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Unconscious and Stressed

I woke up this morning after having a night filled with hateful dreams of being abandoned and unloved. This subconscious dream begs for my attention this morning. What exactly happens in the subconscious mind between the time you go to bed and wake up?

First of all, the subconscious mind hold the keys to many neuro-connections in the brain that can cause a movie to play in your mind that is untrue for you now. These connections started long before you had the opportunity to correct the thinking. When Mom left the room and didn’t come back for hours, you felt abandoned. You cried and cried, but she didn’t come for you. She, however, thought she was trying to train you for a full night of sleep. You, however, just recorded abandoned thoughts.

Dad left when you were young. You never saw him again until you were fifteen. He was drunk and uncaring. You recorded that no man will ever stay with you. All he was thinking about was his addiction. His situation had nothing to do with you.

Our lives are filled with these kinds of scenarios that don’t autocorrect in the brain when we realize that the situation was not about us. They stay permanently locked in the subconscious mind.

In my case, last night was the first night I had to be without my new love. He was on a bus to a singing engagement. He called and texted ten times. There was secure connection in reality. I had no reason to feel what I felt. But when I fell asleep, all the old thoughts of abandonment from my childhood and from past relationships crept up from my subconscious mind and expressed themselves in dreams of despair.

The idea now is to wake up and reacquaint myself with the truth. This is the hard part. For some reason, we want to wallow in the negativity. It is the human process to do so. Outside it is raining and dreary today. I have SIDS, so weather really affects my outlook. This definitely is contributing to the feeling of sadness, though I have nothing to be down about at all. Truly.

So, this morning, I woke up and prayed. This was my prayer: “God, I know that you are unlimited love and good. I know that I am surround by that love and the love you have provided for me in my physical life. Help me feel and sense the awareness of that love now. Fill my mind with thoughts of reconciling my negative feelings with the truth of Who and What You are. Let me let go and let God, so that I can be a conduit of all that is loving in the world!”

I have to say that after the prayer, I am still sitting in a bit of funk, but then there is faith. Every time I feel sadness, I remember the prayer and recall the many times in my life when I thought I was unprotected and realized that God had everything in control.

These are the times in life when we must always come out of the human reptilian brain and observe in quiet compassion what we feel, how we act, and see the future through the eyes of omniscient love.

* * *

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Feelings, Nothing More than Feelings

Feelings… Nothing More than Feelings.

When I think of the cheesiest song you can imagine, I often think of “Feelings.” But when I actually break down the words and look at them spiritually, I think the writer may have had a good point.

In matters of love and work and anger and even joy, how long does one really hold on to his/her feelings. AND… the big AND is that these ephemeral, fleeting feelings usually take you to a place of deep healing and retrospect you needed to get to in your next step on your path toward wherever you’re going toward in life and spiritually. I know they have in my world.

Granted all feelings are different. Some are skin deep, some go down to the depths of your being and stick in your crawl for a long time until you deal with them in counseling or with a forgiveness coach. But either way, the feelings change. They morf into something different daily. This shows us that they are moving, changing things.

I like a story my pastor told yesterday about a nonbelieving brain surgeon.  He was asked about believing in spirituality. The brain surgeon  said, “When I operate on a brain, I don’t see spirit.”

The wise man answered, “When you operate on a brain, do you see a thought? Surely you believe thoughts exist.”

I guess seeing a thought would be the same as seeing a feeling. Who doesn’t believe a feeling exists? Yet, there is no evidence of one in matter or form.  They change and effect matter as something tangible.

When you have a feeling, the best thing to do is to sit with it. Figure out where its coming from. Is it an old feeling that has come up from a trigger that happened recently. Or are you sitting on a feeling that happened from an action someone did or an action that happened recently? When you discover what kind of feeling you have, the next thing to do is to take it to God or Spirit.

Let’s face it. We are hopelessly deficient in changing our minds and feelings. We can talk ourselves out of most things, but they have a way of staying somewhere in our subconscious mind and in our body. God, however, has a way of working spiritual, healing powers in your life to move you forward through your pain and into liberation, if you are willing to feel what is there and work through it.

If someone leaves your life, trust me, you are not just feeling the departure of that person. You are feeling every abandonment issue from your entire life. So, it would be best to take the time to work through it now, before it bites you in the ass again.

I’m telling you this as a person who has spent 51 years looking at my pretty broken life and wondering if I could ever be whole. I took every opportunity to look deeply into my past and fit the pieces together, no matter how hard it was. One day I woke up and I realized I was on the way to normal.

You can do it too. One step at a time. One feeling at a time. With God’s help, and maybe the help of a someone who understands the process…


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