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Point of View—Does someone have to be Right or Wrong?

We live a life where everyone sees what’s happening from a point of view that he or she shares with no one else. It’s one absolute camera angle that could only be seen if you were a movie director and shared your point of view through that lens. Otherwise, even if you tell me your point of view, my level of understanding is met with an eschewed point of view. Why? I’ll never be able to see it from your angle and where the sun happens to hit you at the time.

Yet, we expect people to act in accord with us all the time. We expect our friends and husbands and wives to know what we’re thinking. We expect employees and bosses to understand exactly what we explain without further details. Most of us do so with a minimal amount of disdain, as we feel one time is enough to explain.

As a teacher of many pupils over the years: No one learns anything after being told one time unless they are absolutely ready to learn the principle or idea.

Often you tell a person the same thing over and over again until they have an opportunity to experience the same situation on his or her own. When that happens, they get a similar—but not the same—point of view as yours. Again, eschewed and lit in a different way with a different cast of characters.

Let’s take this topic to the political arena, which we are in knee deep. I watched CNN last night. A newscaster interviewed a Trump supporter. He asked her a few questions about her undying support. She said firmly and with unadulterated frankness: “We don’t care what the news says. We believe our president. We believe that the Democrats are making up stories to ruin his presidency.”

The newscaster responded: “But what about news that is definitely facts?”

She responded, “We believe that your facts are not facts at all. You are the problem.”

In that moment, the question that I had been asking myself for 6 months about the blind faith for a president that has done everything to contradict his own words hundreds of times is now understood. This was my moment in time to understand through my own lens.

“We are right. You are wrong. Nothing you say sticks to me…” whatever that old saying was we said to each other on the school bus and we’re saying it now, acting like children needing and wanting our way.

So, what about point of view? Can we have one without allowing another person to have his or her own point of view? Not really.

Have you ever seen how many different results students get on a Algebra or Trigonometry test? Yes, we all have different ways of processing information. Some of us are followers. Some of us are leaders. Some of us fit in the middle somewhere. Trust me, most of the student above will get the answer incorrect. Each will have deducted it in a certain way to feel their truth is correct. Some will quit trying half way through and decide they will never be smart enough to get it on their own. For these people will certainly become followers.

However, without a doubt, there is a right answer to the Algebra question. When in life, there is not always a clear-cut answer. However, there are facts that can’t be disputed, unless you choose to not even observe or look at them. Unless you decide somewhere in life that some people (rich and famous) must be smarter than you and deserve your respect and undeniable confidence. This is what I believe is happening in the U.S. today.

Plenty of facts exist. They are plain, exact truths. They are not even up for dispute. Pictures exist. Tapes exist. Film exists. Manuscripts and emails are stored and recaptured. This is irrefutable evidence, in my estimation. So, the only way citizens can deny or not respect facts is if they are not presented to them. With FOX news, for instance, who only reports the parts of the news they want their sheep to hear.

Disturbing, yes. But we can deny the person who has faith in FOX the right to a personal belief? This is the US of A. Our constitution is based on the right to have different opinions.

I expect people to be okay with my gay marriage, even though they have been brought up some 70-90 years with religious values that say I’m going to hell. The only way I can deal with their indifference is to respect myself enough to have an opinion that I have checked out, investigated from several sources, and believe to be true. I can’t worry about anyone else’s point of view at this point.

My Truth leads my life.

What we can be praying about is that more people come to understand the truth. People who watch just Fox News are like the people in Russia who have to watch all Russian-owned television stations. Everything Russian citizens see is probably filled with propaganda. Cuba was similar when it wouldn’t let its citizens have Internet. If we can keep enough people ignorant and not thinking for themselves, leaders like Trump, Putin, Castro and Kim Jong-un will find it even easier to lie to and control the sheep who are so destined for the slaughter.

So, if you don’t want to be controlled, don’t listen to just one source of news. Do your fact checking. Don’t be afraid to be wrong. I’m wrong about something every day. Does it make me a bad person? Absolutely not. It makes me wiser every day to find out something I didn’t know before.

