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Creationism, Science, and Extraterrestrials—Part IV—My Story Continued…

I spent more time thinking about God, who I was in the world, and why was I on the earth. #Religion (#Creationism), #Science, and #Extraterrestrials continued to be an intrigue even as a young teenager (11-14).

When I consider the questions I asked at such a young age with no provocation, I realize now that I was a wonderer of sorts on the Earth. I knew there was a purpose for me, and I would continue to search for that purpose until I found it.

I noticed that church became an even more important part of my path. I studied more, went to catechism at the Catholic Church, St. Philomena, and considered what other religions believed. I was so anxious to understand that I let a woman almost lead me into going to her local Jehovah’s Witness meeting.

I met a woman at the bank, where my sister would take me to add my paperboy money to my savings account. My eldest sister would wait in the car while I stood in line to make my deposit. This made way for many elders to ask me questions about why I was there alone.

One particular woman took the opportunity to introduce me to the same religion that would periodically knock at our door and give us magazines about the “Good News.” Of course, I was intrigued. But, when I shared with a few of my elderly friends what I was looking into—Jehovah’s Witness. they shut me down immediately.

Unless you were a Jehovah’s Witness, in Beaver Falls, Pa., you frowned upon the religion that wouldn’t allow your children to stand during the “Pledge of Allegiance” in school. I could see that adults didn’t like this religion, but that only made me intrigued enough to read the information she gave me and look up the religion in the one place in our house that I could get an unbiased opinion of anything—the encyclopedia. These precious books, my father purchased when my siblings and I were all very young. Often my father would just point to the back bedroom when we had a question he didn’t want to answer. “That’s why I spent $150 on the damn things. Use them!” he would say. I spent hours looking through the encyclopedias, page by page, trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe and the world.

Meanwhile, there was always something strange going on around the house. My sisters were finding steady boyfriends, a fiancé for the eldest and kissing and making out for the others. My brother continued to find more ways to get in trouble with the police with drugs and alcohol. One day my brother had taken (or was given) some kind of drug that put him in the emergency room. My mother and father actually were told he was going to die if they didn’t find out what he had taken. The police found my brother’s friends and pressed them until some “friend” told the police he was given a dog tranquilizer. He finally was given an antidote and was save.

I simply knew that what my brother was becoming, I wanted no part of being. My father detested his behavior, though continued to bail him out of jail and trouble, since my father was very connected with the police department.

Italians in those days (The Sons of Italy) seemed to have leverage in every area of the government and law. That part of my father’s life continues to be a big mystery to me, even today. I can assume my father was active in groups that had some kind of power over the government, but I’m not sure how involved my father had become in any mafia behavior.

Being Italian and being Catholic went hand in hand. That much I knew. Those that were mean and detestable in my eyes made their way with heavy make-up and furs to mass every Sunday and sat in the front row. They would cry at the feet of Jesus. I guess that made everything they did okay—to them. I wasn’t convinced God had winked an eye or removed them from any kind of Karma (even though I didn’t know the meaning of that word then).

What all of this meant to me, even then, was that something was very wrong with Catholicism. I loved Jesus and God, that much I knew, but I didn’t accept the people and the teaching that surrounded me. I needed and wanted to more!






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Again, meditation is a step in spiritual development we must be on to get stronger spiritual and identify our paths on this Earth. Our entire purpose for being on this Earth is to get stronger and stronger in Love and Compassion. When we make choices that benefit the ego self, we often go in the wrong direction in life; this would include choices that are based in fear.

Fear is not love. Anything in your life that presents itself as fear is an illusion trying to keep your from a God Choice or a Miracle!

Join me again for more of my story in the next blog…

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A Brand New Thought

This morning I had an epiphany that I am simply an amalgam of what I have learned from my past, what I expect of myself in the future, and subtract this by the events from which I have no control.

In other words, I am everything I could be at this moment and in the future I must always consider that I have no control over most of what happens. A universal force much greater than any single part of the One Mind is far more powerful than me alone. The microcosm can only hope to mirror the intent of the macrocosm. If it does, then it will surely fall inline perfectly with its own future.

If you believe that you are made of all of the crap from your past, you’re simply wrong. You must make everything you do and everything that you have been through count now! The simple reasoning being this is that you and a power greater than yourself caused it to happen. The microcosm within the macrocosm will be in rebellion to the world if it chooses the ego and turns away from compassion.

Though we can intend on being a great deal of things, we cannot change the macrocosm with our thoughts. We are one individual operating in a vast sea of thought within the One Mind. Plus, we are subject to unknown forces—both negative and positive—at any given time.

Does that make me want to give up trying? Absolutely not.

I trust in the power and knowledge of the greater One—the Infinite Mind—the Macrocosm. If I don’t choose to mirror that good, the loving, and the compassion, and I expect to see peace in my life—I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

Peace comes solely from learning life’s tough lessons, gaining deeper compassion, and working toward understanding the reason for being right here, right now—on Earth at this crucial time in the human development.

This may be a bit too “heady” for some of my blog readers. Don’t be disappointed. I am often quite cerebral. This is how I work out life and stay in balance. We are all a bit of a conundrum as we are spirit living in human bodies.


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Judging Others: She Did What?

Yesterday, I found myself saying, “OMG, she is a #piece_of_work!” I wondered just what I meant. Isn’t everyone a #piece_of_God?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not the kind of guy that sits around judging people all day, now, but when I was younger and someone got in my face and was belligerent, I could bite hard. I hate to admit that about myself at any age. Being from a large family and growing up quite the twinkle toes, I had to learn to aim for the jugular, which included watching, #judging, and #tallying everything. I needed to always be ready to find that one fault that would knock someone to his knees.

As an adult I often have to remind myself that everyone is special, even if they do periodically unnerve me. Everyone is a piece of God. Everyone is part of the One Mind, the Source, the One Incredible, Infinite Something that literally has no one name. If indeed everyone is a part of this one Source, then this means even the person that pisses you off the most is made of the same “stuff” as you are. We hate to admit this Truth, because we love to judge.

What would happen if we stopped judging completely? Could we live in a world where we did not judge at all?

During a sermon a minister gave the congregation a challenge:

“Let’s see if any of us can get through 24 hours without judgment. You are the only one who can know what you’re thinking, so if you want to participate, you have to promise to be honest with yourself.

“Here is the definition of judgment from the dictionary:

A few friends and I decided to challenge each other to see if, indeed, we could actually exist 24 hours without judgment. My first try, I made it an hour. Often, though, I didn’t make it 5 minutes without thinking some kind of judgment. The first rule of the game was that if you judged, you had to start the 24 hours over again.

It was in that first day of trying not to judge that I realized, I not only sat in a seat of moral superiority, but I thought almost everyone was doing something wrong.

The weight of all of that judgment is a heavy burden. Ask yourself, why is it so important for you judge another person? Do you need to feel better than that person? Do you need to feel superior in some way?

If you do, then ask yourself why.

If life is not making you happy, how do you expect spending your free time judging others is going to make it better? Honestly, you will be 100 pounds lighter the minute you decide that you don’t need to be better than anyone, including yourself.

Did you know that most people who judge others are even more judgmental of themselves? This is a huge problem. Judging others counters itself with a harsh reality: You must live up to the perfect ideal to which you hold others.

Today I give you the same challenge as the minister gave to her congregation.

Spend 24 hours without judgment.


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