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A Brand New Thought

This morning I had an epiphany that I am simply an amalgam of what I have learned from my past, what I expect of myself in the future, and subtract this by the events from which I have no control.

In other words, I am everything I could be at this moment and in the future I must always consider that I have no control over most of what happens. A universal force much greater than any single part of the One Mind is far more powerful than me alone. The microcosm can only hope to mirror the intent of the macrocosm. If it does, then it will surely fall inline perfectly with its own future.

If you believe that you are made of all of the crap from your past, you’re simply wrong. You must make everything you do and everything that you have been through count now! The simple reasoning being this is that you and a power greater than yourself caused it to happen. The microcosm within the macrocosm will be in rebellion to the world if it chooses the ego and turns away from compassion.

Though we can intend on being a great deal of things, we cannot change the macrocosm with our thoughts. We are one individual operating in a vast sea of thought within the One Mind. Plus, we are subject to unknown forces—both negative and positive—at any given time.

Does that make me want to give up trying? Absolutely not.

I trust in the power and knowledge of the greater One—the Infinite Mind—the Macrocosm. If I don’t choose to mirror that good, the loving, and the compassion, and I expect to see peace in my life—I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

Peace comes solely from learning life’s tough lessons, gaining deeper compassion, and working toward understanding the reason for being right here, right now—on Earth at this crucial time in the human development.

This may be a bit too “heady” for some of my blog readers. Don’t be disappointed. I am often quite cerebral. This is how I work out life and stay in balance. We are all a bit of a conundrum as we are spirit living in human bodies.


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Releasing the Old

You can put periods at the end of sentences in your life. You can edit what you may. You can sift through all that you have collected. You can throw out or give away that which no longer serves you. But, in the end, what surfaces in your consciousness is what needs your greatest attention and most likely needs to be released.

Moving to a new home is one of the most terrifying changes anyone can face in life. Moving is even harder than divorce and facing a death of a loved one. Moving changes everything in your life. Every single thing!

* * *

During the days prior to my move to Florida, my heart, sometimes, felt as if the world had tromped on it and given it back to me to be revived. I had been travelling the road of moving for three months, and every day seemed to get more difficult.

One day, however, I decided, the difficulty that I had been perceiving must change NOW! Here’s what I did to make this change happen:

  1. I went through every room in my house and put aside, in a pile, every article of clothing, every kitchen gadget, electronic gismo, and beautiful thing I owned.
  2. I made three piles. One pile to give to someone who was in need, one pile to sell, and one pile to store in a place other than my home.
  3. I took down every piece of artwork and released all gifts that were from any exes in my life and sold them to the highest bidder.
  4. Lastly, I asked some friends for help.

Asking for help was probably the hardest part for me. We all must have our rocks that we lean on, once in a while. Three friends came to my aid the next morning to help me move the rest of the large articles.

What this process did was that it got rid of my extra weight that I had been trying to take with me on my move. So much of what I had gathered in my life was no longer needed or even served me. These articles were simply heavy weight that I needed to purge.

This process was ritualistic and wonderful. I laughed. I cried. Mostly, though, I released feelings and emotions I did not know that had been buried into the simple framework of my nostalgic things.

 Don’t Look Back

When all of my belongings were on the truck, my car had been hooked up to the moving trailer, and every last paper had been finalized for the sale of my house, my soul finally let go.

I got on a plane and headed for Fort Lauderdale International.

The following day, the moving truck arrived at my new home in Florida. My family helped me move into my apartment. I have not looked back since.

Life is amazing every day. I want it to stay this way—totally present, exotically rare, and perfectly wonderful.

I meditate every morning and also pray with fervor. I feel the guidance of Spirit with me 95% of the time. During the times of resistance or fear, I use simple affirmations to get me back on track.

In the following chapter, I will give you definitions and guidance as to the simplest ways to pray and the most effective directions to use the Laws of the Universe to benefit your unique life. Always moving you forward, never backward and with the knowledge of God Principles, you will inevitably surge toward your—individual—perfect path.


Please check this blog, BoSebastian.com and Angelfeast.com for more information about Bo and healthy living.

Your Friend,

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#Belgium Bombing: Love in Every Language #languageoflove #relationshipadvice #spirituality #psychology

On this beautiful morning, as always, I meditated before I looked at the news, my e-mail, and Facebook. In fact, most mornings I avoid all such annoying frequencies, so that I can hold on to my peace for as long as life will let me. Most days, though, life catches up with me fairly quickly and begins slinging mud. Today was no different.

I opened my Facebook page to find the first message from a friend who lives in Belgium: “I’m safe!”

I, of course, had no idea why he had written such a message, but my inclination was strong. I read further down the page to find the first stories of the horrific bombing in Belgium. I wish I could have held him in that moment, but the best I could do was be with him in mind and send a message back thanking God for his safety.

I turned on the television to see President Obama speaking of the matter to an audience of Cubans. In one part of the world, Democracy is trying to mute the voice of division, while in another part of the world, hate brings a strong moral divide.

One outcome that hate never understands, nor expects, is how disaster, injury, and injustice does not do a very good job at separating victims. It actually unites them, making all of us stronger and more compassionate.

I don’t suppose there are many people this morning or this afternoon saying, “Isn’t the world a terrible place?” They are more likely to be mourning the loss of the innocent lives and are taking the high watch as their hearts and minds merge with the social consciousness that would unite rather than separate.

Cuba, on one side of the world unifies, trying to find common ground with the United States. On the other side of the world, tragedy also brings unity, love, and compassion for a much very different reason.

You do not have to study a different language for very long before you realize that most languages have more than one word for the English word love. I have always wondered why the language that seems to be the presiding spoken language around the world would diminish the many different kinds and facets of love down to just one word.

But, after this morning, I realize that the word itself doesn’t matter, what language you speak inconsequential, even how many different variations of love there are. There is but one Love operating through each of us and in the world to create peace, even in the aftermath of slaughter.

Love always seeks to build a world that denotes You AND I, not You OR I!


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