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When Life Exceeds Your Expectation!

Not many people get to say that their lives are exceeding their expectation. What do I attribute to being able to finally saying this?

About 3 1/2 years ago I decided to make a move in my life that was not only physically different (Nashville to South Florida), but I also decided that I would do nothing the way I had done it in the past. Yes, I was successful in Nashville in business, but my success was hard fought and lasted as long as I kept putting all of my life force into it and giving people what they wanted. I didn’t think much about what I needed to be the spiritual force I had been created to be.

Then everything changed with one phone call from my sister Lori. “Come to Florida,” she said, “and we will all help take care of Mom!”

I thought, “I have been wanting to make a change, a shift. Now is the time. No one or nothing is holding me back.” I had just had a major split from a partner I thought I would marry, on Valentine’s day no less, he said, “I don’t know if you’re the one!” The next day he was gone. I literally only saw him one more time and that was on the Internet on a gay dating site.. OY

I sold my home, gave away my business, and decided I would let God do the rest. Relationships, work, spiritual home were all up in the air. I did have an idea of where I would find fellowship in Florida. That much was clear and nothing else. I didn’t even choose my own apartment. My sister did that for me as I put my mom on a plane 3 months before I left for Florida for good.

What I really want to explain here is what change in my heart that dynamically made the most difference in my life:


Nothing is more important than finding that prayerful place where you become one with the highest consciousness available for you in the moment you pray. This kind of meditation, combined with affirmative prayer (check out this page of my blog for how), changed everything for me.

I wrote a book about the entire experience without even knowing where I would be in the next two years. I simply believed I would experience everything the seeds of my believe would bring forth: prosperity, true love, spiritual growth, a loving and secure place to live, and mostly simple peace and happiness.

Here is the name of the book. Just click on the name and get your Digital Copy or Hard Copy: Your New Story, Your New Life


Also, check out this meditation and get silent with me today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lO4gjBt5UJI&t=27s


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Guns, Lovers, and Fantasies!

What do these three things have in common: Guns, lovers and fantasies?

They all have the capacity to seize the brain and squeeze the life out of a human in seconds.

Fantasies are generally not considered a bad thing in one’s life. But take an avoidant person and give him or her a fantasy that is unattainable. Watch closely how the fantasy will destroy the present moment in this person’s life. All of the attention will go from what “IS” to what “COULD BE” in seconds. This person will miss many important moments in life and will not stand guard over his or her own body while life passes by with eyes wide shut and focus on everything but the present!

Lovers can give great amounts of love, but they also hold the key to your greatest emotions. If you let a lover control your life, he or she can pull the plug from your energy and drain you bone dry in a second. You have experienced this feeling. You know it’s true and you must protect yourself from this energy drain.

In two short paragraphs I described how assumed benefit can also harm you. This is true with fire arms, as well. I respect that a gun in the right hands can suppress a murderer on a shooting rampage. I respect the fact that a gun in the right hands can keep order in a jail. But in the hands of a child, someone mentally disturbed, or a terrorist; this same fire arm can be used for complete destruction.

The key here is that we must make rules and boundaries for everything in our lives—the good and the areas where caution must be taken. We don’t let children play on the hot stove nor put a wet finger into an electrical outlet; nor should be subject our children to the haunting thought of guns in the wrong hands. How can children go to school believing they are protected when they feel that someone—anyone, including the kids themselves, can attain a gun?

Before our government ever stands for what is right, we must take a stand in our own lives every day. We must call upon our wits, our knowledge, and our wisdom in time such as these and combine this with the ever protective power of God through its angelic forces.

If Jesus said, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light,” then why are all of us carry the heavy load of fear right now?

What must change for the words of the Master Jesus be true? If the government does nothing, will the words of Jesus still be infallible?

These words are true no matter what the circumstance. We had better get in line with the One Mind and One True Love that stands with us in perilous times like these; otherwise, we will not feel peace at all, even though it exists all around us. Here is a prayer to keep close and pray with your children every day!

There is only one presence, one power, and one love active in my life and in this world: God the Good.

