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Is Wholeness an Outward Condition?

When we think of being whole, our minds go to a healthy body, generally. But wholeness starts with inspiration from spirit, spreads to the mind. The mind then directs the body to complete the picture of a total oneness.

When you consider working toward health, begin with your relationship to God or Spirit. I don’t have any particular propensity to get anyone to have the same spiritual belief I have, so don’t think about spirituality as a Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, etc. belief. Spirituality is simply your connection to the universe and decided purpose on earth. If you can find that belief without having any kind of spiritual or religious affiliation, so be it.

Personally, I have more of a Christian background, as I was a Pentecostal minister for a while. But as I have grown to see God as one with all and breaking the tiny boundaries of books and bibles, my beliefs have changed toward a Buddhist practice with a Christian Godhead. It works for me.

Buddhism doesn’t have a deity. Buddha is simply shows the path to Nirvana. So, you can practice Buddhism and have your deity be God or Jesus. That works for me and feels comfortable in my skin. It has taken me many years to discover who I am spiritually, but the path of understanding has begun a road to total wholeness in my mind as well.

Now that I know what I believe and how to practice what I understand to be truth, I know that God has created us in It’s Image. If that is true, then we, too, are creators. If I am a creator, I look toward the way Jesus and God created. I can perform miracles—mind and body; I can see the future; and I can be led by angels and spirits of God. When I believe this about life, I begin to take action.

For instance, Jesus said, “Physician, heal thyself!”

I take His message to heart. I become an observer of my life and my body. I watch the ways my mind works and my body functions. To create effective change in either, I must have a fair picture of what wholeness is, and then compare my life to that image.

When I see where I am falling behind, developing illness, creating bad thoughts, I know for sure that the expression of my life is going to follow a negative path. When I see things positively, can picture my body whole and alive, I know that eventually my life will move in that direction. There has never been a time in your life that something good or bad hasn’t without it first starting with a thought. If you think bad things are going to happen, they usually do. Conversely, if you believe in the power of good and imagine prosperity, that, too, will happen.

So, as an observer, I take every thought and action into captivity and create positive change with affirmations (speaking or repeating the opposite, positive truth about myself and a bad situation), see myself as whole (learn to imagine in meditation and prayer that spirit is working on my behalf and leading me to a healthy body). This would also include being led on my own behalf to paths more fruitful and loving, eating healthier, exercising, and quitting bad habits that affect the body negatively.

So, the path to wholeness starts with finding a spiritual path that works for you. From there, use that path to create positive change in your mind. The mind then uses its God-given power to affect perfect and lasting change in your human body and in your ego mind.

If you use this formula, I promise your life will change within weeks. Of course, you must have faith—even the size of grain of mustard seed—that you have this power and God has given it to you as part of being a child of the universe. That is why the idea of spirituality is the most effective way to find change in your life.

Psychological studies have proven that people with a spiritual belief are more likely to get off of drugs, change habits and heal quicker. These statistics are written in scientific studies and proven by the myriad of people using the power of spirit and mind in body to make life long, effective change. And so it is!

* * *

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Is the Drama in Your Life the Only Excitement in Your Life?

Is the Drama in Your Life the Only Excitement in Your Life?

Have you ever known someone to have a life filled with drama, only to be bereft of real, solid happiness and peace? We often call this kind of person a Drama Queen, whether it’s a guy or a gal.

Drama can be very addictive if it is your means for self-importance in the world. When you derive all of your meaning from life by the amount of turmoil you can conjure, you know you have a problem. As I have gotten older, I tend to stay farther and farther away from this type of person. Their energy is life-sucking.

As a young man I had a lot of drama in my life, most of it not self-imposed. But our early years are when we learn how to manage life and love. So it stands to reason, that we may try to recreate drama, should our lives stop having considerable meaning.

I remember a time when I truly started to feel the Peace of God in my life. Strange doesn’t begin to describe the feeling that enveloped me. I was used to a life of struggle, fear, and anxiety. So, when peace came to visit, all I felt was a big, fat void. It felt strange and lifeless. It was similar, I guess, to the feeling cigarette smokers say they feel when they stop having a cigarette in their hands after they quit.

What do I do now? What is emptiness about? Is peace a “something” to do?

A very smart therapist told me once that I needed to take a year or two off from relationship, because I didn’t know what it meant to be alone. I spent many years fighting the assignment, until I began to reflect on what I just described about peace.

