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The Wolf in You

For the last few days, Dave and I have been seeing wolves on our path, on television and in dreams. We are firm believers of the American Indian tradition of animal totems. So, after seeing the wolf twice, we quickly looked up the meaning. Here is what we found:

Wolf as Your Spiritual Totem

Although their lore and legend is filled with blood-thirsty tales of terror, Wolves are the consummate comics of the wilderness. Their commitment to and love of family is humbling, their communication skills elegant, and their extreme intelligence awe inspiring.

And these traits are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Wolf symbolism and meaning is rich and multidimensional.

When wolf appears in your life it may be time to take a close look at a person or situation who may be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Trust is earned, do not give it freely. Pay close attention to what your instincts tell you.

While this Wolf symbolism seems negative, consider that He is an omen of something you’re not seeing. Wolves have been observed to have a highly developed “third eye” or “sixth sense”. Because you’re seeking out Wolf symbolism and meaning, perhaps it’s time to work on cracking open your intuitive senses.

Wolf is also very smart, loves autonomy and has a strong social character.

When you walk with Wolf you’ll discover your intuitive nature blossoming alongside a healthy sense of self confidence. Remember, your soul still remembers what it feels like to be wild and free – to trust your feelings and choices! Look at the ordinary world in an extraordinary way!

Wolf sometimes appears when we face challenges for which we feel less than prepared. Wolf reminds you that you have all the tools in your spiritual treasure chest to handle this effectively. Take a step back and see with fresh eyes.

Today, Dave and I were headed to a family gathering. On the way off of a busy Interstate Ramp, we had a big blow out, flat tire, forcing us off of the side of the road. I have only changed 1 tire in all of my 57 year, and Dave has never owned or driven a car, so neither were prepared for this.

As luck would have it (or a spiritual lesson), I had transferred my insurance and my roadside assistant last month and never replaced the roadside assistant part of the program, leaving us to change the tire in the middle of trucks passing a steep turn at the top of a high altitude exit at 80 and 90 mph… The weather was a steamy 99 degrees. And we both looked at each other as if to say,  “where do we begin?”

I had an entire load of junk in my trunk. The spare was below.

We unpacked the trunk, got the tire and what seemed like a 2 inch jack and began our descent into hell. After we got the old tire off, the jack broke, and we were left with not many options.

I had remembered that the last insurance agent mentioned that my lease may have included roadside assistance already,  so I called inquiring about it with the backdrop of a loud interstate. I could barely hear the assistant.  We needed to make arrangements for someone to help us, including, perhaps a policeman to put up road block to keep us safer.

Making matters worse, one tire was off and the other tire wasn’t on, so the car was out of balance. We were both afraid that if we turned on the car and got into the air conditioning that we could tumble the car.

One and half hours later, we had roadside assistance change and fix the flat, as it was a nail in the tire that we had apparently run over.

As we were driving home, I had remembered Dave praying, “Wolf guide, help us. Angels protect us and lead us to a perfect outcome.”

I also remembered that every time I communicated with Dave, I tried very hard not to be harsh and tough on him with my accusatory voice, which I tend to get when I’m in a tense situation.

All in all, we had a very successful and powerful afternoon with the wolf helping us to overcome some issues in our relationship and gain trust in Spirit to guide and lead us in all situations.

I needed to nap for 4 hours to reset my mind, but after the nap, I felt as if the day had been a good one.





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Lying to Yourself

I find myself “convincing” myself something about life almost everyday. For instance, I eat a sugary, delicious piece of candy on a whim and an impulse. In a moment or even as I’m putting my hand on the prize, I say to myself, “It’s just a little treat. This won’t kill me. I deserve it.”

Of course, this is just one of the ways I can let me subconscious begin to rule my life. If I let enough of these subconscious impulses go unchecked, eventually, my mind won’t even think about taking any kind of sweets, no matter how fat or unhealthy I become. This is called “checks and balances” when it comes to the human condition.

This kind of “convincing” thinking can also sway us into believing that fantasizing about someone sexually is okay if we are married. “Well,” you might say, “I’m married, but I’m not blind.”

But, imagine if your spouse was a part of your fantasy, watching you inside your mind (like Endora used to do on the old television show “Bewitched in the highest corner of the room).” Now, tell me how good or comfortable you feel about undressing that person  or having sex with your mind. Does it feel uncomfortable to have no space at all for temptation?

