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Simple Steps to Meditation

Find a secure and comfortable place in which you can relax every part of your body. Objectively, lying prone is not recommended. It easily induces sleep. A recliner is my favorite place for meditation, especially the electric recliners that can place you in a position of comfort and keep you there when your body shifts position.

* * *

My days of sitting in the lotus position, holding my back erect for an hour or more are over. After twenty-five years of studying and practicing meditation, I do not feel that mastering meditation takes twisting your knees in a position that feels as if they will break.

Even more nouveau riche than my sage predecessors, I use a cell phone application called Insight Timer. I set the cell phone for the total amount of time I want to meditate. For example: one hour.

The Insight Timer allows me to create an interval bell for every few minutes. I program the bell to ring three times every five minutes.

* * *

You can regulate the volume of the interval bells, so that you do not have to worry about the bell disturbing your meditation. Set it loud enough to keep you aware, but not too loud to frighten you.

The goal of the interval bell is to keep your conscious mind awake, without waking your physical body. Keeping the body asleep and the mind awake is the direct path to enter into the observer mind or the awakened mind, which is where all creative thought abides.

In this place you can learn to reach out from the finite and use your God-given creative energy to change the mainframe of your mind. You can recreate a world that has power, truth, prosperity, love, and voluminous amounts of joy.

You can also use this observer mind to set in motion new ideas from your thoughts and dreams, like seeds being planted into the earth. (I will introduce this theory, in depth, as we learn to use Creative Thought, moving forward) .

Once you have all of your meditation space set up and your Insight Timer ready, begin your meditation.


Set an Intention

Before you begin to relax your body, set a divine intention. Some examples of intentions are listed below. (Notice that all intentions are written or spoken in the present tense.) You can write your own intentions, once you understand the concept. Below are a few examples:

  • As Wisdom, I am already directed to truth in this meditation;
  • Spirit God is all wholeness, strength, and abundance. I recognize all of these attributes in myself now;
  • Divine Mind works inevitably through me to will and to do that which I am thankful to contribute to the world through my talents; and
  • All of my negative feelings show me my human fears, so that I can resolve my disbelief and walk toward oneness with God.

Going Deeper into Meditation

After you speak your initial intention aloud, make sure that you have a shorter, more concise version of that same intention to repeat to yourself when the interval bell rings on the Insight Timer. Repeat the shorter version, internally, without speaking aloud, as not to awaken your body.

As, your thoughts wander during the first and second interval bells, you may want to have this shorter affirmation memorized to repeat to yourself when the bells ring.

Some examples of shorter affirmations are below:

  • I am successful and prosperous now.
  • Divine love draws together and holds together those who belong together.
  • I am one with all attributes of God.
  • I am a mirror of the Divine now.

This is one very simple and effective way to meditate. Everything in this meditation is completely mapped out. You really cannot do this incorrectly.


Using Meditation to Answer Questions

Another option for meditation is to take an issue or a problem and ask yourself these questions, before you get quiet and meditate:

  • How do I feel when I consider what just happened to me?
  • Do I believe that I should try to let go of this feeling?
  • Could a delicate gift exist in the recognition and reparation of this feeling or problem?

Progressive Relaxation

As you move deeper into your meditation, relax your body. Feel as if your skin is melting into the chair! This may take five minutes, about the same time you have set for the first interval bell.

When you hear the first bell, stop controlling your body and your breath completely. Sit or lie as still as you are able to and wait for your body to breathe on its own volition. As you do so, you automatically begin entry into the observer mind.

Release from controlling your legs, arms, feet, hands, and even your eyelids. Begin to let each part of your body feel disconnected from your brain. As you do this, you move deeper into the observer side of the brain, which is the pathway to the Divine, Infinite Mind.

Once there, your intention is to sit in the silence between between your breaths, waiting for answers, insights, and a metaphoric download of spiritual wisdom.

The Subconscious Speaks in Pictures

The brain speaks in pictures, not in words. You will find it easier to create a dynamic picture of what you want to manifest during these silent moments between the breath.

So, if you want to settle your mind on a beautiful scene of the beach, or imagine yourself painting a picture, singing a song in the shower, taking a walk in a forest—any of these images will keep your human brain quiet, during the space between the interval bells.

A Simple Trick: Keeping the human brain from talking to you is no easy feat. One way to keep your brain from chattering is to imagine that everything that you hear in your brain gently becomes an image, as if you are watching yourself or your thoughts on a movie screen.

