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Have you ever thought: I am not good enough, have not behaved in the way someone should behave to approach God, or have not been healthy enough to say an effective prayer? Have you ever thought that your willpower is what makes a prayer effective?

What exactly happens when we pray to make it effective and how responsible is the practitioner of that prayer in its effectiveness?

In the beginning, One Source—God spoke into existence all that is. From that Source all of humanity and all of the universe is displayed. So, there is some truth to the idea of a trinity, because within this one Source there is the Actor (the voice), the energy upon which it uses to create (the acting force), and then the manifestation (the displayed universe, including man). What we have in metaphor is—Father, Holy Spirit, and Son—or Mother, Holy Spirit, and Daughter.

If we have been taught under the tutelage of Christianity, we learn through the Christian bible that there is but one Son, Jesus. But, in 1 Corinthians 15, we see that Jesus is made up of parts. Jesus the Christ is the head, and the body of Christ is made up of all the rest of us humans.

I am thankful that Jesus the Christ, a fully actualized human-god being is the head. Any body can operate without a hand or a finger but cannot act without a head. So, we see that as the world organizes and becomes one in unity, we are part of this one body of God—the manifestation. I might be a hand, you are an elbow, and your pastor a foot.

As we see in the examples of Jesus, the Christ’s power, we can do great things by means of our thoughts and intentions. Great miracles occur, including healing, creating abundance where there was lack, and healing mental disease. Jesus taught us to do all of these things through his actions on earth. And he included the statement: “You shall do even greater things than I.”

Where one might get stuck is believing that he or she has to be perfect (like a Christ) to create the power of prayer as Jesus did.

Jesus simply spoke His word. He did not do any other part of the actual work of creating the miracle. He simply believed. Should we choose to continue our Christian metaphor, the part of the trinity that acted upon the word of the Christ would be the Holy Spirit. At the Centers of Spiritual Living we call this part of the creative process “Divine Mind.” If you are a Christian, you might say that we all have the Holy Spirit. As a Science of Mind practitioner, one might say that we all share Divine Mind. This is the exact same concept. So, we don’t need to be good to create. We simply need to believe that when we speak a prayer, Divine Mind (or Holy Spirit) acts upon our will.

When we speak anything, the negative possibilities, though, are just as probable as the positive ones when it comes to what you do next, AFTER we PRAY. Should we do nothing but believe, all the power of Divine Mind operates on our behalf. Should we send out negativity in the form of “this prayer won’t work because I am not good enough,” then we have negated our own prayer.

The power of prayer and of its manifestation is not our doing. It was never our doing, nor was it Jesus’ doing. The power to manifest is in the hands of the Creative or Divine Mind. The only power that we have is to speak and believe. To change the course of a prayer we either BELIEVE OR NOT BELIEVE!

Should we choose to believe in our prayer and contradict any such negative thoughts that would get in the way of our believe, Divine Mind MUST manifest what we prayed. Divine Mind is the active energy upon which all of the Universe is made. Divine Mind has no will of its own. When God, as First Source spoke into Divine Mind—this Divine Mind energy acted upon the word of God and created the Universes. We have the same power in our world to use this Creative Mind, as we all share this power.

Should you decide that you do not have the power to pray, right now, simply resist from making negative statements. These negative statements with your strong will can produce just as much negativity in the world as you could be producing positive effects with positive prayers.

When praying for yourself or someone else, do not put your faith in yourself or your humanity. Put your faith in the power that God gave us to create. The trust should be in Creative Divine Mind (or the Holy Spirit). This idea is so simple it seems improbable. But belief without doubt is the only thing that is usually missing from any prayer.


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Laws That Evolve: Roots Growing on Top of the Ground

The first program we learn in life is to put limits on our unlimited creative power. Everyone around a child sets boundaries—some safe, some not—to teach a new infant how to fear, basically.

“Don’t touch the stove! You’ll burn yourself.”

“Don’t go near the steps. You’ll fall.”

“Don’t talk to strangers. They will abduct you.”

“Sleep when you’re told.”

“Eat when I’m not tired.”

Infancy comes with few choices for the evolving spirit. The laws of fear often outweigh the proper laws of immutable, perfect love.

