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I have been writing about religious laws in a past few days and how they may separate us from church and our spiritual search. Today, I wanted to look into the Judaic laws or the Halakah, what they mean and how they may affect your life.

First of all, in the Jewish law there is no separation between the laws of everyday life and spiritual law. They are one in the same. The word Halakha has its root in the words to go or to walk. In present day Judaism in America, Halakha (when it refers to Civil Law) is an optional measure for a Jewish person. However, this is not the case in many cities in Israel. The Torah, in subject and matter, command the follower to “be holy, as I your God am holy!”

In the rabbinical law, holiness is completely defined. If you want to live a holy life, many rules and specific definitions will help you be an exact replica of holy, if this is the path you choose. However, most modern days Jews live as far away from this rabbinical set of rules as I live from quid pro quo.

As a grown up in spirituality, I believe it is right to venture from the laws, as they are but a fence around you for a period to keep a child from getting hurt. A spiritual adult must learn to flex his or her own ability to choose, as a parent begins to let a child have more latitude in life as he or she grows to become responsible. But, as far as this metaphor may go, we realize that our choices as children often cause Daddy to get mad and confine us to our rooms. Yes, you may choose blindly and fall. But, most times, a beautiful lesson evolves from our worst mistakes, if we choose to see it that way

So, should we give ourselves to the law and live “Holy as God is Holy?” Or should we come to the earth wanting to experience the gifts of human life and learn the lessons we set out to learn?

When I look at the human paradigm, I realize that, even if you believe in more than one lifetime, you still have a divine reason to be on earth; otherwise, karma, the second part of many lifetimes wouldn’t need to take place. If you believe your spirit comes back to earth over and over, then you also believe that you have lessons to learn. If you have lessons, then you have to let yourself, sometimes, be guided by the messages of your body and Ego mind. Then the hard part, you must also let your body and mind be subject to the reciprocity of breaking the said rules

When I was 20, I decided that I was going to live a sexless life until I found a partner to marry. I went almost five years without engaging in any kind of sexual act. For a twenty-year-old man, you can be assured it was the hardest thing I had ever done, no pun intended. Sexuality usually leads us to relationship. Relationship most often leads us to our hardest lessons to be learned on earth. So, even if you subject yourself to rabbinical laws, you will probably end up married, with children, and having the responsibilities of a father or mother, which is probably the hardest test of human will.

Law vs. Human Desire is always the paradigm in question. Thank God for some law, as murder would be okay if it hadn’t been established in the “10 Commandments” of The Torah that is wasn’t. Laws are important to help define our treatment of other people. But in our treatment of ourselves, I’m not so sure the law of the land should be involved.

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On the Seventh Day—Rest!

In the years of the Rabbinical Law, God had commanded Moses to let the earth go fallow for the seventh year. Whatever vegetation that came up without planting would be enough for the animals and for the populations to be fed that year.

I look at my five gardens and notice that there is now no more room for anything in it. The existing flowers have propagated to the place that I am going to have to go in and take about half of the flowers out and either plant them somewhere else or give them away.

Plants and the earth have a way of providing a self-propelling future. The autumn seeds blow in the wind. I find flowers growing between rocks far from the original flower. It’s fun to look for the unexpected growth. Those are the small gifts from God. But what about the soil?

I know for certain, that if I don’t fertilize or add some sort of nutrition to the soil this next year, my garden is going to begin to diminish instead of propagate. So, what about the law of letting the land rest? What exactly did that mean both physically and metaphorically to the people of the earth?

For me, I have labored for a long time trying and not succeeding most of the time in the gardening of relationship. My vegetation gardens have flourished, but my personal life has gone up and down. I was in a place three months ago where I had decided it was time to take a Sabbath from trying and planting and simply let my heart and mind rest from the toiling about the future of my intimate life.

As a result taking a break, someone absolutely perfect for me came into my life. There was no trying, no toiling, just resting. It was that unexpected flower growing between the rocks that would have gone unnoticed and perhaps tromped on, had I not been foraging for it. Simply, there is a great need in our soul and in our physical body to let go and let God! We must sometimes put away the hoe and the plow of the heart and simply let the will of the universe do its thing—whether that be rest or producing wild growth from something we had sown a long time ago.

Take some time to breathe into the present. Discover that maybe what you need today and these coming months is a break from the toiling. If you do, just put down your plow and begin to observe your life. Watch the blessings flow without your trying.

* * *

Bo Sebastian is a Hypnotherapist and Life & Health Coach, available for private sessions to QUIT SMOKING, Lose Weight, New Lap-Band Hypnosis for Weight Loss, CHANGE YOUR MIND, CHANGE YOUR LIFE! at 615-400-2334 or www.bosebastian.com.

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