that the living, breathing, and function organism—the body—has life outside of your thinking. This is an interesting fact to meditate on.

If the body can breathe on its own, what else can it do on its own. Are there other parts of the body that function from instinctual drive to stay alive, to propagate, to stay hydrated? Absolutely. So, you must constantly distinguish what parts of your thoughts are coming from an instinct and what parts are your mind’s and spirit’s organic thoughts. This can be a daunting chore, especially if you are used to letting your body gets its way. Let’s look at a couple of examples:

Food is an easy one. We must eat to survive. So, hunger becomes a reactive force for the brain. So, if you finish eating your dinner, are completely full, and still feel the need to eat something sweet, then you are allowing the craving of the body to control your mind. If you do this too often, eventually, you will believe you NEED that sweet, which obviously isn’t the case.

Sex is also an easy example. How often are we led by the instinct of the body to be attached to another? This depends on how you have let your body distinguish intimacy and sexuality. If you think sexuality is intimacy, then you will probably crave sex all the time and be in constant pursuit of it. If you control your instinctual desire by telling yourself what is best for your soul and spirit, then your body will not get used to being satisfied sexually, 24-7. Any kind of addictive behavior will eventually lead you down a road to destruction or bad health. Eventually, you have to take control again. This is the way.

I’m sure as you are moving through your day you can think of a few other places in life that you have let the little kid inside have his/her way too often. Now s/he controls your house, your body! In these instances, it’s time to reel in the misbehavior, and begin to take control again. You will feel fantastic as you learn to control the body.

I’ll talk more about this tomorrow.


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