So, being a co-creator in a world where limits are immediately set in our mainframe as children, often only comes after we recognize the bad programming of the past has not produced a powerful future.

Subjective mind—the world of spirit—has no limits. However, it is directed by our conscious, human minds. If we see fearful thoughts manifest as negativity around us, we learn one confusing law after another, which only produces fearful and anxious results.

We must STOP seeing through the FEARFUL lens of the past. So, we can set our minds on the loving, powerful, prosperous intentions of God and Spirit. How is that possible, you may ask.

As I was taking one of my favorite teachers, Coco, for a walk this morning, I noticed that in Florida the roots of trees grow up the sides of the trunks and are mostly visible to the eye. In Nashville, where I just moved from, the roots of trees are buried far beneath the ground, so that they can collect the water from rains past. However, as the ground is sandier and less water is retained in it in Florida, the trees have adapted, here, to the climate to be able to grow.

As I thought about this, I realized that laws that I have been taught sometimes have to change for me to grow. I always thought that the word law carried with it the sense that it can’t be changed or altered. However, as I considered my old beliefs about laws, I realized that law is constantly changing.

As humans, we see the laws that reflect our human rights changing daily. In Colorado, we can smoke weed for recreation. In some states where gay people used to be arrested for loving the same sex; these same people can get married now. Even the laws of nature change to adapt to the weather, as in my example of the tree roots in Florida.

So, for our own paradigm to shift, our internal laws must change! We must move from praying that something will happen, to praying that it has already happened. This is important, so take note.

Creative law, or the power of prayer, depends on your understanding of the Universal Law. Your ignorance of the law is not an excuse for bad things to happen to you, any longer. You plant a seed. You water it. You wait, believing that the plant will grow according to the physical law of the universe. You may even be thankful for that beautiful flower before it ever appears. Then, the Law must make the plant grow—not you.

Notice where your power is and where the power of the law must take over. The first four actions of prayer are done by you. But, the last part of the prayer is to release your declaration to the law of right action. This law is the only immutable law of the universe.

But, you may ask, “What if I plant a seed, water it, and a flower doesn’t grow?” Then, my dear friend, you pray again for the manifestation of the law to happen. Because you know that the law that created you and the universe ALWAYS WORKS. You may, HOWEVER, ask Spirit if you have planted the seed in the wrong place, knowing that you should be seeing results. You see, we often complain, without asking to be directed. In my own personal life, maybe I have to be planted in Florida for the next step of my dream to manifest. This is where I have been directed, so I believe this to be true.

Let your prayers be focused on unlimited good. Know that it is so. Then release your intention to the Law that created the heavens and the earth. And so it is!

Coming Up: I’ll be speaking more about how to pray—not what to think, but HOW to think effectively, to change your life!


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Chosen to show his new hypnotherapeutic techniques on The Learning Channel (TLC) and also given the opportunity to teach at the world conference for Learning, and received the award of excellence for Helping Overcome Obesity in Nashville, Bo Sebastian is the writer and director of Finding Authentic You and Uncommon Gay Spiritual Warrior. Go directly to Amazon/Amazon Kindle: ]



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The Power of Prayer

Praying with confidence is the first order of effective prayer. Repetition and faith would take a close second.

I have taken the “Lord’s Prayer” and transformed each line for the challenging times of our lives in this day and age and with language we can all relate to. Feel free to print it out and share it. Most importantly, read it daily.

“I am an irresistible magnet with the power to draw to myself and my life all good things: the perfect jobs, continuing love and compassion, prosperity, health, truth, and divine wisdom.

“God’s storehouse has all abundance and an unlimited supply exists for me as I follow my authentic heart and the guidance of Spirit.

“I am never lacking as I accept inner poise and peace. I am automatically restored by being willing to be restored. I trust in God to lead me to right action, following the nature of God in me.

“When I walk through difficult times, I know that I have friends, family and practitioners available to meet my needs and that God will also change negativity to positive, creative action in me and those around me.

“Confidently, absolutely and with certainty, I expect every form of goodness and a greater awareness of the limitless love and prosperity of God to be in my life forever.

“And so it is!”


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A Year to CLEAR Challenge!

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