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Creationism, Science, and Extraterrestrials—Part IV—My Story Continued…

I spent more time thinking about God, who I was in the world, and why was I on the earth. #Religion (#Creationism), #Science, and #Extraterrestrials continued to be an intrigue even as a young teenager (11-14).

When I consider the questions I asked at such a young age with no provocation, I realize now that I was a wonderer of sorts on the Earth. I knew there was a purpose for me, and I would continue to search for that purpose until I found it.

I noticed that church became an even more important part of my path. I studied more, went to catechism at the Catholic Church, St. Philomena, and considered what other religions believed. I was so anxious to understand that I let a woman almost lead me into going to her local Jehovah’s Witness meeting.

I met a woman at the bank, where my sister would take me to add my paperboy money to my savings account. My eldest sister would wait in the car while I stood in line to make my deposit. This made way for many elders to ask me questions about why I was there alone.

One particular woman took the opportunity to introduce me to the same religion that would periodically knock at our door and give us magazines about the “Good News.” Of course, I was intrigued. But, when I shared with a few of my elderly friends what I was looking into—Jehovah’s Witness. they shut me down immediately.

Unless you were a Jehovah’s Witness, in Beaver Falls, Pa., you frowned upon the religion that wouldn’t allow your children to stand during the “Pledge of Allegiance” in school. I could see that adults didn’t like this religion, but that only made me intrigued enough to read the information she gave me and look up the religion in the one place in our house that I could get an unbiased opinion of anything—the encyclopedia. These precious books, my father purchased when my siblings and I were all very young. Often my father would just point to the back bedroom when we had a question he didn’t want to answer. “That’s why I spent $150 on the damn things. Use them!” he would say. I spent hours looking through the encyclopedias, page by page, trying to unlock the mysteries of the universe and the world.

Meanwhile, there was always something strange going on around the house. My sisters were finding steady boyfriends, a fiancé for the eldest and kissing and making out for the others. My brother continued to find more ways to get in trouble with the police with drugs and alcohol. One day my brother had taken (or was given) some kind of drug that put him in the emergency room. My mother and father actually were told he was going to die if they didn’t find out what he had taken. The police found my brother’s friends and pressed them until some “friend” told the police he was given a dog tranquilizer. He finally was given an antidote and was save.

I simply knew that what my brother was becoming, I wanted no part of being. My father detested his behavior, though continued to bail him out of jail and trouble, since my father was very connected with the police department.

Italians in those days (The Sons of Italy) seemed to have leverage in every area of the government and law. That part of my father’s life continues to be a big mystery to me, even today. I can assume my father was active in groups that had some kind of power over the government, but I’m not sure how involved my father had become in any mafia behavior.

Being Italian and being Catholic went hand in hand. That much I knew. Those that were mean and detestable in my eyes made their way with heavy make-up and furs to mass every Sunday and sat in the front row. They would cry at the feet of Jesus. I guess that made everything they did okay—to them. I wasn’t convinced God had winked an eye or removed them from any kind of Karma (even though I didn’t know the meaning of that word then).

What all of this meant to me, even then, was that something was very wrong with Catholicism. I loved Jesus and God, that much I knew, but I didn’t accept the people and the teaching that surrounded me. I needed and wanted to more!






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Again, meditation is a step in spiritual development we must be on to get stronger spiritual and identify our paths on this Earth. Our entire purpose for being on this Earth is to get stronger and stronger in Love and Compassion. When we make choices that benefit the ego self, we often go in the wrong direction in life; this would include choices that are based in fear.

Fear is not love. Anything in your life that presents itself as fear is an illusion trying to keep your from a God Choice or a Miracle!

Join me again for more of my story in the next blog…

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Creationism, Science, and Extraterrestrials—My Story Continued…

Where I left Off from the Last Blog…


I was seven and just had my first encounter with what I’ll call God or an angel. Even my husband was curious as to what I meant by this and if it related all to my extraterrestrial dream. He wondered if I had thought I had been abducted or simply dreamed it. I want to explain today.

The majority of the reason why I put the picture of the ET on the front of the blog was because this is the image most of us see in our minds when we think of a being from another planet. This figure is not what I saw in my bedroom. The dream of being operated on, actually will be explained at the end of this blog. However, the blue light and the voice that came to me appeared to be benevolent. At 7 years old is anyone wise enough to know if he has encountered a positive or negative?

Personally, I believe that I was wise enough to know. I came into this world with more understanding of my past lives and purpose for this life than most people and still remember what I thought about life, even now.

I remember times in my crib when I was less than two years old. I remember smells and sounds and comparing them to the celestial place that I had come from, which now I believe is Sirius (Canus major and Minor). I had always felt as if I was a stranger on Earth, however, I knew I was in a place in which I was entirely intrigued and was meant to be here.

However, with this kind of beginning, you can imagine that many negatives (Negatives and Positives exist simultaneously on our Earthly plane because of where we are in our spiritual growth. Again, I’ll explain more later. ) were trying to impede my path.

I had a brother and a father who always tried to get me to be a model male human, when all I wanted to be was androgynous and play in the wildflowers, examining the bees and birds, and building interesting edifices with my Erector Set. I remember neighbors and relatives commenting on how adult I was from a very young age. This, of course, made making friends a difficult chore. However in the 1960s neighbors became built in friends. They walked to school with you. They ate lunch with you. They caught lightning bugs and bumble bees in jars for fun.

