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Old Roots; New Flowers

Old Roots, New Flowers

An old friend wrote an email to me and said this: I think I finally understand why we have gone through a drastic change in friendships in the last few years…He began to share some things he learned from lessons from sages like the Dalai Lama and another spiritual teacher he reads.

I get it… As we grow, we attract different energy to our lives. People change at different times. When our energies don’t match, it’s a wrong fit for both people. It doesn’t serve either person to stay in the relationship. They go away; new people come into our lives. New flowers bloom from old roots–your roots.

It’s never more apparent than when you are revisiting your old life. I am visiting a friend of 18 years, who has walked through so much of my life with me and has been there with all the old friends. He still has contact with most of the old friends who I don’t talk to anymore. We don’t understand the chasm between the friends. My old friend doesn’t want to get in the middle, and I don’t blame him.

But today I came to a place I didn’t realize that was in my heart. I actually miss the old friends. I wouldn’t be mourning them, if I didn’t miss them. It’s a deep loss for me, like a death. Maybe I need to have a funeral for all the friends who have passed in my life and have moved on. It wouldn’t be a bad idea. Just Bless them and ask God to carry them to wherever they need to be without me for however long that needs to be… or forever.

It’s always good for our souls to get real and ask for God’s help. Sundays are a time that just happens naturally. I need to get it all off my chest before I go to Dollywood and ride that new roller coaster and scream my lungs out. I’m ready, Jesus!

Maybe I’ll burn a picture of some long, lost friends and throw the ashes from the coaster…


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Eating too much Just Hurts My Tummy

Splurging Hurts My Tummy

So, last night didn’t turn out quite like I planned. There was no diet alternatives at the party. In fact, everything that I enjoy eating too much of was right at my finger tips. And guess who kept eating until I had to ask the host for an Alka Selzer? Yes, I had my red plastic cup in my hand, and guests were asking me what I was drinking. My bland reply….”Something fizzy inside, I think!”

God, I ate guacamole until it came out my ears. Thank you Jennifer Nelson for making it exactly like I enjoy it, with a tab extra cumin. Then chocolate mud-filled cupcakes, fuzzy navels, because there were no diet drink alternatives (note to self: bring your own drinks next time.) Then the pié de resistance: Alex’s Mexican mother made homemade fajitas. Okay. I couldn’t resist, even though I had already eaten dinner. (Could I be more of a glutton?) By the end of the evening, my stomach felt like it was a bulging blimp filled with wet sand. I couldn’t move or sleep last night. I had to get up and fantasize about sleeping in a chair. And… I’m very afraid to get on the scale this morning. I’m waiting for something to give, first.

What if I’ve gained another pound or two? What then? What will be my new plan for losing now 5 pounds?

There is another party tonight? Am I going to act the same and get tipsy and laugh my way through a steak, loaded baked potato and 3 desserts? “OH, BO, WHEN WILL IT STOP?”

I promised someone I wouldn’t mention him in this blog, so the person I’m not supposed to talk about says to me: “Oh my stomach hurts,” before mine even started hurting. And what did I see him eat after mentioning that? A dish of dump cake and some fajita without the bread. I mean really. Have we all gone mad? The table was filled with babbling overeaters, partying.

I guess that’s the point. We eat until we drop. That is our culture. Look at Thanksgiving and every kind of celebration we have. Everything is all about food, volumes of food until you can’t see, or some kind of pie you forgot to taste on your forehead, because you fell asleep in front of the television from food exhaustion.

I’m not sure if I’m done with this food fiasco. I don’t know if I’ve learned my lesson yet. But this morning, there will be no Cracker Barrel pancakes I’ve gotten that far in my morning proclamation! Hallelujah.


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