Every cell of my body and the bodies of my loved ones here are made of the same DNA of God the Good.

We operate in the protective confines of this One Mind, keeping us safe, using all of the heavenly power of angels, saints, and spirits to help manifest this secure Good!

This is true now. This is true no matter what the government does.

We see the tides turning in the government around the world. We see the good and just rising in power and overthrowing all that makes no sense in this world and leans towards evil.

The light of God shines through me now! I stand strong in this power today and every day! And so it is!

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How Many Times Do You Have to Ask?

I get very irritated when people ask me to do the same thing over and over again. Just as I am about to fulfill my request, I get another phone call: “Are you on your way…” My mother is famous for this kind of passive aggressive nagging. How many times do you have to #ask_from_God?

I remember when I was a waiter in a New York restaurant. Wealthy customers on the Upper East Side of NYC were very used to getting what they wanted, when they wanted it. So, of course, their requests came with a great deal of caveats. I would find myself avoiding their tables after they ordered until the cook was ready, because these spoiled people wanted everything before it was ready. Do you think that Universal Mind of God might react in the same way as I do to the many requests? Or do you think that asking too many times is just a lack of faith in the mind of the person making the request?

On this earth plane, when you ask for something, you should imagine that the request has been heard. If you don’t see signs of your request manifesting, then, in a reasonable time, ask again. Asking again, after a time, just suggests that you are on top of what you need and expect to see signs of your request. Asking too much suggests that you have no faith in the person you asked.

Metaphorically, on a spiritual plane, if you planted a seed in the fertile ground of Divine Mind and after three weeks saw no signs of it growing, you might consider that a bird ate it, you over watered it, or it was a seed gone bad. It is right and just to follow up on anything on this earth plane. Anything could and may happen to our request. But it is right or polite to ask again and again from anyone, even God? This annoying asking shows distrust and a lack of faith in the person you asked and to the Universe as well.

When you ask, ask believing that the Universe has heard your request. Even Psychology Today believes that prayer is often successful for many people who believe! Is believing the key point. This is the same as if you planted that seed. You can’t keep going to the garden and digging up the seed to see if it has begun to grow. You would kill the plant. You must have faith in the Universal Law of Science and growth. Planting a seed in the Universal mind is the same as asking for something from God. This takes:


  • Time,

  • Faith in the Law,

  • Expectancy that the law works in time.

When all of these facets of the Law have been done, the only thing left to do is wait patiently for God to fulfill what the Universe must produce. Within every mighty oak seed is the potential to become a might oak tree. This growth does not happen in an instant or even in a year. Some requests take much longer than others.

Think of fruit bearing trees. These seeds begin to grow fairly quickly and will even get larger and larger over the years, but may not produce fruit for 3-5 years. This is a divine metaphor for you to think about today. How long have you been waiting for the fruit from your tree to manifest? Do you have more work to do and more time to wait? 

If you sense you need to talk to someone for any issues concerning spiritual law, give me a call. I do spiritual and life coaching combined with deep, therapeutic hypnosis:  Call: 954-253-6493.


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GIVING AND RECEIVING IN LIFE IS OFTEN DIFFICULT. I have been giving from my heart about 2-3 hours a day for 7 years to create advice–spirit, mind and body for millions of readers. Recently, I have been led to ask people to give back as a way for me to learn how to receive.

As a tribute to my belief that “prosperity is all around us, should we choose to receive,” I want to invite those of you who want to send an offering for the joy or advice you have received from Finding Authentic You Blog.

“We must give to receive, always. This is the Law of Reciprocity.”

If you would like to participate in giving to the gift of this blog: Please send all checks, money orders, or credit card requests to:

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You don’t get to this voice if reason or recognize it unless you spend time with yourself in silence, asking yourself important self-talk questions. This is like dating. You must get to know the voice of the Spirit by spending time in meditation and silence. This is the only I know to clearly download the power of wisdom and recognize the voice—IN TIMES OF TRAUMA—that is always directing YOU into safety!



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