What I really was running from in being alone… was God. Peace was the presence of God. I felt uncomfortable in the presence of Spirit, to put it bluntly. Until I could sit alone and be fine with it, I decided, I was going to forgo any kind of new relationship. This was no longer an assignment for a therapist; it was a spiritual dictum.

I made a good choice. The first few weeks were hell. I sat alone with the television on, the computer on my lap with four open chat windows, played online games, and talked on the phone. What I didn’t do was be alone. It took weeks before I began to shut out the social media and disturbing crime dramas, which only reflected my inner turmoil even more. Soon, I began to take small chunks of time to the silence.

There I met a surprising guest—someone I didn’t imagine still existed. His name was Bobby. He was about seven years old. He hid out in a closet underneath his brother’s clothes during the day. His only source of light was a LiteBrite with the pretty colored pegs forming the shape of a butterfly.

He didn’t talk to me for a long time. But I knew that the key to finding peace in my silence was talking to him. So, I waited for him to trust me.

Soon I heard a whisper, “Did you come to save me?”

“Do you want to be saved?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” he answered. “Can I trust you NOW?”

I was thrown a curve for a moment by the word NOW. You see, Bobby was the name all my family called me when I was a child. Bobby was who had been abused. And I guess he felt like I had somehow betrayed him as an adult.

Of course, this conversation was going on in my mind, as self-hypnosis, if you haven’t already figured that out. So, my job as the compassionate, omniscient observer—the place of the soul when you are in hypnotic trance—was to discover what I could do as an adult to gain back the trust of my inner child through these self-induced conversations.

What I realized soon was that my choices as an adult had been less than healthy for young Bobby. I had gone into relationships without the consent of my heart, without inner peace, and more importantly, without the consent of Bobby. Did he feel safe? Did he feel at peace? Did he feel ready to move forward with love? Or was he still scared inside?

These answers helped shape a new paradigm of thinking for me. I realized that living—in most of us—is a young, underdeveloped child, waiting to be nurtured by our adult self. This child can be the key to recovery for many relationship issues, anxiety and stress.

If you struggle with something that is so deep that it goes beyond your verbal, cognitive self, you may be looking to uncover a piece of your old soul who needs to be nurtured back to health, before your adult self can be released into total freedom to move forward into peace.


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Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings

Feelings… Nothing More than Feelings.

When I think of the cheesiest song you can imagine, I often think of “Feelings.” But when I actually break down the words and look at them spiritually, I think the writer may have had a good point.

In matters of love and work and anger and even joy, how long does one really hold on to his/her feelings. AND… the big AND is that these ephemeral, fleeting feelings usually take you to a place of deep healing and retrospect you needed to get to in your next step on your path toward wherever you’re going toward in life and spiritually. I know they have in my world.

Granted all feelings are different. Some are skin deep, some go down to the depths of your being and stick in your crawl for a long time until you deal with them in counseling or with a forgiveness coach. But either way, the feelings change. They morf into something different daily. This shows us that they are moving, changing things.

I like a story my pastor told yesterday about a nonbelieving brain surgeon.  He was asked about believing in spirituality. The brain surgeon  said, “When I operate on a brain, I don’t see spirit.”

The wise man answered, “When you operate on a brain, do you see a thought? Surely you believe thoughts exist.”

I guess seeing a thought would be the same as seeing a feeling. Who doesn’t believe a feeling exists? Yet, there is no evidence of one in matter or form.  They change and effect matter as something tangible.

When you have a feeling, the best thing to do is to sit with it. Figure out where its coming from. Is it an old feeling that has come up from a trigger that happened recently. Or are you sitting on a feeling that happened from an action someone did or an action that happened recently? When you discover what kind of feeling you have, the next thing to do is to take it to God or Spirit.

Let’s face it. We are hopelessly deficient in changing our minds and feelings. We can talk ourselves out of most things, but they have a way of staying somewhere in our subconscious mind and in our body. God, however, has a way of working spiritual, healing powers in your life to move you forward through your pain and into liberation, if you are willing to feel what is there and work through it.

If someone leaves your life, trust me, you are not just feeling the departure of that person. You are feeling every abandonment issue from your entire life. So, it would be best to take the time to work through it now, before it bites you in the ass again.

I’m telling you this as a person who has spent 51 years looking at my pretty broken life and wondering if I could ever be whole. I took every opportunity to look deeply into my past and fit the pieces together, no matter how hard it was. One day I woke up and I realized I was on the way to normal.

You can do it too. One step at a time. One feeling at a time. With God’s help, and maybe the help of a someone who understands the process…


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