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Don’t Give Up, Give In to Unlimited Spirit

If you’re tired of me reporting on my unwanted fat, here is a bit of good spiritual news for your New Years.

Last year was the best year I have ever had in business. Because I am a privately owned business, I have had to pay quarterly taxes. I shared with my tax preparer that I earned 15% more last year. Of course, what I heard back from him was what I expected. I have to pay more for taxes for the last quarter. But what I expected to pay was a couple hundred more, not $1500 more.

Then, I had to take my car in for a transmission leak this morning. BMW said it would cost $1200. I got an estimate this morning of $600, so I’m going with that. But along with that estimate, the very gentile technician also showed me a serious oil leak that would cost $1500 to fix. I just cringed.

Okay, Unlimited God! After the holidays, when no one has money, I get blasted with a 3300 expense. What am I to think of that?

Well, I’ll tell you. Absolutely nothing. The cringe lasted as long as it took me to remember to Let Go and Let God!

There is no limit to the amount of good and prosperity God can bring to my life. Just today and yesterday I had 7 new clients make appointments. In my business, 7 new clients in 2 days is a great accomplishment—and the day isn’t over. A greater good is in control of all my finances and yours.

We don’t have to depend on our limited source for big problems when they happen. We need to GIVE IN to the greater source of God. I have absolutely no qualms about Spirit providing the money and means for this work to be done efficiently and the money to be provided when it is needed.

Now, that is not to say that I won’t be wise and do two things: I am going to get the transmission worked on first, because I have the money for that. And even though I have the money, I’ll put it on a credit card, so it will take another month for me to have to pay for it. This is just smart planning and will give me some play on the money needed for the taxes.

The second thing I’ll do is this. Because I took the car to a specialist for the transmission, doesn’t mean I need to get the oil problem done by the same specialist, which is another reason why I chose to only get the transmission issue done first. Also, oil is cheap, and I can always monitor if the oil is low and check it until I have the money to pay for the larger fee. Meanwhile, I can shop around with the knowledge of what kind of leak I have and be wise about pricing it out.

You see, I know literally nothing about cars. So, when I get a heads-up about something like this oil leak, it’s a good thing. The technician actually showed me exactly what was wrong. He guided around the bottom of my car, showing me the gasket that was leaking and told me what was needed to fix it. He said it was just labor intensive, which was the biggest cost. The parts were just oil and a gasket. So, now that I know this, I can sound like I am learned about the process, and price this out at a smaller place that doesn’t charge as much for labor.

I can also do this after the hit of this larger amount of money is due. These are all wise decisions that Spirit gives us the brains to make. We don’t have to be encumbered by what the world tells we HAVE to do. We can look at the problem and make strong choices with all the knowledge we have and with the resources God gives us.

Be wise and make strong choices with all the knowledge your given. And know that Spirit is unlimited in resource. You will be provided for. I am absolutely certain of this!

* * *

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Exponential Resource

Exponential Resource

I think the question on everyone’s mind almost everyday is “do I have enough?”

  • Do I have enough money?
  • Do I have enough beauty?
  • Do I have enough resources?
  • Do I have enough intelligence?
  • Do I have enough love?

The list can go on for eternity. We all understand that need is part of the human condition. The second we are born, we cry for food, for breast milk, for warmth, for comfort. We are provided for, as a general rule, most of our childhood. Then we must begin to fend for ourselves. It is at this juncture in life, we begin to experience the sense that there MAY just not be enough of what we need to get by.

The truth is: on a physical plane, there may not be enough. Plenty of people are starving and going without in this world. So, how do we change the instinct in our brains to grasp for everything we can get and live too big or beyond our means? How do we release from the fear, even though we may have enough?

I had an interesting meditation a couple days ago. I dwelled on finance. I remembered a day when it was a struggle to get by. I learned the lesson of being a good businessman from a lot of talented people around me. So, lately, I haven’t had to feel the sense of living from month to month.

But, buy a home and car, let your mom move in with you, plant five gardens, remodel, and keep the business going, and you’ll see that sometimes you just have to do without.

I have been okay with that business model. But in my prayer, as I have done for a long time, I meditated on prosperity. I imagined angels going forward and gathering clients to come to me. I saw them lining up at my door. I saw cars in my driveway. I have been very meticulous about envisioning what I want in my life for many years.

But during this particular meditation, I felt a hand on my shoulder and voice say, “Stop!

“What you need to do is quit limiting what I can do for you by putting dollar signs and parameters around everything you pray for. I am a God of unlimited means. If you let go of your quest for certainty and simply pray that I fulfill your needs, I will create exponentially more than you can ever imagine!”

I began to think on that. How many times have I said to myself, “My bills are $>>> and I need this amount of clients this month to fulfill that need, God”?

So, basically, I have been asking for a lot less than God wants to give me. If I would have just prayed, “God, you know my needs, please draw to me whatever it is that I may need to fulfill your will for my life. I know abundance will then follow,” perhaps that would have let the hand of God lead me to greener pastures. I’m not sure.

All of this week I have been praying without limits. I have noticed about 10-15 times a day that I put limits on what God can do in my life. Take some time today and think about how many times you say to yourself and to God, something that creates limitations in your life.

“My pay is $1000 and I have $800 worth of bills, which leaves me $200 for groceries.”

All of that is limitation. You might say, “Thank you, God, for my $1000 pay check. I know my bills are taken care off. I look forward to seeing how many other ways your abundance can flow through my life.”

When you discover what you have said, just simply reword it without the limitation. See how it feels. I believe you’ll feel as I did. A little frightened, and a little excited at the same time. I look forward to seeing how this changes my outlook and finances in my life and in yours.

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