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Papa’s Got a Brand New Car: Living Your Dream! #prosperity #prosperityconsciousness #moneyproblems #jamesbrown

“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” was a song written and recorded by James Brown. It was his first song to hit Billboard charts and, also, won him his first Grammy Award. Right now in my own consciousness, I’m just about ready to embark on a brand new everything, as I’m moving to Florida in a month. My house is sold. Most of things are packed, and I have sold or given away everything that I haven’t used in the past two years, anything that has a bad memory attached to it, and especially those items that were attained during a relationship that no longer exists. What exactly have I done to produce “prosperity consciousness”?

Everything you need to know about creating prosperity in your life can be contained in one small aphorism: “If your vessel is full, nothing more can fit in it. If it is emptied, the universe has the opportunity to fill it with something new and wonderful!”

To explain further, if you fill your life with hassles, personal issues, problems, complaining, and old behavior; where will there be room for your brand new life? As I was moving through every item in my house, meticulously, before I packed it; I had one box to my left for things that I would give away and one box to my right for things to throw away. In other words, I didn’t even want to take some of these memories and give them to a friend or even the Salvation Army. This was how toxic these items were to me.

My mother saw me moving through some of my jewelry in this process. I had 3—yes 3—wedding rings still in my top drawer. As I threw them in the garbage can, she went a diving in! I told her, “Mom, don’t take those things back after I threw them away!”

She said, “But they are worth money!”

I responded (and what I said really spoke to my own heart): “Are they really worth anything to either of us, if they hold bad memories and heartache?” She agreed and dropped the diamond studded necklace that one partner gave me into my throw-away bag. I felt empowered when I saw the big green garbage truck drive away with all of my junky memories. More importantly, now, I have room for all the newness and power God has sent angels ahead to prepare for me. My consciousness keeps getting more and more open for this wonderful new experience.

I got frustrated because my home didn’t sell immediately and I had to spend so much time alone in a house that usually had people in it all the time. Now, I understand that the reason was because I had to grieve my losses, challenge myself to understand the new needs of my heart, and most importantly, rid my life of the past, so that the future could be new and bold! Where in your life are you holding on to things that keep your prosperity from flowing?


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Are You Really Asking for What You Want?

I asked a client this question: What do you really see yourself doing in a couple years?

He said, “Well, I’m not sure. What I would love to do and what I want to do are two different things.”

Talk about an ambivalent mind. If you don’t know what you want and desire it in your heart 95%, don’t expect to see it expressed in your life. Now, I’m not holding your belief in yourself completely responsible for who and what you become. But as you can see, I’m holding you 95% responsible.

What you are in mind expresses in kind!

What you believe about yourself and about your life will express itself one way or another. One negative thought about yourself will exponentially empower itself and leave you in a negative place for a long time.

There is also that 5% of just human life that happens, and we have little to no control over it.

My lawnmower broke this morning on the week that my sisters are coming into town. Allen and I are staying at his house while my sisters and children are going to stay here in my room and in the spare bedroom to save money. We went to Allen’s last night and the air conditioning was broken. Well, there is absolutely nothing we can do about something strange like that happening. On top of that, not one, not two, but four of my Koi fish got caught in the net that was protecting them from the gray heron. They died in the heat yesterday before I had a chance to notice. Another 260 dollars lost on fish.

I’m not sure what the Spirit is trying to tell Allen and I, but let me tell you, my ear is tuned toward heaven. I don’t want or need anything else negative to happen. I’ve prayed, we’ve prayed, let go, and now it’s God’s turn to help.

I’m not one of those spiritual advisors and clinicians who makes life entirely your responsibility. I know too well from the first three months of this year that you can be doing everything right and be directly in tbe middle of a wind tunnel that sucks your roof off, breaks your car, and all the other appliances and plumbing in your house to the tune of $23K. I was hit hard. But, I didn’t stop believing in the good that is all around me and is possible for me everyday.

In fact, I put more energy into seeing and believing in my good. I recited mantras, saw visions of gold raining down on me, and asked every spiritual friend I knew to pray “with me” as I believed for the good that God gives. (I’m not saying that occasionally I got disheartened. I did. But I tried very hard to believe the truth everyday.)

Now, you may ask, isn’t it a little bit prideful to ask for wealth and health when people are dying for no reason and poor exists all over the world?

I would have to answer a hardy NO!

You playing small in this world doesn’t help anyone. In fact, if you have money, you can help others. If you stay poor and desperate, you are the exact ones that people have to help. What kind of energy is that giving the world?

You are a child of God! Act like it.

If your mother/father in heaven has all the wealth in the kingdom, shouldn’t you be heirs to that wealth? I am not afraid to feel that. You are made in the image of God. God is perfectly healthy, is unlimited good, and is a creator. Are you playing small just so others won’t perceive you as an egotist?

I have a friend Sharon who is a CPA. Every time someone asks her what she does for a living, she says she’s an accountant. She happens to be looking for another job. She told me she doesn’t want to sound like an egotist by flaunting her accolades.

I posed this question: What if someone you are talking to has the capacity to hire a CPA and is looking for someone who has all your qualities. You may just miss the opportunity because you were afraid to say what you are. That changed her mind. I heard her yesterday introduce herself as a CPA. I smiled. I’m glad she understood what I meant.

Playing small just means you don’t see yourself as the best you can be. Don’t be afraid to have healthy ego and be all that you are. Live from a grand dream today. I’m believing it with you. I hope that you will believe in prosperity in all areas of my life with me.

Thank you, friends. And thank you, God for all that you have already given us and will continue to give us in the future.

* * *

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