The children weren’t the negative influence on my life. It was times like when my father said to my mother and to me after I went a little too close to his bare feet resting on the coffee table: “Don’t let him smell men’s feet. He’ll become a fag.” Even at 7 or 8 years old, I understood that was a horrible thing to become.

So, understanding that I was unlike those around me was the first step toward spiritual development. This is called mirroring. When you see reflections of things and compare your life and your situation with that of what you see. I was unlike my friends, but wanted to conform enough to be loved and be a part of the group.

Still, my dreams were wild and I remember being able to feel the whirring sound of my brain, which was constantly computing everything it saw, as if it were some sort of computer (they weren’t around then). It was then I had the recurring dream, which later made me believe that I could have been abducted by an ET.

My reasoning for believing this was from books I had read about dreams that abductees had had. The dreams I had seemed to mirror that. However, as one so can interpret dreams (mostly others more than my own), I see now that the place I was (under my parent’s bed) was a scary place to be, because they constantly fought and yelled horrible things about each other.

The dream was this: my body would become as flat as a piece of paper and be whisked from my bed on a breeze to float under my parent’s bedroom door and beneath their bed.

Under their bed was a large cauldron similar to the one in this picture. I would feel as if I something was trying to put me in the kettle to cook me. I would scream and fight until often I would wake up sweating and spend the rest of the night praying to the God that had appeared to me for protection.

I never saw an ET figure in the dream. I just dreams of hands trying to grab me and force me into the pot. At this point, I would definitely believe that these were negative influences from either my parent’s discord or from other planets trying to influence my growth.

You see, I do believe that without negatives and positives giving us choices in this world, we have no litmus test as to which direction we are going—toward Spirit or away from Love.

For me, I knew I had no intention of going toward that cauldron, which represented negativity and evil to me. I wanted to be back in my bed as a human again so that I could control the thoughts in my mind.

Again, this is a step in spiritual development we must be on to get stronger spiritual and identify our paths on this Earth. Our entire purpose for being on this Earth is to get stronger and stronger in Love and Compassion. When we make choices that benefit the ego self, we often go in the wrong direction in life; this would include choices that are based in fear.

Fear is not love. Anything in your life that presents itself as fear is an illusion trying to keep your from a God Choice or a Miracle!

Join me again for more of my story in the next blog…

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Take the opportunity to read Your New Story, Your New Life, my last book, which defines how to change your external life by changing your mind and your thoughts and gives you exercises to accomplish this.

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The Search for God #spiritualgrowth #Scienceofmind #psychology #spiritualadvice

Even in our worst days of confusion, even when we compartmentalize our feelings in the deepest places of our heart, even when we go on vacation from life and thinking; somewhere in the depth of our understanding, we always search for the meaning of life. Within that meaning holds the ultimate question: What or Who is God?

Even people who are avowed Atheists have thought about this question; otherwise, they could not have come to a realization that God does not exist. So, let us just say that almost everyone is born with a homing device within that searches for this ultimate question.

As children, we have no shape or form to our thoughts about God until someone steps in and forms one for us. So, what of children who are left with religion and develop their own sense of truth without family or society painting us a clear picture of God?

A study conducted by the University of Chicago has found that children raised in non-religious households are kinder and more altruistic than those raised with religion. The study that was published in the journal Current Biology looked at 1170 children between the ages of 5 and 12 years in six countries (Canada, China, Jordan, Turkey, USA, and South Africa) and examined “the religiousness of their household, and parent-reported child empathy and sensitivity to justice.” The study found that “family religious identification decreases children’s altruistic (unselfish) behaviors” and “children from religious households are harsher in their punitive tendencies.” In other words, children raised in the absence of religion are more giving and generous, as the study states:

Across all countries, parents in religious households reported that their children expressed more empathy and sensitivity for justice in everyday life than nonreligious parents. However, religiousness was inversely predictive of children’s altruism and positively correlated with their punitive tendencies…

Our findings contradict the commonsense and popular assumption that children from religious households are more altruistic and kind toward others. In our study, kids from atheist and non-religious families were, in fact, more generous,” said Prof. Jean Decety who led the study. (Patheos.com, 2015)

This study does not challenge my belief in God. It challenges my belief in religion. I have come to see a great chasm between true Spirituality and Religion. Those of us who consider ourselves “spiritual” are moving farther and farther away from those who say they are religious, who tend to be moving closer to the Right-Winged beliefs of a Moral and Judgmental God with punitive attributes.

I remember the first time I said to myself, “I don’t want to believe in a God like that of these religious fanatics!” I sat waiting for a moment in the silence, wondering if I would get hit by lightning. Well, I am still here to write this Blog, so I must have found a sense of God that won’t strike me down for considering a believe other than what religion has taught me.

I’m not sure any of us will find God or will be able to define God, because by the definition: God is all things, everywhere. So, to define Spirit as good or bad, beautiful or ugly, fat or skinny, we would be completely remiss. We may, however, begin by examining our own self to view a reflection of God that may tell us more about Spirit than we have ever considered.


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