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What Is Your Story as of Today?

I wrote a book a couple of years back called “Your New Story, Your New Life.” The premise of the book lies in the idea that we #create_your_story everyday of your life. If you believe this and follow my directions on how to use your creative energy to change the negativity in your life, you will soon see your life blossom into something you only thought you could dream of.

My book, I would come to find out, was prophetic of my own life in the coming years. Last evening, my hubby and I were listening to a YouTube podcast about spirituality last night. The lecturer, Scott Mandleker, spoke about how most people on this earth right now, don’t like their jobs, their chosen mates, their homes, their life situations, their relationships. In fact, he said that almost a huge % of people dislike 2 of the 5 aspects of their lives, everyday, every moment.

After listening, Dave and I chatted about the impact the talk had on us, which is our usual course of action, before we prayer together. This is our nighttime ritual before sleep. Personally, I was taken by the fact that most people don’t like their lives or certain aspects of it. My first thought, though, was that I loved each part of my life, especially the parts Scott mentioned that most people hate.

I also remember thinking that there had been times in my recent past that I didn’t like a few aspects of my life. I asked myself and David what it was that he thought changed in the past few years that made the huge shift in both of our lives. (David also confided that he didn’t like his job, lack of relationship, and much of what he felt in his recent past was a stagnancy with lack of hope.)

Obviously, we realized that the #SHIFT BEGAN. Before we ever dated, we became prayer partners. Our lives immediately began to shift almost everyday. Dave was so shocked at how quickly his life began to turn around that he began to commit to the prayer even more. I had already written my book, but it wasn’t published. In fact, Dave was the one hired to design and create the book cover. Even though I believed everything that I had written in the book, I hadn’t seen the powerful work that prayer could do to change even the most miniscule parts of my life that weren’t to my exact liking.

When I first moved to Florida I was in a place where I had no idea what I wanted to be “when I grow up.” I literally put down my own spiritual paint brush and asked God to inspire a new vision for me, one that would create 100% happiness everyday in my work, in my relationships, in my family, and in my living situation.

When I think of where I started and where I am now, I believe that every seed that Dave and I had planted into the celestial garden of Spirit has not only grown, but has begun to bear much fruit.

For instance, We often prayed for prosperity. We didn’t pray for the kind of prosperity that is too much for any one person. We simply wanted to be taken care of and have some left over to give as we pleased and at least go out to dinner a couple of times a week. When we look at our financials, this year we have made 4x more this past four months than we did this time last year. FOUR times more! That’s huge.

Now, this is not to say that we haven’t opened scary doors that sometimes frightened us because we didn’t understand where they might lead. But our goal was always to encourage each other to open every positive door and see where God would take us. As a result, we have had the ride of our lives. Another example of this is: I had started painting as a hobby and a fun thing to do with my husband. In only a few months, I had sold 5 paintings. This is just an example of doing what your heart is inspired to do, inspite of your fears.

Dave, too, has had quite the reversal where his work has taken him. When he lived in Dublin, Ireland, he had worked in a job that never really served his higher purpose for so long that he began to feel that life would always be rough in this aspect of his life. It was hard for him to dig himself out of the hole he dug for himself, where work was concerned.

When we began praying together, within a month the company he worked for literally closed their doors. He was pushed out of the door and into life by a few of his helper angels, I’d say. Though scary, this was the best thing that could have ever happened in his life. This release of that job and a severance package is what led him to come to the states for a couple of visits. Of course, this is when we fell in love.

The rests is history.

My thought here—and I hope it’s your thought too—is that you can change your life today. You may need some support to help you in your prayer life, as I did. But this is also something you can pray for and ask Spirit to lead you to. Had I not said to Dave at the very beginning of our work relationship (he was going to design the cover of the exact book that I was talking about at the beginning of this blog), we would have never had the opportunity to commit each day to prayer, sowing seeds of truth into the spiritual world of thought… where all life and dreams begin.

As I have often said to my spiritual students, “You sow the seeds into the spiritual consciousness, and God grows the plant. This is the same action and metaphor that happens with an actual seed for any plant or flower. Plant it! Take care of it (with positive and hopeful thoughts)! The result is a beautiful and lovely flower, plant, or fruit tree that takes a little longer, but will bear fruit for many years.

HELP IS ONLY A PHONECALL AWAY. I am a life coach and spiritual coach. I work in person and online through Skype or FaceTime. The cost is minimal considering that your life will change exponentially when you begin this kind of spiritual work. I combine coaching with powerful hypnosis techniques that will teach you to meditate and enrich your prayer life in ways you never imagined.

Call today for an appointment: 954-253-6493

If you can’t afford an appointment, I’ll work with you on the cost. No one should be without spiritual advice and someone to help them to the next step spiritually.

Also, please read over blogs on this site that may lead you to some awareness you may not have known before. Of course, one of my books will help as well.

I pray you will never stop asking, and especially consider your asking for help a gift!

Namaste and much blessings.


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Crazy, Wonderful You!

Yesterday I had an interesting lunch date with a guy who was a manager of a car repair shop and had been married with three fully-grown children, the youngest was 23 years old. We had Thai food, which he had never had in his 48 years of life. We laughed through most of what could have been an uncomfortable lunch experience. I really enjoyed the time with him—so much so that I suggested a walk at Radnor afterwards.

We took his very butch and decked-out, brand, spanking new truck and left my old Beemer in the parking lot. When we got to Radnor, every person in town must have been thinking the same thing we had, because there was nowhere to park. He got anxious quickly and said, “I can’t sit around here all day,” the n whipped his car in reverse, and took off out of the parking lot.

We learn a lot about people in the first few hours we know them. You can write to them for a long time on-line and talk to them on the phone for awhile, but you never really know a person until you spend time with a person face-to-face.

“So,” I said, “what was that about? You seem a little angry.”

“Nah. I just have a bit of road rage. Maybe I need anger management,” he replied jokingly.

I replied, “You know, I wrote a book about relationships. One of the things I say in it is to watch how your date treats other people, because soon you will find yourself being treated the same way.”

You know, I’m not sure if I misspoke or should have just kept my mouth shut, but dating at this age makes you older, wiser, and kind of sick of bullshit. He had told me that he has been single for 14 years. I can see why. He told me it was about the hurt from his last break-up. I think it was more about the anger he is carrying now.

But he is a mirror for me too. I’m carrying around some anger, I’m sure. I know my back going out this week is probably, in part, about me feeling like I have been metaphorically stabbed in the back by my ex. Most people typically transport our feelings to our bodies when we are unable to process our feelings wisely or in due time.

Carolyn Myss wrote a great book about this called “Energy Anatomy” in 2001. It explains the chakra system and the ways we can hold or store negative and positive energy in each of our chakra systems. The book is a great read if you want to know more about the metaphors of energy and their psychic links to the body.

Humans are wired in a wonderful and crazy way. We have men addicted to fetishes who love their wives and can’t stop thinking of high heels when they have sex. We have women who would rather shop than have sex with their husbands. We have children garnering all the wrong behaviors from their parents from seeing behavior instead of listening to advise and learning from books. We have neuro-pathways shaping and tricking our human minds into paths we should never follow. But behind it all, we are wonderfully made of God. We should never forget that great standard. We have hope and power beyond measure, because we have within us a spark of unlimited goodness that can always be nurtured to grow and change us in exponential ways.

I love you and God loves you. I hope you know that today!

* * *

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