I hope you can not only see my point of view, but learn to adopt some of this same attitude. It has helped me to become more peaceful in the face of such corruption and chaos in the world.

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Historically Blind: Sean Spicer

Many Trump voters have turned a blind eye to the apparent difficulty for someone who lacks knowledge of government and an understanding of law and history to run a country. Yesterday’s big blunder from less-than-underwelming #SeanSpicer_historicallyblind makes me wonder if the entire #WhiteHouse of 45 is as uninformed as he.

When I look into the eyes of Sean Spicer, I see total confusion. Beneath that, I see anger and frustration. Should someone who is so uninformed and lacks compassion be feeding the news outlets governmental misinformation? Should someone we think as a total joke be the spokesman of the Whitehouse?

In times past I have never remembered wondering if the Whitehouse Press Secretary was informed. In fact, most of our greatest Press Secretaries seemed more informed than the government. In other words, to take breaking news, important changes of law, and current affairs from causing an already on-edge country to stay calm takes a very savvy person with a great deal of tact and understanding of not only the law, but compassion for the people. We need this now more than ever.

I see Spicer as an extension of the uninformed and uncompassionate Whitehouse and majority rule of the Houses as well. The issues of the world have little to do with gathering power and using it to increase the wealth of the rich 1% and keep all the poor, lower and middle class without help from the government and without resources to educate those who could rise up and be our proudest legacy.

Am I frustrated? Not actually.

I am simply waiting for an apparent increase of stupidity to rise up in such a way that it implodes in the faces of those trying to make it okay. Perhaps, then, they will all see how ridiculous they were for voting for someone who had absolutely no business being in the Whitehouse.



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A Flag for Independence

Flags for Independence

I turned a page in my life. I’m finally a full-fledged NOTHINGACRAT. I turn on the television this morning to find both political parties smashing each other and fumbling with fouls. Three fouls, you’re out. I retired thinking I’d vote for my dog if I could.

I want to be a good person and do my civic duty and vote. Of course, I want the responsibility that so many have died for. But when you have candidate after candidate making commercials that make you want to regurgitate negative rhetoric, you start to wonder who is the WORST, instead of who is the BEST.

But I guess this is happening all over the world. I know I’d rather be voting than establishing a war to get the right president. We’re in the right direction there. But the fighting. I just want to be allowed to not take part in it.

Don’t you?

When anyone is around me causing a disturbance, fighting and bringing unrest to my environment, I do something about it. I make laws against my home and myself being in the middle of anyone else’s crap. I tell myself, focus on what you can control. I watch less television around election time and more movies.

If you have someone in your life that is causing stress and anxiety by fighting and bringing contention, you need to do something about it. Don’t sit on your butt all day and think, well eventually this person will die or leave me. It’s probably not going to happen. You are probably going to die first because you have swallowed so much unrest without taking action. It’s the truth.

Jesus was not just about talking about peace. He took action when he saw something that disturbed him. I’d imagine a lot of our finest spiritual teachers have done the same.

If you have a partner that is seeking divorce and is vomiting all over you. Do something about it. If what they are doing is against the law (like breaking your things, abusing you verbally or physically), call the police. Take action. If you have a friend that brings this kind of unrest in your life, you just need to find another, better friend. I don’t care what the negative friend has done for you in the past to make you feel guilty enough to sustain this bad friendship, you have paid your dues. Time to move on.

Listen, I’m 51, soon to 52 and I can tell you that life flies by quickly. You blink your eyes and all the things you dreamed of doing, start to look like they just ain’t gonnahappen. Now is the time to start taking action. You have to take control of your life and time, or you’ll end up sick from stuffing it down into your body, or taking it out on people you love—neither of which you want.

Today is a good day to fly a flag of independence. We don’t have to be party to anything that does not bring peace to our hearts and our lives. Make laws against regret and begin taking action today! “This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

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