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How Dense Are You? #planetaryvibrations #yourpurposeonearth #SpiritualLiving

My hands are typing, and yet my mind is completely still. I believe sincerely that even my own humanness, sometimes, inhibits me with depression, illness, a lackluster idea of the future, and mostly problems separating my human past with the absolute truth of the NOW. When I am on track, I see the truth as if it were perfectly clear 100% of the time. But, when I wake up feeling poorly and am hindered by my human clothes I now wear, sometimes, it’s as if I live in a fog that will not lift no matter how many prayers I prayer or how long I meditate.

I often forget that I am a spirit, living in a very dense, very heavy human body. My spiritual memories of times past in other forms and other bodies are that of peace. The maladies of my human body now are often just my spiritual memory reflecting on the perfect connection between my spiritual density and where I once dwelled as JUST spirit.

Here, on this earth, I am inclined to feel like a wanderer in a body that just does not fit or suit me. I am mostly uncomfortable in my skin. I am allergic to the ways around me. My body and my spirit seem to fight off that which does not serve me. If all of these attributes seem to fit you, you are simply dealing with the paradigm of your spiritual essence living in a human body for a reason, a purpose, that you chose before your time on this earth. The only thought that you are able think to inhibit this uncomfortable feeling is: I am here for a greater purpose!

What might that purpose be?

Well, if you are spirit-driven and are on this earth at this time, you are specifically here to bring positive energy to a planet that is on a path toward destruction. So, if you cannot figure out why you are so uncomfortable living every day on this earth, with your job, the people around you, and especially in your human body, you can rest assured there is a greater reason for your being. You are here, on earth, to lighten the load for those blind human beings who cannot see the destruction they cause on the earth.

How do we do this? As I have said countless times in the past, meditation is the absolute way we can connect to our spiritual body and download, as it were, enough positive energy to contribute to the change of the earth in this time of vast reconfiguration on the planet.

Fear not, my beautiful spiritual friends. We are all feeling this uncomfortable pattern in our human state. But, we must get to our spiritual place in meditation as much as possible to keep our mind charged with spiritual positivity to give back to the planet. When you hear something negative going on around you; this is the time to emit your positive charge into the universe. You are needed now, more than ever, as the world is evolving and changing in a vast and quick manner. We must collect our energy as light givers and work together to enhance the positive vibration of the planet to save it from its own demise.

Think on these things. Find others who believe the way you do. Form groups to meditate together. Find a prayer partner and use your powers together to think greater, more powerful thoughts for the world and for your own human paradigm. If you are not here to make change, then who is?


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A Future with no Fear

It’s hard for me to imagine waking up any day without one bit of fear. I suppose that most of us have a modicum of fear in our hearts about abandonment, being alone, financial ruin, pain, or death. Can you conceive of what it might be like to get rid of even the residual effects of fear and be left with nothing but a clear picture of the ally we have in Unlimited Good just waiting to bless us each day?

I want to believe in a life of total good. I truly do. But, it’s hard for me to believe I can live in that part of my brain that only sees my possibilities, not my faults. This kind of life would take a tremendous amount of practice with meditation and the understanding of living in the frontal cortex or observer side of the brain. Plus, I would have to do learn this technique in a compassionate way.

Jesus said in the book of James that “we do not have, because we ask not.”

So, we would have to imagine that the Master of human nature understood the idea that human life has a great deal to do with attaining experiential understanding—physically and mentally. So, if we ate bread for a meal every day and never heard of Thai food, we could never know to ask for the exotic flavors of a rich, red curry.

Not only do we have to ask, but we must strive to experience and expand our parameters in life to know what to ask for. If you thought bread was the best you could have, you could—and would—only ask for more bread. But knowing all the wonderful food that exists in the world would give you the opportunity to ask for bigger and better and more wonderful flavors. In the asking, Jesus also requires that you “expect” to receive from the abundance of God the Father.

There is an Indian tradition that I learned in an ashram that talks about eating bland, flavorless food, so that you teach the body not to lust after more than it needs to survive. This theory is the complete opposite of seeking pleasure in earthly things. It could be assumed that if you put aside that which is physical—forgot about fancy cars, clothes, lush food, tasty drinks, and sex—that the propensity for the mind would be consumed with only spirituality.

However, that is hardly the case. When I lived in NYC as a minister, I decided I was going to live without any kind of sexuality until marriage. I spent almost five years completely celibate, not even touching myself beyond bathing.

I can tell you from that experience that the only thing you achieve from deprivation is lust for more and more of what you don’t have. My journals are filled with uncontrollable dreams of night sweats, strong desires, and the natural release of the human body, even when no attention is paid to it.

I also was a vegan then. I believed that harming animals to eat was not good. My life was still filled with good vegetarian food, but I weighed 128 pounds and was 5’10” tall. I looked like I was withering away by most standards in the United States.

Being a vegetarian wasn’t difficult for me. I loved trying new and interesting food to take the place of meat. My palate expanded instead of closing down. When I taste food now, I can tell you almost exactly what it was seasoned with in a couple bites. Most of the time I can recreate a food dish from memory.

So, our senses are an important part of the human experience. My question to you is: are we living on the earth as spirit beings or are we trying to attain spirituality by depriving the body?

If I believed I am an eternal spirit placed in a human body for only a unestimatable time, then I am more apt to want to understand God’s purpose for me being human. I may not be as devoted to release my physical temptations to discover my true spiritual self, when I know that my true self—without my humanness—really would have no problem with overeating, sexuality, lust, finding the right clothes, or disparaging about the correct mate.

I might just decide that the angels look upon the humans in awe, because it is an amazing event that a spirit is living in a human body. What can this human condition produce? Can we learn from our experience all that we need to go on from this human existence to be helpers in the eternal universal of God? Can living in a body and a world that has both good and evil, negativity and positivity be the way we learn our lessons?

That is my hope. I believe in an eternal existence where the human body is no longer needed and our spiritual essence moves on to a great place of understanding and maturity. What that might be, I can only imagine.

* * *

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