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The Sandusky Trial

The Sandusky Trial

I’ve been following this trail kind of peripherally as different news shows highlight what’s going on. I wondered what if Sandusky were really telling the truth and all the young men were just pissed at him for being so mean or something like that. What then? How could he exonerate himself? You know, the justice system doesn’t really leave room for people who are innocent when people are lying about them. (This, of course, is pure speculation. I tend to believe that Sandusky is guilty.)

I had a lawyer friend who died a couple years ago who used to tell me horror stories of people who were completely innocent that were accused who had to pay out the ear because of people lying about their business or a fake fall or alleged sexual assault.

I remember once, I had this woman in my life that I considered to be my best friend. Everyone of my friends always told me that when one of them would be alone with her, she would treat him/her meanly. I kind of shrugged it off, because I just couldn’t imagine her being mean to anyone.

But soon the meanness happened to me. I moved to NYC and sold a business to her and—long story short—I ended up not staying in NYC. When I returned, she decided she was going to turn all my friends against me and tell them that I was going to cheat her with the business, which was not the case at all.

It took me almost a year to clean up the mess. I sat in my truth and kept saying to anyone who would accuse me, “I’d be glad to have you, her and I talk together about all this. I’ve wanted to talk and get it all out in the air since I’ve been home. But she won’t talk to me. There is nothing more I’d like than to be friends and clean this mess up.”

But every time, she would tell the friend that was trying to help, she would not get together with me. Soon, every person decided I must be telling the truth, since she wouldn’t come to the table to talk.

But let me tell you the year I had was miserable. Almost every friend and the ministers I had at church were all against me at first. Imagine coming home and feeling estranged from everyone you know and love. Try proving yourself innocent sometime is rough business. It is not easy, when someone slanders you with words you never said and things you can’t easily prove are wrong.

I say all this because we can easily live life thinking that by manifesting authenticity that we can circumvent accusations. But I know that not to be true. If you’ve been following my blogs, you know I got sued by someone recently because it hailed outside while my client was under hypnosis and in the next session, because she had a headache from drinking 2 bottles of wine the night before and couldn’t listen to the background music I used in hypnosis. I won the case, but I had to go to court and deal with the entire mess.

Remember when Oprah aired the show about Mad Cow disease and got sued by the beef farmers? She was just trying to help people be safe.

Doing the right thing, doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t have to face condemnation, conviction, and trials. In fact, it may mean that we have to walk the road of the innocent as Jesus did and face our accusers… bloody and whipped.

I hate that idea more than anything. But it’s a real truth. Be careful what you say and who you say it to.

Yesterday I said I was an optimist. This blog wasn’t too optimistic, but it is truthful. Sometimes we just have to take off our blinders and face life as it truly is. But then, never more than now, do we understand how much we need the help of our spiritual light to guide us through the chaos life can be. I thank God for knowing that I can sit on my spiritual perch and just watch from there and observe without judgment. It’s a blessing to know self-hypnosis and meditation that can get me to a place where I cannot be touched by all the mess that life can sometimes dole out.



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         As I sit and watch the election returns, I watch the country’s many social pockets of people obeying the laws of their objective will.

What exactly is the will of a person and where did it come from?

The dictionary defines “will” as “the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.?

Most of what we believe starts from the moment we breathe life. We can’t help but to be coerced by those who nurture us, raise us, and teach us. Many of my greatest ideals have actually come from exactly those people; some teachers, some preachers, but mostly parents. But interestingly enough, our wills are not just organically designed by positive input. They are sometimes more designed by the negative input people have on our lives.

Because my father was Republican, and I first registered as a Republican in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, I absolutely have chosen to do exactly opposite of what he believed. Why? Because my father opposed me and my homosexual lifestyle most of my life.

I see that my father died having spent most of his life angry and full of animosity about everything from religion to war to finance. Those demographics are mostly Republican ideology.

However, from the first moment I can remember of being alive, I remember a mother who was compassionate and loving, very forgiving and wanting fairness for all. I also had two teachers in high school who provided a great deal of the social and technical nurturing I needed to make for a very diverse way to see life. One teacher was a Baptist preacher’s wife, the other was a single woman who taught art. Each brought to the table many beliefs and helped me form opinions and ideologies I’d retain until now. Thank you, Yvonne and Dolores.

So, because of who I identified with as a child, I definitely have moved in the Democratic direction, mostly because of the sense that it is more about fairness and compassion, and less about finance and right-wing ideology.

Objective will drives each of us every day. However, a lack of will may cause a sense of paralysis in your work life and in your relationship life. So, fear may hurt how your life turns out if it breaks your very important self-will.

Will you break forth and leave your past and “will” your way into the future, or will you let fear take precedence of your life.

What tells the tale of any person who breaks forth from the angst and anxiety of the past is usually their Will. If you can see that there is a chance of life being better, usually you can “will” yourself at trying the better way.

I wish for you the objective will to move forward today, no matter what the circumstance.


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