So, you may hear yourself think, “I have to get to the grocery store tomorrow to buy milk!” Instead of focusing in on the whys and hows of that chore, simply imagine standing inside of a store. Create the clearest image of buying milk at the grocery store, as if your dream were on a movie screen in your mind.

The idea, here, is to take what is the actual human thinking process—the words themselves—and move them to the dreaming side of the brain by substituting images for words.

Seeing anything manifest as a picture from a thought uses the observer mind. So, you automatically move back into meditation, simply by taking the words in your brain and changing them to pictures.

Meditation is the ability to release your thinking from the body, by slowly letting go of the control of every instinctive movement, even breathing. Your body lets go of your finite brain and releases into the Infinite Mind in these moments.

Guided Meditation or Self-Hypnosis

Many people use guided meditations narrated by adept yogis or masters of hypnosis to help move toward a meditative place. If you decide to begin with a recorded, guided meditation to start your work, I would recommend using the same set up as I have described above. Even use the Insight Timer, because most beginners will fall asleep during a guided meditation.

Just remember, if you choose to begin with a prerecorded, guided meditation, this is just one way of meditating. You may want to experience the other kinds of meditation that change your mind and life through creating your own dreams.



In the moments just as your mind regains consciousness is the time when you may receive important insights. You may get clear pictures of what you need to do as the next step toward changing your current story. During this time before awakening—just before the last bell chimes on your Insight Timer, you will have the most clarity in mind and thought.



You, also, may see a vision or imagine an idea during, or after, a meditation. Visions simply manifest as dreams while you are awake enough to experience and remember them. These dreams, sometimes, will be pertinent, and, sometimes, do not appear to have any basis in reality.

However, just because you do not understand what you saw in a dream, does not mean that you will not, someday, know why you saw that particular vision.

So, write down in a journal what is pertinent to you when you awaken from a clear dream. Journalling is an auspicious way to reflect on intentions that you have set. Then, you may gain perspective on those effects with the aid of discernment and possibly from the help of someone more adept in the practice of interpreting dreams.



Sometimes, after a meditation you may be led to go somewhere that you do not usually go. You may have a thought about someone you need to call. You may get a desire to eat a certain kind of food, which would lead you to a different grocery store or restaurant than you would normally attend.

You may find, as you move through your day listening to the voice of your inclinations, that you are in the middle of what spiritual people call a Synchronistic Event. This is when Spirit seems to create an auspicious experience where two or more people’s energies collide at the same time, giving way to insight and paradox.

Continue with me in this series or go back to the beginning on this blog. You can also go to my books on Amazon, BoSebastian.com, my vegan blog or my YouTube Channel for meditations and further instruction.

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Peace is Contingent upon No Attachments!

This blog is about having no attachment to the outcome of anything in your life. What does releasing your physical and mental world to the powers of the Universe do for the soul?


How important is peace to your body and soul? Every day we have one huge choice: Be the light that we are meant to be!

If you can do that, you can live a life in perfect peace. Your soul (or sole) responsibility to the world is simply being a conduit to the love, compassion, and joy of God expressing! If you can be that, cut through the shit of expectation, disappointment, and anxiety; then, you will be able to put your soul to rest at night with nothing but your best, each day!


I have had an amazing few days, the kind of days you only imagine of in dreams. One of the smaller events that happened to me was that I was selected for a major role in a commercial by a well-known casting director and producer. This is what’s known as being on “First Refusal.” In other words, the director loves you, the casting director thinks your perfect for the role, and those two people are going to try to convince the client (the person paying for the project) to pick you as their first choice. Nine times out of ten, you can count on a first refusal turning into a job. At least, in my life that has been the case. However, I have been on hold (which means you are second or third choice) and have gotten the job, so that means that the opposite can happen.

Long story short, after an amazing week, the first refusal turned into a definite refusal from the client. When I got the message from my agent, I wasn’t a bit distressed, though. Why?

Actually, to do the job, I was going to have to cut off two glorious days of my honeymoon, which my amazing husband agreed to do (bless his heart) because he realized it was a great opportunity both financially and professionally. 

Life is consistently about choices. We follow our hearts and our dreams and sometimes neglect the deepest choice, our moral choice to move in the path of peace. I’m not saying the choice to do this commercial was against any moral part of me, but it did disrupt my peace. I made a choice when I went to the audition (knowing the shoot date) that I was available for the shoot job. However, when I got the callback, the shoot day changed to right—smack dab—in the middle of my honeymoon. In that moment of time, I made the snap decision to honor my career over my relationship, which wasn’t the peaceful choice. When I hung up the phone with my agent, I knew it.

