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A Symphony of Mechanisms: Mindful Eating

If you chew a mouthful of food long enough to thank all of the people who have gone into growing, cooking, manufacturing, touching, shipping, stocking, pricing it—you may be chewing for ten minutes or longer. Yet, this is a practice of some cultures called Mindful Eating. This is why most of the food in these cultures come directly from the garden to the table. Almost every situation in life takes a symphony of mechanisms to complete the action. Eating is at the top of the list.

Another example of this #Symphony_of_Mechanisms: touching a warm blanket to your face. The symphony of mechanisms would include nerve ending on your face, neural pathways to your brain, a particular portion of the brain emitting chemicals to cause you to feel comforted, etc. Everything in the world, if broken down to its smallest mechanism—in the case of digestion, for instance—is a symphony of chewing, digestive juices, harmonious vitamins, minerals, various organs in the body moving nutrition to the muscles and the blood stream.

The problem happens when we interrupt this miraculous symphony by adding or subtracting to what is already perfect. Humans who think they know better than the Creator tend to make the symphony a lot less harmonious and often harmful to the body, discordant and rife with out-of-tune chemicals.

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In the case of Fat Free Foods, for instance, someone you don’t know or trust has decided to take what Spirit has provided as a perfect, organic source and alters it for the sake of losing weight or providing less fat. This of course, obstructs the process of this beautiful symphony and causes food to be digested in a different way than intended. This is why most nutritionists who understand the body and its many proper functions suggest we shop on the outside aisles of the grocery store or grow our own food to use more organic, basic food sources.

If you think about it, the reason why we want to eat fat free or sugar-free anything is because we want to be able to eat more or the food that is less nutritious and tastes sugary and fattening.

In the past nine months I have decided to go back to the basics. I wanted to prepare food with as little use of boxed, pre-made substances as possible. When I have to use something manufactured, I look at every item on the list of ingredients and make sure no extra additives have been forced into my diet.

As a result, yes I spend more time in the kitchen, but I enjoy food so much more, and suddenly I am digesting food in a way I haven’t in years. My system is like a well-oiled machine. I feel and look so much better than I have in years.

The Buddha says:

Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care

When we consider how hard it is to get quiet for meditation, we might also consider how much sugar or caffeine we put into the body. This causes the muscles to be restless and the heart to struggle. If you think you can sit quietly with all of this going on, you might think again. For the body to be a mechanism of peace, we must start with how we take care of it. The two main ways of care are:

  • Food, and
  • Exercise.

We cannot possibly find health any other way. Our body is one enormous organism that needs our consistent attention.

If you expect your car to run efficiently, you wouldn’t put kerosene in the gas tank and olive oil in the oil chamber.

We must not only consider the food that goes into the body, but how we treat the body in the form of sitting too long at the computer, on the couch, not walking, not exercising, over-stressing over every little thing in life. If you consider your life and all of its functions a harmonious symphony of mechanisms, you will begin to understand how to maintain a happier, healthier you.


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Ouch, My Achin’ Back

I sat quietly in the black recliner, New Age music calmly playing in the background, the sound of a waterfall played a soft accompanying tone to create the mood. From around the corner, a trained acupuncturist approached me. I go there often, so he understands my aches and pains. He asked me to stick out my tongue, while he felt my pulse—the normal checking points for an acupuncturist. “So, what’s going on?” he asks.

“I worked in the yard yesterday for a couple hours. I went to sleep feeling fine. I woke up this morning. I can barely move my lower back,” I answer, the top part of my body moving in frozen, isolating motion.

“Did you rake?” he asked with a smirk.

“Ahh. Yeh.”

“That’s what did it,” he said, as he pulled out fifty needles and started treating me.

My Internet search said that 80% of the population will experience back pain at least one time in their lifetime. Most will experience it a large portion of their lives. Those odds make this article all the more pertinent today, especially if you are aging and spending more time on the couch than you should be.

Usually, acupuncture really helps keep my pain in check. This time, however, I can’t say that the acupuncture helped my muscle-strain pain much. My practitioner was right, though. The raking was probably what caused the muscle strain. I hadn’t used those particular muscles in quite some time, so they were very prone to injury, especially at my age. (God, I hate admitting that I’m now getting injured because I’m over fifty.)

I’ve been nursing this injury for just at a week now with about 30% change in level of pain. When I feel better, this is what I do: I stretch the ileopsoas muscle (check other blogs about this muscle), do about 15 minutes of breathing exercises and yoga, gently stretching my back and tense leg muscles (IT band and hamstrings). And I also have been alternately applying cold and heat to it. The argument about cold and heat is so in the middle right now, I don’t take my chances and do both.

Also, I have been taking Aleve or Naproxin Sodium as an anti-inflammatory drug. All of this combined with some regular walking is a great way to relieve lower back pain.


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Taking Care of Your Body

Taking Care of Your Body

Don’t try to gain weight to see if you can to be compassionate to your clients. Dumb idea. I had a migraine all day yesterday, probably from trying to detox from all the junk I ate the last week. And from smelling some bad perfume. My body just can’t take eating or smelling crap.

Be good to yourself, as my dear friend Darrell says that God is saying to me. Your body is your temple! My temple feels like a junk yard right now. It is 3 am and I can’t sleep because the only thing I could eat last night was ice cream, because my stomach was so upset. Then, I guess, my sugar spiked, and now I’m up craving more sugar and I’m really dehydrated.

Lord, what a mess I’m in. It may take a day or two to get my body back in order. But I’m through with the overeating, for sure. And I’m craving sugar at every meal now. I guess the yeast in my body is really happy and well fed. I’ve got to deprive it of it sustinence to get back to normal.

All I can say to my dear friends and readers: Something in everyone’s body tells you when to stop; what is right to eat; what is wrong; what will give you energy; what will give you strength.

If you are having trouble losing weight, you just have to learn to listen again. Basically, what I learned these past few days is, to gain weight I had to “NOT” listen to every impulse in my body to make it function improperly. Just goes to show you and me, that learning to listen after so many years of treating myself with good food and exercise is a “practice.” If you do it daily, your body learns how to be what it needs to be and to act in a healthy way.

On an upnote… because i was up so late, my dear friend Tim from high school, who now lives in Italy, was on line and we got to chat. It’s been years. So, I’m thanking God for that. Love me some Tim. He is a professor at the Escuola de Musica in Rome.

Guess I’ll trying going back to sleep now. Buona Notte!


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