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Being Right, Being Perfect, Being Wrong! #inspiration #greglouganis #lifepurpose #spiritualadvice #perfectionism

Even a broken clock is right two times a day. The only difference between perfection and having faults is your acceptance of either. The incredible Olympic diver, Greg Louganis, said about his life with his difficult coach (paraphrased): even though every day he forced me toward perfection and humiliated and pushed me to my limits, I would never be the diver I had become. Even still, as I’m sure Greg feels now, perfection didn’t make him happy or complete his soul… His moment of power came when he hit the diving board, got low scores, and bled into the pool drops of his imperfection, which led him to a life that changed the world forever. He came out of the gay closet and shared his incredible story about being HIV positive. His perfection as a diver left people speechless, but his imperfection changed the way the world thinks!

I consider perfection daily. My dad forced our entire family toward perfection. As a result, I worked very hard to be the one to whom he never aimed his fiery darts. So, that meant being flawless daily! I was the perfect son. I never got in trouble, never smoked, drank, always got straight A’s, and said the right things. Even so, things didn’t always go my way. As we all know, perfection is an illusion.

I remember after getting a 4.0 throughout high school, I had a deviated septum operation that took me out of school for three weeks. During that time I had to make up a great deal of schoolwork while I was very sick. As a result, I got two B’s on my report card that term, which made me go from being first in my class to fourth. I was absolutely, utterly devastated. I begged the two teachers to change my grades, to let me do extra credit to change my grades. One teacher acquiesced, the other didn’t. So, as a result, the perfection I worked for my entire high school career, went from number one to number three!

I sat with the feeling of losing what was mine for years. I thought, for too long, if I’m not perfect in every way, I won’t be liked, I’ll lose what’s mine, and I’ll never attract anyone to my life who is worthwhile. So, I spent many years sword fighting with the wind.

The truth is you have to TRUST YOUR HOPES, NOT YOUR FEARS.

As for perfection, if you can’t hide your faults: Paint them chartreuse!


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#Perfectionism: Polishing Doorknobs #sytycd #realitytv

I have known people who are so meticulous about cleaning that they even will polish a doorknob or two, just to give the room an added shimmer. I can’t imagine having enough time in a day or the care to do such a meaningless action. Yet some, especially when trying to sell a home or get a room ready for a big party, will go to the nth degree to give their place that perfect look. I’m more apt to be the dude who will put something front and center that is absolutely imperfect—like a chipped vase—because I don’t think anyone feels comfortable in perfection.

I watched the performance finale of “So You Think You Can Dance,” last night. The producers showcased each of the four finalists with a five-minute autobiographical segment of their journeys to get to the finals. One young man who has had nothing but praise the entire season shared that his journey was more difficult in the process, because he has had to live up to perfection every show. From the first audition, I kept thinking Ricky would be the winner. However, now that I had watched the last dances, I’m beginning to wonder if America would settle on an underdog instead of the frontrunner.

If you watch any reality television that includes some kind of talent contest, America tends to always pick a person who has been less than perfect, rather than spot on. Have you ever thought about why the guy or girl who cracked or sang flat when singing her last song usually wins over the person who was perfect?

Who can relate to perfection? If you have had a narcissistic guardian or teacher in your past, you may think that perfection is the goal. But, when the time comes down to choosing the person who most deserves to win, we will all pick a contestant who has grown in the contest and who is less than perfect, because we can relate. You’ve heard the Salvador Dali quote, “Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it!” That’s you! That’s me!

When you settle in to the idea that perfection isn’t the goal in your life, you may consider a more attainable goal: PEACE! Joy! Truth! Passion! All of these choices require authenticity, but not perfection.

When I sit down to meditate, I don’t have a goal in mind. I simply desire for quiet and to download some of God’s awesome insight into my mind. When I seek for Joy, I simply reach into my heart for what would make me happy in any particular moment. When I search for truth, I let the universe reveal it in the metaphors of life. And, finally, when I live for passion, I don’t start off aggressive and teeming with desire; I begin a slow course in discovery of something or someone new. In this mysterious unveiling, passion comes without my help.

So, today, choose to polish something worth shining. Begin to take off those cobwebs on your social and spiritual life. Chip off the corrosion that keeps the door hinges to your happiness and joy from opening wide to your bountiful and delicious life!


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Perfectionism—The Diabolical Trait

If you are hard pressed to stop any personal action before it is absolutely perfect, raise your hand? Aghhh.

Now that both hands are raised—high, I can’t type. I could try using my toes to type, but I don’t think I would be all that perfect at getting things spelled correctly and at phrasing the grammar quite right.

What a hard life it is when you believe that everyone, including God, is judging everything you do down to the last iota. “I can’t go to sleep until all the dishes are out of the sink, my clothes are pressed for the morning, my dresser drawers are in order, my emails are answered, and I’m sure my schedule is exactly to where I can accomplish for the next day! UGGGHHHH! HELP! HELP!”

Listen, I know what you’re feeling, my friend. I grew up with a perfectionist, narcissistic Dad who wanted—needed everything exactly the way perfect, or no one in the family was happy.

One day, when I was about eight, my dad came home from a local bar about 10 P.M. and found a dirty dish in the cabin. He proceeded to break every dish in the cabinet, wake up all six motherless children, and had a family meeting on a school night.

I remember quaking in my pajamas. What is this raving lunatic going to do next? Of course, he made us clean up his mess. I am not sure how we got dishes for dinner the next day, but I do remember that awful night.

I also got a quick dose of how to be a co-narcissist with ease by the age of eight. Just simply do everything that I was told and don’t have an opinion. I saw fairly quickly that my siblings who had an opinion got on Dad’s shit list and got beaten for it. I was way too much of a pansy to be vying for any beatings from an ex-semi-pro football player parent.

In psychology, to be a narcissist you have to have a co-narcissist. Just like if you want to be a dependent, you have to have a conspirator, a codependent. Co-narcissists learn many of the behaviors of the narcissist by default, but it’s more for survival sake. Much like the narcissist, the co-narcissist must be perfect too. His/her reason is because he doesn’t want the perpetrator to see anything wrong with him to protect him from harm or mental abuse. But then this usually creates another psychological problem as an adult—OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) or worse yet, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

An OCD person is one to color code her closet or make sure pictures on the wall are exactly two inches from the ceiling and 22 inches from the floor and perfectly level—using a level. This same person wants to get all A’s in school. 98% is not good enough.

“What did I do wrong? How can I be better the next time? Everyone is looking at me and pointing a finger of disapproval. I can’t be a bad boy, because God is just like Daddy. I will be punished for eternity if I smoke a cigarette or have premarital sex. “

The story goes on and on and on. I don’t want to be on the merry-go-round any more. I’m sure you don’t either. It’s time to get off of the perfectionism train. The next stop —“I’m Human!”

Yep. That’s all it takes to get off that train destined for the end of the line. Just admit to yourself and the others around you that you are human and capable of mistakes. It’s that easy. Then you’re off that godforsaken train forever!

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