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The Worst News I’ve Ever Received!

A dear friend of mine made me aware that this month has been dedicated to Suicide Awareness. Just as I glanced at his reminder, I thought of my SEVEN (YES, SEVEN) dear friends who had taken their own lives for reasons no one really knows.

I recently had a scary call from a client who said his son told him he was going to commit suicide if his life didn’t change. My client was frightened. I calmly said that most people who admit to someone he is thinking about suicide is actually crying out for help or, unfortunately trying to manipulate you (especially in the case of addicts).

When someone is really contemplating suicide there are few signs, if any. Suicide comes out of the blue. It is from a person’s complete dedication to his or her plan that he or she actually carries out the last defining desire for life.


That’s why all of us must be very cautious and ask the right questions when it comes to listless behavior, solemn demeanors, frequent anxiety, and undiagnosed, severe depression. This is the SILENT CRY of those who may or will commit suicide.

When I look back at the friends who passed from taking their lives, I see people who are were loved by so many, had great personalities, and were successful, funny. They were most often the person in the crowd who picked up everyone else with a beautiful smile or kind thought. Every person I know who passed by suicide caused a shockwave in their communities that lasted for years. This is why I ask you to understand a little more, dig a little deeper, and become aware.

Psychology Today lists the 6 signs you may not know about suicide.

The New York Times also sheds some light on the shadows in this article.

Go to this link and take a look around. Maybe your 10 minutes will save a life.

If you sense you need to talk to someone for any of the above issues (either as a friend or the person having suicidal thoughts), give me a call.


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Be a Clown– The Whole World Loves a #Clown #suicide

Jesse, a 37-year-old actor living in New York City, loved to make people laugh. In fact, he would do or say just about anything to put a smile on the face of anyone in his company. His demeanor, when he was alone, was often solemn and disparaging, because no one needed to be pleased. His entire world was about the high he received when someone else was joyful. One day, Jesse realized that the world just didn’t have enough people to please, so he left it. Just like that. No explanation. No note. Just a dangling body from a stark white ceiling in a New York City loft.

Friends were aghast. People were astounded. “Not Jesse,” they exclaimed, “he was the happiest person I’ve ever seen in my life!” But was he? He made other people happy. He smiled to gain the pleasure of other people’s joy, but Jesse was very depressed. And, to everyone’s regret, his depression had gone undetected for years.

The suicide rate in America alone last year for middle-aged men was 27.3 per 100,000 people; the rate for women was 8.1 per 100,000. Why are middle-aged men at such a greater risk for suicide than women in America? One of the reasons, I see, after life coaching men of that age for 20+ years is that men have imbedded in their subconscious a need to be successful by a certain age. Married men have the added increase of responsibility of making everything in their world right. No one gave middle-aged men this responsibility in this day and age, but still it is deeply ingrained in their mind’s mainframe. Client after client tell me how hard it is to be the breadwinner of a family, because all of their own desires, wishes, and dreams have had to go on hold. I had one man tell me two weeks ago that he had completely given up on the idea that he would ever be happy.

According to the Suicide Awareness website (www.save.org), besides the common “talking about death, or feeling hopeless with no reason to live,” some of the common, more undetectable signs are:

  • Suddenly happier, calmer,
  • Giving things away, such as prized possessions,
  • Sleeping too little or too much,
  • Withdrawn or feeling isolated,
  • Displaying extreme mood swings,
  • Loss of interest in things one cares about,
  • Visiting or calling people to say goodbye, and
  • Making arrangements; setting one’s affairs in order.

All therapist, psychologists, and psychiatrists know this fact, and it has been  written as a warning symbol on every antidepressant since increasing signs of suicide had been occurring after taking an SSRI, especially in teens, in 2006. The risk, according to the CDC, is 7.9 out of 100,000 teens may choose suicide, while taking an antidepressant. The paradox in the findings is that statisticians can’t really decide if suicide is the result of the depression itself or the medication.

However, remembering when I first began my antidepressant, 25 years ago, I visited the Grand Canyon with my 13-year-old nephew. I remember him crying, because I had walked out onto a precipice over 1500 feet high, onto a flimsy branch that could have broken in an instant. I could have easily fallen to my death. But I felt so indestructible at that time.

As a result of that experience, I believe, that the reason for suicidal thoughts coming from taking an antidepressant for the first few weeks is more about someone who has been contemplating suicide, suddenly having the courage to actually succeed.

I know this is one of those subjects no one really wants to discuss, but for some reason, it bears being said, today. Perhaps, someone out there has a family member or a friend in a precariously mental situation that needs attention. Or, maybe, you have a child who exhibits unusually desperate signs. After having five good friends, over the years, take their lives for no apparent reason, even having had dinner with one the night before with no strange signs of remorse or pain, I know for a fact, we need to pay greater attention, if not for the friend or family member thinking about suicide, but for all the people left in the wake.



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No Do-Overs: #Suicide and #Suicidal Thoughts

On a cold day in winter, after I had lived in Nashville for one year, a friend from New Jersey called me who attended my church. He wanted me to be the last person he would talk to before the overdose, he just took, began to take effect. He shared with me that he just didn’t love life enough to stay with us. He said that his gay life was too painful, and he would rather be with God. At that time, I was a very devout Christian minister, and reminded him of the scripture that suggests, that if you take your own life, this is the worst sin. At that time, I believed in hell, and I thought my friend’s soul was destined for it.

As he was from 500 miles away, for some reason, he thought I could do nothing about his fate. But, after talking with him and saying goodbye, I looked up his address, called the local police, and saved him from his own misdoing. About two months later, I received a phone call from him. Though, he wasn’t angry with me, he was still depressed. I suggested that he see a psychologist and find some medicine that would help him with his depression.

My friend was one of 750,000 suicide attempts in the U.S. a year. This fact, according to Suicide.org, is rather amazing; but, only 30,000 of those 750,000 attempts, actually die. The main cause of these attempts is untreated depression.

So, most people who try suicide are crying out for help. Can we hear them? I had a doctor friend who had four children. His youngest child just couldn’t seem to kick drugs. He would start college, be doing fine, then, suddenly, my friend would get a call. His son was in the hospital because of an overdose. My dear friend tried to help in every way, even giving up his personal life to take care of and nurture his son. They went on mission trips together. They even both got engaged at the same time. Two weeks before the intended marriage, my friend’s son hung himself. Suicide is real. Depression is real. But, how much have we done as a nation and a society to help stop it? I’m not sure that we’ve done enough.

Three of my dearest friends in the world have committed suicide, with no indication in my mind that anything was even wrong. In fact, I would say the successful suicides are well thought out and are enacted without a hitch. The only issue is the right time and the perfect storm of emotions to make the act actually happen. Two of the three of my friends successfully killed themselves when they had begun a regimen of a new antidepressant for only about two weeks. One of the issues with taking an antidepressant is the risk of suicide in the first three weeks of taking the medication. If you have a client or friend who just started a new psychotropic medication, the effects of a new antidepressant can be euphoric and cause a sense of fearlessness, which causes someone who is planning suicide the perfect opportunity to enact a deed that would be frightening for most.

Be aware and get the fact. Maybe, you, too, can help someone silently crying out for help!

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