Ask yourself: Are you honest with your partner or spouse to discuss any kind of temptation? Or, do your subconscious thoughts go unchecked?

My inclination is that if you cannot discuss your shortcomings with someone (even if it isn’t your mate) then you will be overwhelmed with more and more fantasies, until one day you find yourself in the midst of something that will not serve your life and end up breaking up a relationship that is important to you. I have had many clients who have been in this same dilemma.

My husband and I have a policy about honesty that quite possibly is the hardest promise I’ve ever made. We both feel that since it is a “human condition” to lust and see others as sexual objects, then we can come clean with each other without any condemnation or disgust. Even though we have already had these kinds of admissions before, I still feel very uncomfortable discussing my “shadow thoughts” with this man I try to love, each day, unconditionally.

My friends, this walk of greater loving and spiritual growth takes total honesty and a commitment to growing every day. I’m not perfect. You may think you are perfect, but I’m sure that there is an amount of temptation that would make you cave, no matter how brave or steadfast you think you are.

I have a feeling I haven’t been tempted to anywhere near my limit—yet. Who knows if I ever will. But these times of telling my subjective, subconscious thoughts and fantasies who is in charge of my human actions—IS IMPERATIVE! Then, admitting them to someone I trust is paramount in eliminating a possible crime against your relationship or your own body.

I hope this helps. I have a feelings I’ll be talking about this subject more in the near future.

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Finding Home Base—Finding LOVE!

No matter who you are and how much you like your alone time, in each one of us we have DNA that longs to be in the arms of someone loving or feel safe in the arms of something tangible. Many of us seek to get this same feeling from food, expensive things, sexual encounters, and the like. However, nothing really meets our expectation more than someone (even if it’s a best friend or family member) who loves us for exactly who we are.

The reason why some of us try to cram loads of fattening food down our throas is for the simple reason that trying to find that someone has not been successful in the past. Also, it may be that you have been lazy about taking care of your body, and you simply don’t believe that you could ever attract someone to you looking and feeling the way you do. This is so not the case.

The fact is that there are far more people who are NOT in good shape than there are people who are smoking hot. I’d say that only about 5% of people are satisfied with the way they look. Most are not.

So, then, why are we so afraid to find someone in the same place that we are? Do we not believe that simply because you lust after the person that is way out of your league that everyone is like this?

I would venture to guess that many men and women would be thrilled to be with someone just like you! If you only believed this truth in your own soul, you’d probably find that person.

I once sat next to a great couple at a fundraiser for the Public Library. The wife was on the board of directors, vivacious and sweet, but very overweight. The husband was what I call a muscle mutt, stunningly attractive. But he only had eyes for her. I assumed that they had probably been married for a long time and that maybe she was thin when they had met. Not true. They had only been married for 2 years. Saw the wedding pics. She was the same weight when they got married.

It was in that moment I realized there is simply someone for everyone. The muscle mutt man wasn’t so brilliant as his wife. He was more the fixer-type. I could see immediately that he needed her expertise and wisdom as much as she probably enjoyed having a hottie to hold on to during this beautiful occasion. Like doesn’t always attract like.

I’m not saying, either, that we should look for people who lack what we have. I’m saying that you should love yourself and believe that who are is a Spirit made of love and light. The rest will follow. Who you attract will be dependent upon how much love you want to give out in your life and how open your heart is.

Trust me, I have attracted a lot of losers in my life because of my loving spirit. We must also have a great amount of wisdom when it comes to who we invite into our lives.

What you must look for in a partner:

1. Trustworthiness

2. A Sense of Security

3. Neither Avoidant or Needy

4. On the same path spiritually with you

5. Having space and time for you; and of course

6. Is authentic and secure with his or her life.

The above is an idealistic list. You always sow the seeds of your highest expectation in the supreme consciousness, then God begins to grow the plant. We can only sow the seeds and continue to believe by acting “as if” we are already ready for our dream to come true. Spirit does the rest. This is true in the earth as we sow seeds into the fertile soil. Spirit shows us that this is an example of how the law of attraction works.

We can only water the seed of our dream and wait. We can’t overwater and pull up the plants out of the ground.

Remember: today that your dreams are about to happen when you believe with your entire heart that the possibilities of the universe are endless.

Read more about fulfilling your destiny and changing your life with the right prayers and belief in my latest book: Your New Story, Your New Life.

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