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A trusted friend quoted the Tao Te Ching last night while sharing a bit of advice. Though, I did not fully grasp his words at the time, I took down the verse from the Tao and meditated on it this morning. What he shared was this from Verse 66:

All streams flow to the sea because it lies below them. Humility gives it its power. If you want to govern the people, you must place yourself below them. If you want to lead the people, you must learn to follow them.

While looking at the powerful words above, I wondered how this verse pertained to my question, which was: “Should I do what I have considered litigious in the past, or should I lie low and wait longer in this particular situation?”

His advice meant that if I stayed in a low position, the waters of intelligence, wisdom, prosperity, and enlightenment would always rush toward me, instead of away. These wise words became a lovely thought and one worth deliberating in my meditation this morning.

In life there are many chances to pounce on the next opportunity, as if it will go away before you can think about it fully. Have you ever truly lost something, when you laid low and waited for the river to flow to you?

I look back at my life and see there are no instances of this happening. Waiting on the Lord is one of the greatest spiritual laws of the universe in both the Christian and Jewish scriptures, as well.

When we consider that sowing seeds in the rich earth requires time for them to sprout, grow, become stronger, and bear fruit, we understand that time is of the essence. Waiting, though it is hard sometimes, is the perfect place to be, because it is a place of observance. Being in your observer mind is always the key to change and acquiring wisdom from Spirit.

Once we download any information during meditation into our mind, then we use our cognitive tools of human deduction and induction to formulate, calculate, and manifest plans for change. But, this cannot happen without a blueprint from Spirit.

So, today’s practice is about waiting on the Lord. Stand back from whatever it is that you struggle with, need, or want. Lie low, as the Tao says, and wait for the waters of the rivers to flow TO you!


This year, if you desire to commit to a change for a New Year’s Resolution, do it with your MIND first. Remember, as in the title of my new book coming out just in time to help you with this (in January)… lol…Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 8.42.10 AM that all change happens in your mind, first. You must change your Old Story, to make a consistent and long lasting change in Your Life.

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Everything and Everyone Is God in Disguise #godindisguise

“Fall on your knees. Oh hear the angel voices. Oh Night Divine!” Have you ever wondered why the song “#Oh Holy Night,” proclaims: OH NIGHT DIVINE? In a dangerous place where soldiers sought to kill the Christ child, Mary and Joseph found room in the inn, in the night, where the stars seemed to shine so brightly that they led the wise men to the stable.

Night or darkness metaphorically has always been an omen of death and danger. The Dark Night of the Soul is a time in someone’s life when he or she reaches bottom. Yet, it was in the dead of the night the Savior shined light onto the world, in a stable where no soldier assumed he would be born. The night and no room in the inn brought a palate of safety and obscurity, from which the painter found the perfect place for the anointing to brought to life.

As I look back into my own life for answers, I know that the darkest nights of my soul have always led me to my greatest epiphanies. In the #Tao Te Ching #Lao Tsu writes three beautiful paradoxes:
“The wise man is one who knows what he does not know.”
“If you try to change it, you will ruin it. Try to hold it and you will lose it” and
“The further one goes, the less one knows.”
From this same scripture we learn that the Creator gave birth to all light and life in the holy darkness.

The night holds mysteries unseen. Only those who sleep through the challenge of the day, walk in the night. I remember a time in life when I would take a 2-hour nap in the middle of Saturday afternoon, so that I would have the energy to stay up until 3:00 or 4:00 A.M. I don’t know if you had every done that, but certainly the challenge of the night took much energy. The busy sounds of the thumping disco beat, the bright indoor lights, the menagerie of bodies swarming close took energy I could only face with some extra sleep. In the night was always the place where alcohol, drugs, and sex seemed lead people from the consciousness of day into places they wouldn’t normally tread.

A few times, I woke up the next morning, hung over and sleeping next to someone I didn’t know. This is a scary thought now. But then, the intrigue of doing something that wasn’t allowed beckoned louder than my own common sense. I have had many friends have sex without a condom during times of blackout, get HIV or a sex-related illness. Some of them are already dead. Facing the night, not only takes courage, but it takes a clear knowledge of why you look for our treasure in the darkness.


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A Year to CLEAR Challenge!

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The One-Year Approach to Change

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Accessing the ability to change and finding yourself actually pursuing change must be a daily search, which I call getting to the “observer mind.”

In this frontal cortex of the brain we find the anatomy of change and the power to counter every negative trigger of the human process. The workings of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) are all positive actions to help the mind and body flow to a positive space for change.

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Step 1: Recognize That Change is Inevitable
Step 2: Release from Resistance to Change
Step 3: Understanding Change and Allow Spirit to Define It
Step 4: A History Lesson—About You
Step 5: Look at Your Past with Compassion
Step 6: Making a Strong Commitment to Change
Step 7: Dream Your Fabulous Future
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Also, look for MY LATEST BOOK: “Finding Authentic You, 7 Steps to Effective Change” with a Year to CLEAR (C-larity, L-ove, E-nthusiasm A-nd R-elationship-Ready) on my Website in the Webstore. Thanks!

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