To appease my soul, though, I thought, what are the chances that I’ll get this commercial out of a hundred men? 

I remember the moment distinctly I had to make that choice. It was a mere second in time. I hope to remember the moment every day so that I will not make that kind of a snap decision again. I’m thankful for Spirit for placing me on the right path, even though I was disobedient to my own soul. This is why I felt peace when I heard the news from the agent.


Make this commitment with me today:

My only choice today is to shine the light of love, peace, compassion and joy through me and be “on-call” for life. I can choose to take opportunities, but wherever this earthly path takes me is up to God. There is a divine plan, which I’m not privy to. However, I know that Infinite Mind has it all worked out. It is not my responsibility to run the universe. I HAVE NO ATTACHMENT TO THE FUTURE.


Deciding on and living by your core values is a tenuous challenge. My many years of spiritual coaching and life coaching can help you with this. I have helped many people in this situation see light and overcome the darkness of the past. For more information and individual pricing or as a guest speaker, give me a call: 954-253-6493.

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A Single Session w/Bo Sebastian

What would you feel like if everyday you loved yourself a little more…

What would you be if you loved and gave compassion unconditionally… to yourself first and then to others?

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Changing Your Mind: The Locus of Peace #spirituality #findingpeace #relationshipsadvice #DonaldTrump #SOM

As I watched the news last night, I noticed that a noted speaker was criticized for changing his mind after announcing his stand on abortion after three hours. His change of mind was deliberate and a total contradiction of his first announcement. I thought about how often I change my mind about things after hearing all of the challenges people have and get a different perspective. I am certainly glad the media is not monitoring every time I grow and change. I wonder, however, how much we should voice of our thoughts and ideas, if we have not come to a clear choice in our hearts about what to believe.

Especially if you are someone in the media, when you speak, of course, you should have vetted all the possible reactions to what you are about to share. When you do not care what others think, then this is a moot point. If you want respect, however, changing your mind amidst a storm of rebuke is probably the worst action you could take.

Of course, I speak of the Donald, the United States’ laughing stock around the world. I believe the exact reason for his popularity and his ridiculous stance on everything is because he desires to get people talking, daily. This is the way he keeps his popularity higher than those who actually have a solid case about everything in the world, from stopping crime to containing disease. What he has is what I lack in volumes, no regret, confidence in anything he says or does, and a non-remittance clause in his subconscious that has been signed and endorsed by many to be who he wants to be, when he wants to be it, and with as much of whatever emotion he chooses in that moment.

Anything in my locus of reaction always takes me back to the lessons I have to learn from even someone like Donald Trump. I can look at this man and not feel responsible for his antics. However, if I do not see what makes him likeable and dishonorable, I have learned nothing from his presence on the stage of my life. Ultimately, don’t you think that Spirit would want us to learn a huge lesson from anything that is in our faces 24/7?

If this is the case, then, we stare down ISIS, right-winged politicians who would take away our precious rights, and even the antics of Donald Trump. We make conscious efforts to store the lessons learned from evil, greed, and judgment, so that we may not ever make those same mistakes.

We must find the locus in our brains that stores such data and be consistently aware of what enters and what must be disposed of. After watching any news that gives your spirit a jolt, find the lesson for yourself, and simply say this affirmation: “I release and let go of all thoughts in Mind that no longer serve me.”


This year, if you desire to commit to a change for a New Year’s Resolution, do it with your MIND first. Remember, as in the title of my new book coming out just in time to help you with this (in March)… lol… that all change happens in your mind, first. You must change your Old Story, to make a consistent and long lasting change in Your Life.cropped:Bo's book cover_USA Version_Compressed

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A Single Session w/Bo Sebastian

What would you feel like if everyday you loved yourself a little more…

What would you be if you loved and gave compassion unconditionally… to yourself first and then to others?

If you could imagine yourself so connected to God Source that everything you thought and every action you completed you trusted could heal yourself and, ultimately the world around you?cropped-cropped-6009Color1001.jpg

Create a Better Life with One Healing Session with Bo Sebastian

Call 954-253-6493 (All Sessions are done via PHONE, SKYPE or FACETIME.)


Bo works with people on SKYPE and FaceTime all over the world. He is taking new clients now. Call 954-253-6493 for information.

Take the time to look at Bo’s bookshelf of self-help books, novels, healing downloads, and yoga DVD. All of Bo’s books help people such as you, make SIGNIFICANT CHANGE with habits, find your SOULMATE, your PASSION, reach YOUR DREAMS, and dictate your own FUTURE.

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