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Margarine and Hydrogenated Peanut Butter

Margarine and Hydrogenated Peanut Butter

It has been a long time since I wrote about the harm in certain foods. When companies take an oil and add an atom to the oil to make it a solid and pass it off as food, it is called hydrogenation. This is not good for your body. If your peanut butter does not have the word “natural” on the label and you are still using margarine instead of butter because it’s cheaper or you think it’s better for you, please switch to butter and natural nut butters. Your heart will thank me later. And so will your taste buds.

Refined sugar is another place where we tend to just look the other way. I read a while back that if refined white sugar were to have to pass through the stringent testing food has to go through to get on the market these days, it would never pass. It is basically poisonous to the body. There are no good qualities to white sugar.

There are, however, some really good substitutes that are great for you. I use Agave Nectar. One really good attribute about agave is that it’s a fruit sugar, which processes in the body completely different than other sugars. It processes slower. If you are diabetic or sensitive to sugar, Agave is a good substitute. I have exchanged agave for all my sugar intake, and I couldn’t be happier with the taste.

MSG… look for it on the ingredients list of all the things you buy that are pre-made.  It is a silent killer and most us are allergic to it. Monosodium Glutamate was create to make meat more tender, but has been used to flavor many foods and also used as a preservative. MSG can cause anything from gastro intestinal disorder to mimic symptoms of diseases with muscular disorders. People also tell me that it can keep them wide awake at night if they are allergic to it.

In any case, stay clear of it, especially for your children’s sake.

I’d love to hear stories today of how any of the above foods effected your body.

These are just a few things you can be looking for this week. I hope you have a pleasant and blessed week. Namaste.


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Crashing on Carbs

Crashing on Carbs.

I’ve had about 25 friends come up to me and say: “What were you thinking, trying to gain 10 pounds for the sake of compassion for your weight-loss clients?”

Honestly, I was halfway there already. I didn’t think it would be all that difficult. Carbs are such a temptation, especially when people give them to me and they lie around the house looking like a magic potion for joy!

Some loving sweetheart gave me a big bag of cinnamon rolls 3 days ago with white icing seductively dripping through every nook and cranny. They were made by a person who doesn’t use refined sugar and uses all natural sweeteners. However, they still were major carbs. Every time I looked in the direction of those cinnamon rolls, I forgot about the yogurt and watermelon in the refrigerator and dove right on them on the roll like a horny teenager.

I’ve decided, I just can’t have carbs around. Besides that, my mother’s sugar spikes to around 300 every time she just tastes something like that. And I caught her tasting the cinnamon rolls about 4-5 times in a day. Bad for Momma, bad for Bo.

However, let me tell you, I’m back to my normal weight, without any extra diet or exercise. My body just likes this weight. I’ve been 158 for about 20 years. Dang it, it will not have me gain one extra pound. That’s what I’ve decided. Even when I tried to use weight gaining powders and lift weights, I’d get sick to my stomach and throw up. My weight trainers were stymied by my body’s resistance to weight gain.

Maybe the reason why some people have so much trouble with weight is that they never show their bodies consistency. Mine knows it’s supposed to be 158. I’d like to know if anyone who is struggling with weight has really stayed at the same weight for a long time. I think that would be an interesting study.

Fluctuation isn’t a good way to share with your body what it needs or how it should act. I know that for sure. What every body needs is regimentation. Your body needs you to show it that you control it. That’s why Yogis start the day with breathing exercises. 6 counts in, 6 counts out for a few minutes. It lowers the blood pressure and communicates to your brain that the mind controls the body.

Your body is like a little child. It needs to know that you (the parent) are in control. Even if it sucks for the child sometimes. The child needs structure. The body needs structure. Give it some structure this week and see if it responds accordingly.

AND Get those damn carbs out of your house, and see how you feel with some fresh fruit and yogurt in your stomach.


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Taking Care of Your Body

Taking Care of Your Body

Don’t try to gain weight to see if you can to be compassionate to your clients. Dumb idea. I had a migraine all day yesterday, probably from trying to detox from all the junk I ate the last week. And from smelling some bad perfume. My body just can’t take eating or smelling crap.

Be good to yourself, as my dear friend Darrell says that God is saying to me. Your body is your temple! My temple feels like a junk yard right now. It is 3 am and I can’t sleep because the only thing I could eat last night was ice cream, because my stomach was so upset. Then, I guess, my sugar spiked, and now I’m up craving more sugar and I’m really dehydrated.

Lord, what a mess I’m in. It may take a day or two to get my body back in order. But I’m through with the overeating, for sure. And I’m craving sugar at every meal now. I guess the yeast in my body is really happy and well fed. I’ve got to deprive it of it sustinence to get back to normal.

All I can say to my dear friends and readers: Something in everyone’s body tells you when to stop; what is right to eat; what is wrong; what will give you energy; what will give you strength.

If you are having trouble losing weight, you just have to learn to listen again. Basically, what I learned these past few days is, to gain weight I had to “NOT” listen to every impulse in my body to make it function improperly. Just goes to show you and me, that learning to listen after so many years of treating myself with good food and exercise is a “practice.” If you do it daily, your body learns how to be what it needs to be and to act in a healthy way.

On an upnote… because i was up so late, my dear friend Tim from high school, who now lives in Italy, was on line and we got to chat. It’s been years. So, I’m thanking God for that. Love me some Tim. He is a professor at the Escuola de Musica in Rome.

Guess I’ll trying going back to sleep now. Buona Notte!


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